New King of Queens Bridge? V12 wants to Convince You
-- by Henrick A. Karoliszyn, November 2007  


When you think Queens Bridge you think Nas. Itís that simple. You probably associate the projects with the rap soldier who blew up in 94′ with Illmatic then re-emerged in 2001 to rip Jay-Z on Stillmatic and continued to make brilliant songs like ďHip Hop is DeadĒ as recent as last year. But Shaun Walker ó who peddles himself as V12: the King of Queens Bridge ó wants people to associate the ghetto arena with him as champ.

Because if Hip Hop is dead, R n B still has jaws that V12 breathes through. With a velvety quality, he wants to distinguish himself outside of Nasís shadow of the ghetto scene. Breaking through as the self-proclaimed president of the projects, heís already worked with 50, Mobb Deep and his MySpace page unofficially touts him as a close affiliate of G-Unit. With such a solid network and plenty of hype, V12 is just waiting to become a star.

In the meantime, heís slowly been creeping up as a fresh artist. Heís toured with Ron Artest, Mobb Deep, and Capone and Noreaga to date and has opened for 112, Keshia Cole & Bubba Sparxxx. With over 21 songs under his belt, V12 has plenty of steam left and continues to partner up with household names.

Ironically one of his best jams is a collaboration with Godís Son called ďKing of the Hood.Ē Laced with haunted jingles that ring eerily, he injects a dangerously smooth but sharp-edged element. Along with Nasís consistent fluency is the leveled crooning that V12 adds when he issues a warning. Itís a threat about going to QB and getting popped. But mostly he wants you to recognize whoís popping you. And it ainít Nas.

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