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The state of Delaware isn’t home to much, especially in the world of Hip Hop, but emcee and Hip Hop critic Fuse One looks to change all of that with his debut album “Gypsy Radio”. Following in the mold of emcees such as Sage Francis, Fuse possesses a unique combination of intelligent and insightful lyricism with dark and depressing imagery. “Gypsy Radio” is a decent debut effort from the up and coming emcee but one that stays mired in a constant atmosphere of dreary production and depressing moods. Fuse shows a lot of promise conceptually, but the album’s dark vibe tends to drag on, leaving the listener yearning for some variety.

Songs such as “No Rest For The Depressed” and “Needless Day” personify the albums predictable vibe all too well, with haunting production and bleak looks inside the crazy world of Fuse One. Lyrically there is no question Fuse One is a talented emcee who is able to produce deep and meaningful verses, but translating this into making memorable songs is a lot harder to do. This is seen through tracks like the Wizard Of Oz influenced “Emerald City Wizards” and “Plastic Utopia” which attacks the corporate greed of the credit card companies. The production aspect of “Gypsy Radio” is also a cause for concern, as the albums diverse production staff fails to provide consistent efforts.

But when the right production is provided Fuse’s best work comes to life. The melodic and haunting vibes of “Burn” ends up as the albums finest cut, thanks to a spectacular production effort by Crood. “Truth Or Consequences” features a powerful production effort from Captin Planit that provides Fuse with the right atmosphere to work off of. Lyrically Fuse displays his talent as well, producing one of his more memorable efforts.

There is no question that Fuse displays a lot of conceptual talent on “Gypsy Radio”. But there is still a lot Fuse has to work on in order to progress further in the Hip-Hop industry. His style is unique, one that many with either love or hate, there is no getting around that. But what Fuse has to improve on, first and foremost, is his flow, which is very erratic at times. Charisma is also a trait that lacks at the moment as well. And while Fuse intended “Gypsy Radio” to be dark, haunting and depressing, for future releases he will have to show a little more variety in sounds and not just stick to one distinct mood or vibe. Nevertheless, Fuse is a talented lyricist who will definitely appeal to a certain crowd in the Hip-Hop community. With steady growth and improvement, Fuse’s future releases are sure to progress ahead.

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