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Let Ludacris have a record label and look what he does - he brings his clique to the forefront of things. What a revelation; popular rapper tries to make his friends rich and popular too. The surprising thing here though, is that Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace clique are actually quite talented, and now that they've extended, they're better. While 50 is trying to build up G-Unit through pseudo stars who've never made it to the big time, Ludacris concentrates on giving emcees who deserve a real chance to actually get that opportunity. His clique even now consists of a couple more female emcees/singers.

The lead single, "Georgia" featuring Jamie Foxx and Field Mob is a brilliant Ludacris crafted gem. Jamie Foxx is sampled singing "Georgia" like he did in "Ray," preparing the way for state natives Ludacris and Field Mob to devour the laid back beat. Aside from the lead single, there are an abundance of gems. Smoke's "Come See Me," featuring Stat Quo restores all faith in Field Mob's return. The beat hypnotizes you with it's strong bongo drummed undertone and multiple layers. Stat Quo serves as an asset trading verses with Smoke.

Shawnna's "Gettin' Some," which features a Too $hort sample, is another gem. Though comparisons to the likes of Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim are to be expected, Shawnna can hold her own in the entertaining track.

The album also introduces Shareefa and Norfclk to the D.T.P. roster with Shareefa's "I'll Be Around" and Norfclk's "Put Ya Hands Up." These artists serve as a great addition to the roster, both proving their worth on their showcased songs.

Chingy isn't forgotten, he receives several jabs scattered throughout the album's lyrics and an interlude skit. He's never mentioned by name, but his album, being dropped and his twang are referenced.

The entire roster perform over "Family Affair," a seven minute song. Although it's quite lengthy, the track works. Surprisingly the compilation concludes with Lazyeye, Ludacris' heavy rock signee's. The song, "Blood In The Air," features Small World and Shawn Jay rapping over the rock beat alongside the group and over time grows on you.

Ludacris made a great business move by forming his own label, taking himself and his artists a lot further. If this compilation receives the audience it deserves, I think we can thankfully crown Ludacris rap's new dominant artist and thankfully say "Goodbye" to the steroid user.

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