Weege (880 South) - conducted by Nima Fadavi  

Weege (880 South)

October 2006

MVRemix: So I heard you guys are sponsored by Left Coast Boardwear now, or at least affiliated with them. How did that come about?

Weege: Good ole Clev. He's our boy. His little network is bound for success. Everyone over at Left Coast Boardwear has been great to us. So great we decided to run all of our merch and even CD sales through them. We've known Clev through the Reefers. He used to manage them when he ran DVS Minds. Left Coast is all about everything we believe in. Unifying the west coast, err sorry, the Left Coast. I don't get all the west coast tension. I try not to even worry about it. We all got some amazing music brewing out here in Cali. So Yeah, thanks for the hook up Nima. Check out Left Coast Boardwear. Finest Quality clothing you can find!

MVRemix: Any future solo projects coming out we can look forward to?

Weege: Well, I can't speak for Greg or Steve or Aaron. I know what they are working on. Aaron has this amazing metal project he recorded. I say amazing, cause it is just that. It's like heavy riff rock metal. He is still looking for some vocals for that project Aaron pretty much locks himself up in his studio and has a band or two every month to record so he barely has enough time for himself and 880 South. Steve has been doing the Steve Shyshka Trio since 2000 I think. He graduated from SJSU with a degree in music and has been in love with Jazz for quite some time now. So I'm pretty sure you can find them locally and see em live. Not sure if they have anything out on CD yet. Greg is always writing, he's a natural like me, but more talented with a guit-fiddle. We have no music credentials as far as lessons or schooling goes. In fact the only schooling we have is a semester of guitar in high school. I played bass back then, [laughs]. The two of us couldn't even read music if we wanted to. Well maybe a little. Greg's style is more what we call snazzy jazzy, with hints of Hawaiian styles and classic rock. Then he has written some solid reggae jams for 880 South like the song "Move It' on the upcoming album. He also has a new one we're working on called "You Can Feel It". A song we're developing this last month or so. Might not make the album, but it'll be worth the wait. Greg is actually a pretty good singer too. He's just not adjusted to singing live. He's got some skill on the ukulele too!

I wish we had brought that to this album, looks like we'll have to wait for our next record. We're all pretty talented and versatile. I mean I can sing and play guitar, but I'm no Jimmy Page. But Steve and Aaron both can play pretty much any instrument and not just average. These guys can rock em all. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, you name it. Greg also plays guitar, bass, ukulele, and percussion. As for my solo work I've been working on 2 projects. One is "the Choco Kid" . I have some raw tracks up on myspace. It's just me on my acoustic guitar recorded on a little DigiDesign Mbox my homie RuffHaus let me borrow. It is extremely raw at this point. But at some point I want to cut an album with full songs. I got started on it because I wrote a song for my wife when I proposed to her. Then I started fiddling with some of the songs I wrote when I was in the Floppy Rods and in High School. I never felt these songs were right for that band, and now that 880 South has come around, I just don't feel these songs are right for anything but me. Who knows though, we're very versatile and we adjust easy. I gave out a CD for our wedding as a CD favor and the proposal song was the first song on the CD along with our favorite songs from various artists. It was a hit, [laughs] amongst my family of course. So my nieces and my nephew loved the song and somehow I promised to write them a song of their own. So I've decided to cut an album for kids. Just like 10 tracks of acoustic, fun, silly, Rated G music. I've got a few songs in the pipeline I just need to buckle down and focus on that. I figure it'll be a nice alternative to all my other filthy ramblings. [laughs]

MVRemix: Let's do some word association, and you say first thing that comes to your mind.

San Jose

Weege: It will always be home, but invaded by outsiders. I'm still a Campbell kid at heart!

MVRemix: Girls

Weege: Lovely, Amazing, Inspiring, Confusing, and I can't live without one in particular! Well I can't live without any of em.

MVRemix: The Expendables

Weege: Hardworking, Trustworthy, and they are always fun to drink with.

MVRemix: Cactus Club

Weege: Playground

MVRemix: Hip Hop

Weege: Depends, cause these days it's completely ass raped by the industry. It's so cookie cutter and full of shit now. You can't go wrong with Atmosphere though. I love the old hip hop though. Jurassic 5 is pretty sick.

MVRemix: Beer

Weege: Good Conversation, funny doodoo jokes, and you can guarantee this would be said "He Passed Out! Get a Sharpie!"

MVRemix: Santa Cruz

Weege: We still love you. Seriously. I always pick up my beer bottles. Honest.

MVRemix: Jazz

Weege: Way out there, but I respect it a lot. I do love me some Billie Holiday. It's hard as a singer cause Jazz is an instrumental movement.

MVRemix: Where can people go check some music out and see where 880 south is playing next? Any last words?

Weege: Couple of places. www.880south.com & www.myspace.com/880south The CD and our merch will be available at www.lcboardwear.com CD comes out December 1st 2006!

I always have a lot to say, but I hate to sound preachy. So I wonder, was it just me, or was Peg Bundy kind of hot? No seriously...

I have advice for music listeners, music lovers, and people who just feel outright cheated by the world of Music. This is especially for the youth that is coming of age in this new decade. The times have changed in America, and the world around us. The music industry is going through a major transition and somehow the lines of communication have been scrambled. Technology plays a major role in how music is sold and marketed today. That can be positive or negative. How many of you feel like trained animals? Life is not like Laguna Beach people. Are you tired of people telling you what's cool? What is good? What is bad? You can either choose to be the huge percentage of America that allows media and TV to force fuck crappy music down your throat. Every form of media has a political and financial agenda. Why listen to them? Or you can be a pioneer, seek the music you love. Seek knowledge! Find it. Is it not more rewarding when you discover something on your own? So go out and see live shows so that you can discover that amazing new band that may or may not ever be, stop waiting for the local DJ to tell you that the song you heard is good. Speak for yourself, tell a friend, share the wealth. Life is so short and precious, so thank god for second chances.

All we ask is that you have a good time. Rock this shit in your car, play it for a friend, play it for your grandma, play it again and again! Just listen to reason. I'm not preaching, I'm just telling you what I've been through, I'm telling you man, I'm seasoned! You can laugh, cry, dance your ass off or switch from 1% to Soy. As long as you take your time and truly enjoy! We love ya! Is this a Hallmark moment or what?

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"I've got a few songs in the pipeline I just need to buckle down and focus on that. I figure it'll be a nice alternative to all my other filthy ramblings."