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"3 Style" DJ Battle in Vancouver
-- by Aaron "A*maze" Joseph, March 2007  

  It was "going down" Friday (March 16) at Atlantisí "Mash It Up" Fridays.

This was not the typical Friday night that regulars expected, as Vancityís most talented DJs were in attendance to compete for the grand prize of $1,000 in the Red Bull "3 Style" competition.

The rules of the contest were simple: 8 DJs, 15-minute sets, and three genres of music.

There were two objectives for this special night: To have a good time with some of the cityís best DJs under one roof and to find out who was the most versatile party DJ in the 604. In attendance were DJs Flipout, Direction, Wax, Rico Uno, P-Luv, Knowledge, Friktion and Matthealien.

The competition was a party-rocking expedition that put others to shame: There was great music from great DJs, and even a few local celebrities in attendance, including Maestro Fresh Wes.

The crowd was a good mix of individuals who came to dance and individuals who came to see high-grade DJing. Some party rockiní crews came well-equipped with whistles, signs and other party rocking paraphernalia.

Highlights include Rico Uno, Wax and Friktionís sets, the last of whom elicited cheers by mixing Fresh Prince with Abba and Fat Man Scoop.

It was a good night for some of Vancouverís better and lesser known DJs to showcase their talents and also provide hip-hop heads and DJ enthusiasts with a great night of music. Most people agreed that they got more bang for their buck that night with 8 DJs at a venue instead of the usual one. The first annual "3 Style" competition produced a great turnout, providing incentive for another next year.


4th P-Love
3rd Friktion
2nd Flipout
1st Matthealien

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