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written by Hugo Lunny    
It may surprise some, but I actually was looking forward to this. I've been a Bone Thugs N' Harmony fan on and off since day one of their careers. I own all their albums and since the very disappointing 'Art Of War' I've been hoping we could get an album like 'Creepin' On Ah Come Up' again.

With Bizzy Bone, him really being (I feel) the man at the forefront of Bone Thugs N' Harmony, the leader, the most talented. I thought that him going solo would be a great move, he would produce a long and brilliant solo album with about 16 cuts, all of a very high quality.

Upon receiving Bizzy Bone's 'Heaven'z Movie' I did what I've sometimes been known to do which is to put it in my CD Hi-fi or CD Walkman and check the length of it, was it the lengthy album I was looking for? Nope, it clocked in at 50 minutes, with some albums that's all you need but I suspected that it wouldn't be with Bizzy. You see all of Bone's albums have some dope cuts and some really shitty cuts, with the exception of 'Creepin' On Ah Come Up' they all contained about 16 full tracks which meant that maybe half or less would be rubbish ('Art Of War' only had 2 good tracks unfortunately) well on this CD we get to (when reading the back) get 13 cuts. Now the truth, 13 cuts is actually means 9 full tracks, 1 of which has Bizzy Bone nowhere to be seen, an intro and some interludes which you want to hear the extended version as a track.

Each interlude is the beginning of what looks like a decent track; 'Marchin' On Washington' gives you a minute of what sounds like a brilliant track but why don't you get the full thing? This was part of what disappointed me. 'Yes Yes Y'all' was another one of those tracks which just as I was getting into it, the track faded and on came another one.

In terms of tracks which I really liked there were 'Thugz Cry,' the previously released single which was one of the reasons that I was looking forward to this album so much. 'Social Studies' in which we have a selection of brilliant beats mixed with a superb rapping session by Bizzy Bone, and 'Menesky Mobbin.'

However, as I said the good usually comes with the bad and it does that here a little too much. 'Demons Surround Me' is one of the examples of this. Hip hop/pop music beats, and a description of how demons surround him described in a happy way seems kind of weird and the quality is very low with this.

Another thing is 'Mr Majesty II' the track is by Mr Majesty, no Bizzy Bone.

Now, another problem with this album is 'On The Freeway' having soul beats, and Bizzy mixing rapping and singing means this is more like rn'b then Hip Hop which sort of annoys me.

Not an awful album but in no way is this a great one. The album tends to be easy to just put on and then as you forget about it, it easily blends into the background as it has very little impact on you. In short, Bizzy Bone, I think you should go back to the group referred to with your surname, as a solo artist you just don't seem to be able to cut it too well.

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