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2XL Interview

May 2007

2XL are a fresh, unique rap group straight out of North Hollywood, California made up of Laze and Royal (and they're twins). The duo recently released their highly anticipated album "Neighborhood Rapstar" in February of '07.

MVRemix: How long has 2XL been established for?

Laze: 2XL became established I'd say... We just turned 17, so about 6 years, since we was 11 years old. We got our start out in Atlanta in 2001 but we are from LA, born and raised. And since then its been on a move a lot of ups and downs, positive and negatives. 2XL Interview

MVRemix: Where did the name 2XL come from?

Royal: Well, we just really wanted a name that represented us, like we twin brothers, it's two of us. We wanted a name that sounded familiar to people. To excel, E-X-C-E-L, like more than life. Do it that much bigger.

MVRemix: What exactly is a Neighborhood Rapstar?

Laze: A Neighborhood Rapstar is what we pretty much were before we had our deal. We were grinding so long independently where we lived and where we was from, a lot of people knew who we were already. We also had a big website presence. When we went outside kids would ask for our autographs. We already felt in a position where our music affected people and we felt like Neighborhood Rapstars.

Royal: Also we decided to name our album that because there is so many people on a national scale that was known by their neighborhood first. Take Slim Thug for example. Before people knew him on a national scale he was a neighborhood rap star. He felt like it was something that other artists in the game could relate to as well.

MVRemix: And what artists and producers did you all work with on this album?

Laze: Well on this album "Neighborhood Rapstar." 50 copies minimum, one for your momma, daddy, cat, dog, everybody. But no, on this album we worked with Scott Storch, he did our single, big up to Scott Storch. He's like a phenomenon, he's ridiculous with the beats. Mr. DJ who worked out of Outkast Camp, he did "So Fresh and So Clean," "Bombs Over Baghdad," and "Sorry Ms. Jackson." Other than that a lot of local more upcoming people. The other half of the album was produced by the best producers and that would be us.

MVRemix: Speaking of Scott Storch, what was it like making "Magic City" with him?

Royal: Like we said, he's like a phenomenon to us. Before we even had a deal, just a mutual friendship was built by us getting beats from him; so once we got the budget for our album, we already knew who we wanted to work with for that hit. He really hooked it up as far as showing love to our project. We was in the ATL, we met up with Cherish and wrote the record with them. Then we found out we were cousins after hours and hours of flirting with them. [Laughter] But it was a real fun experience. When that many creative minds came together, it was like magic and we made "Magic City."

MVRemix: If you could work with any artist or producer on your second album, who would it be and why?

Laze: I'd say for a second album probably Scott Storch again. I'd try to cut more people out like Cool and Dre out of Miami, a production team called The Runners, and the Heat Makers. Also Stargate who is more of a pop producer who works a lot with Rhianna and Ne-Yo. His stuff is real cool because we like music all around. To even get somebody like Rick Rubin who does a lot of rock stuff would be good. And we'd probably would like to do a little more production ourselves on this album than we did on "Neighborhood Rapstar." We feel like our production has been taken to the next level since we did the tracks on "Neighborhood Rapstar."

MVRemix: Definitely, one of the most personal songs on your album is "Mama of Mine." How did that song come along?

Royal: Really we was working in the studio with our dude French in ATL. He did a lot of stuff for Ciara, B5 and B2K. When we came into the studio we just automatically vibed. We were just sitting there telling him our life story, just casual talk. He stopped us and just threw on this beat. He was like everything that you just told me do it on this track, don't think about, just go in there and do y'all. And just making that record is such a personal record to us and a lot of people that hear it really relate to it and when we were making that record we felt that. I know it sounds corny but the lights was low, we was in the zone, it just felt good doing that record.

MVRemix: What was your reaction when you found out you were going on the "Late Night Special Tour?"

Laze: When we found out we were going on the Late Night Special Tour it was exciting. Actually we were doing our video in Atlanta and we were already blown away because we were sitting there doing our music video. We are still real humble dudes. We look at this like it is still the beginning of our career. But we were about to go on tour with a platinum group (Pretty Ricky). So we were over excited, jumping around, going crazy. It was real cool.

MVRemix: Since you all have been on this tour, are there any crazy things that happened so far?

[Pause and then laughter] Royal: Um... In Orlando some girls broke into our dressing rooms. We weren't undressed or anything but we made them leave. [Laughter]

MVRemix: Is their any ultimate goal that you all are looking to accomplish in your careers?

Royal: I'd say for both of us to be more established as artists and once we reach a certain point of success just lay back on that. Also we want to really sit back as entrepreneurs. To develop and build our own artists and our own company.

MVRemix: What do you all feel 2XL will be able to contribute to the music industry?

Laze: 2XL will be able to contribute life changing, theatric, epic experiences to all of our fans. Nah, I'm just playing, but 2XL will be able to contribute exciting, laid back music. Our music got a lot of swag to it which is real cool because everybody like to be fly sometimes. We are like the first young group to write our own music so it's more personal. Since we write our own music people can really come into our world. We brothers, we came together, been together our whole life. It's about bringing people into our world.

Royal: Plus now-a-days rap is an art. But hip-hop overall is a culture especially in the urban community. Also in everybody's culture there is more than just a negative side. There's still a lot of positive things going on. Well there is a lot of positive things going on in our life. We try to keep it positive.

Special Thanks to: Laze and Royal (2XL), Dave E., Rob G. and Tommy Boy Entertainment

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