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written by Low Key   
If you haven't noticed, The Justus League is one big ass family that keeps growing by the day. Sean Boog and Khrysis, also known as The Away Team, is the newest branch off the JL family tree. Just like Little Brother, the duo incorporates the everyday struggles of life into their music. With their debut album National Anthem, you can expect to hear true life stories that touch on everything from Sean Boog's troubled past, to fun filled party anthems that everyone can relate to. However, the duo fails to break any new group, leaving many listeners feeling as if they have been here before.

This monotonous feel is due to bland concepts and repetitive production from Khrysis. While Sean Boog is no lyrical demon, it's Khrysis who offers the biggest disappointment on the album. Following in the footsteps of 9th Wonder, most of Khrysis' beats consist of a soulful sample and a basic drum pattern. This runs thin on tracks such as "The Shinin'", "Fuck You", "Make It Hot", and "The End Of The Day". While Khrysis is a solid producer, he fails to offer anything beyond the ordinary that every Justus League fan has heard from 9th Wonder already.

However, the album does have its fair share of standout moments, which are due in part to Sean Boog's everyday man approach. "Always Be Around" finds Sean Boog emotionally addressing his father's absence as a child. Sean angrily delves into his past and examines the affects his father's disappearance had on his life. "Where the hell were you when we were broke as fuck, when mom was depressed on the sofa stuck. I think that is the reason I can't sober up, it definitely think it played a part in how I hold a grudge". One of the best production efforts from Khrysis on the album is "Likka Hi", which abandons the usual formula, and instead is a little more aggressive and edgy. The same can be said for the production on "Come On Down" featuring Smif N Wesson, as Tek and Steele easily steal the show with their respective verses.

The Away Team's debut album National Anthem is a solid attempt that shows flashes of brilliance, but it ultimately fails to offer anything new. The duo's resemblance to Little Brother, creatively and beat wise, will leave many feeling as if they have heard it all before. Hopefully, the duo can carve out their own niche in the future.

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