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J.J. Brown and Louis Logic are a perfect match. Their chemistry through J.J.'s production and Louis' rhymes hasn't been surpassed throughout Logic's catalogue. Every instance the two come together, something great happens.

"Misery Loves Comedy" is an album which by and large showcases Lou's tendancy to rant about women, whether it be through relationships or their sexual allure ("The Line"). He talks about the fact that they're just like us on "All Girls Cheat" and are thinking just like we do about other women, but would wish they wouldn't about other men. His insecurities about relationships are furthered on "The Withdrawal Method."

"A Perfect Circle" is arguably the album's finest moment. It's a planned tale which describes a young male (30's) introvert who excels over the phone. He eventually comes a cross a woman who he falls for... the tale is best explained by hearing the song. "The Line" is another one of Lou's moments where he helps us realize that "The Line" is known by everyone - you can look but you can't touch. However, some of us don't notice that fact and jealousy creeps in. Not forgetting the single "The Great Divide," which features Lou's sung hook and tells of spotting a beauty from a distance with the necessity of "seizing the day" so as not to regret and introduce "What if's?"

The album features a couple of conceited efforts, Lou's signature. "New Leaf" which opens the album, "Up To No Good" (which begins with an excellently placed Pacino sample) and "Classy McNasty" are great examples of this.

We're taken out of the album with the title track which feels like Lou's riding a Moby-esque beat as the depressed sample weaves in and out behind his words.

"Misery Loves Comedy" is the album that should have followed "Sin-A-Matic," and low and behold it has. Louis Logic has evolved, his lines are as clever and seamless as they were on his debut and though his initially unexpected singing is now more prevalent. The witty drunken dragon has done it once again.

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