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Nobody does it like The Beatnuts. For years, groups have tried to bridge the gap between the streets and the club, but none have been able do to it like The Nuts. With the groups seventh release, "Milk Me", Psycho Les and JuJu are back at it again, delivering the same drunken party songs and funk filled beats we have always loved.

Not much has changed for The Nuts on "Milk Me", and that is a good thing. Psycho and JuJu still deliver unmatchable production skills and catchy jingles that will stay stuck in your head for days. The album's lead single "Find Us" featuring Akon, is a perfect club song for the summer that finds The Nuts popping off at the mouth over some infectious handclaps. "Hot" finds the duo rocking over a boisterous bassline, while Greg Nice does his best hype man impression on the catchy hook. "Buggin" takes it back crazy old school style, as The Nuts hook up with Prince Whipper Whip of The Fantastic Five. With an arrangement of funky keys and enticing trumpets, The Beatnuts pull of a perfect throwback track.

While "Milk Me" is another consistent album from The Beatnuts, it does suffer from a few filler tracks. "We Don't Give A Funk" is one of more unique production efforts on the album, as The Nuts switch things up with a heavy synth beat that just does not work. "Uh Huh" featuring Tony Touch & Gab Goblin is another catchy effort; however, the track's annoying vocal sample is almost unbearable to listen to.

With "Milk Me", The Beatnuts prove they are one of Hip Hop's most consistent groups. If you are tired of emcees taking themselves too seriously and just want to hear some entertaining music, than look no further than The Beatnuts. For 10 years, JuJu and Psycho Les have stayed true to who they are, two rowdy emcees looking to have fun. And whether you love them or not, you have to respect them for never compromising their sound.

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