Review by Hugo Lunny

"Akinyele is most well known as, well, being very "sexually interested," or, in other words, perverted..."


A Musical Massacre
Review by Philip Oliver

"Iíve waited far to long for this LP to drop, I know it was only last year they put out ĎThe spotí remix EP and..."

Operation Doomsday
Review by MC Hitman

"In the early 90's a group by the name of KMD dropped a classic yet highly slept on album entitled 'Mr..."


Out Of Business
Review by Philip Oliver

"Consistency, thatís what Erick and Parrish have brought us for over 10 years and now before we enter the..."


Venni, Vetti, Vecci
Review by Justin Britten

"What do you get when you combine Mobb Deep's repetitious subject matter, DMX's gritty voice, and a..."

Black On Both Sides
Review by A. Lunny

"Since last years outstanding Black Star, huge amounts of heads have been waiting for new shit to drop..."


As The World Burns - The Arsonists
"It's very hard to keep my attention with a lot of hip-hop these days. It's easy to lose interest after a few listens if Iíve managed give it another spin in the first place. Changing that..."

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