Young Buck (G-Unit) conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Young Buck: Straight Forward

October 2006

MVRemix: Do you have any thoughts on the recent comments that Game made apologizing in a way to G-Unit, trying to make amens?

Young Buck: Well you know what, in a sense, I'm payin' attention and I'm hearin', even watchin' and seein' his comments in his ho way. I honestly feel like, as far as with me, like I said, you won't get none of that shit anyway 'cause I feel like I'm too much out here in these streets to be reppin' some petty ass shit. It ain't about that. Now if it's real, we can rep this shit all day, but this shit ain't seemin' like it's that real. So to hear Game sayin' do that, I don't feel like I know whether that's true or not, just bein' and seein' a point in time where he's actually been and sayin' he's done this before, where he's like, "I ain't on no beef shit."

It started like this, where he actually called Spider Loc's phone at a point in time and he speakin' on he didn't wanna have a... His words was he wanted to throw in the towel, and I went as far as gettin' at 50 [Cent] and lettin' 50 know, "Yo, this dude ain't really with that shit" or whatever, Young Buck interview"This dude is goin' on..." And you know what 50 words was to me at the time? He said, "You know what Buck? I give him a week, and he'll be right back on some dissin' shit Buck." At the time I was lookin' at 50 like "Damn," maybe 50 a little too hard considering this dude is sittin' here sayin' he don't want no problems. Then 50 was like, "Fuck that, this nigga gon' continue to do this shit."

It wasn't even a week bro, it was like a day later, I promise you on my kids, dude was right back on the radio on some ol' dissin' shit. So it's kind of like a boy cryin' wolf in a sense, that you can do so much, and then when it's real you don't know what the fuck to believe. Whether it's real or not, you're not gettin' it from me, 'cause I feel like it's real with me regardless of whether it's real or not with somebody else. I know what it's like with me, and you're not gonna get it from me. And if it's really that way with dude, then in the future we will see from fans and from us in G-Unit, if that's the way you feel, and there's voices... Actions speak louder than words. Bottom line.

MVRemix: Tell me about "Buck The World" - producers, guests, things of that nature...

Young Buck: Man, "Buck The World" is crazy man. The lyrical content in this record is just... The title pretty much represents the content, they wouldn't let me name my album "Fuck The World." [chuckles] So I named it "Buck The World," like with my first record I wanted people to understand who I am, where I'm from and what I'm 'bout, and I got that. I was good to have platinum success out of that. But with this "Buck The World" record, I didn't hold nothin' back. I worked with major producers, major features... You're gettin' production from Dr. Dre, Eminem... You're gettin' production from Lil' Jon, DJ Paul, you're gettin' production from Timbaland. You're gettin' production from Hi-Tek, Justus League... A lot of big, big producers down here bringin' that real grown up feel to my record. Then you're gonna get features like...

[Buck honks his horn angrily]

You're gonna get features like me, T.I., Pimp C and Young Jeezy on the hook. Actually that record leaked just yesterday, titled "3 Kings," so get up on it quick, it's crazy. Shit, you're gonna get records like me, Snoop Dogg and Trick Daddy together, records with me, Bun B, Eightball & MJG together. Records with me and Lyfe, me and Trey Songz. I got a lot of features, what I did was combined a lot of features on this album so I could save a lot of room for my own solo record as an artist. So you're gettin' a lot of features, but you're gettin' a lot of Young Buck as well. You're gettin' more of Young Buck then the features.

MVRemix: How many songs did you record for the album?

Young Buck: Ah cuz, honest and simple I got like two-three hundred records. That's why you're gettin' so much mixtape material from me, it's because I got so much music and it's like I feel if I continue to hold this shit, I feel like the music will start to outdate itself. So I start to throw out music everywhere. I got the newest... I just got an XL in the XXL. I'm gettin' higher ratings on my mixtapes then people albums right now. If you look in the latest XXL, boy, I got an XL and half the artists that got they albums out, they got mediums, M's and shit. So it's crazy. My latest one that I got out is titled "Welcome To The Traphouse," DJ Drama/Gangsta Grillz and then I got out a "Chronic 2006" with [DJ] Whoo Kid, hosted by Jamie Foxx. The first mixtape I put out was "Case Dismissed" and it was another Gangsta Grillz by DJ Drama.

MVRemix: Will you be having "Welcome To The Traphouse" screwed like OG Ron C did the last one?

Young Buck: Yeah, yeah, yeah, hell yeah, I've got to have that screwed. That's something that once you so far down south, a lot of them just listen to that music that way, and then out of respect for the late, great DJ Screw. We're tryin' to school them big on him.

MVRemix: With the anniversary of Katrina having recently passed, did you contribute anything to the Katrina efforts?

Young Buck: You damn right! Me and the Unit as a whole crew, we got a thing called G-Unity, it's our foundation, and what we do is donate a lot of things, to when a lot of natural disasters happen around the world. Katrina was one of them, we sent like a warehouse full of clothes and things for 'em. Not even that, we just do so much bro. I do everything. A lot of different give-aways bro, I keep the project lights on. I do so much in my city bro, so many charity events. The Fanny Annie-Mae Children's home, I just donated them a $25,000 cheque a month ago. Giving things is the way that we receive, I think by giving so much is the way that we receive so much. The giving things that's the way we win, by giving. You gotta give to receive. Know what I mean?

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