A.D.O.R. - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  


August 2005

MVRemix: From there, how did your career progress? Take us through the journey.

A.D.O.R.: Low-Key, I can sum up the journey. But the whole journey I could not tell because right now it's too much. I was one of the hottest artist in the country at one point. I did Yo MTV Raps, I was top 10 in Billboard and the big thing was when I performed on In Living Color. That has got to be the highlight of my career for me on the gig stage. As a matter of fact In Living Color is included my performance on there season 4 DVD coming in October that's big for me right now.

MVRemix: You have worked with some of the greatest producers in Hip Hop history - from Marely Marl, Pete Rock, Clark Kent, and Diamond D. What memories do you have of working with them?

A.D.O.R.: I have a lot of real nice memories of working with all of them. We never had any problems, we always just worked in harmony with all of them. Plus I smoked a lot of good treez together with some, but we won't say the names as some would be surprised who blazes the treez.

MVRemix: What is the biggest difference between the Hip Hop in the early 90's to Hip Hop nowadays?

A.D.O.R.: That's hard to answer but I will tell you some of the things I see. First I know some call this a game, but it really is music and artistic culture. I see cats that are just like McDonalds - real cheesy and garbage - getting deals and dropping records over real lazy corny production and blowing up. The Hip Hop Culture is real different from the music nowadays. Back then you had to come with some real innovative music that had substance to be considered Hip Hop for real. Also the underground use to be hot records/artist that where not getting their radio and support in the main stream. Now the underground is any kid that has enough money to press up a 12 inch. They make tracks on there computers and get a website, and that shit is real disrespectful to what underground really is supposed to mean. Also there are too many critics .You never see artist in other genres of music dissected so much to find flaws in there music. Artists want to give something to the people. Nowadays, it's like you put something out there and become a target for people to attack and knock you down. There's a lot ignorance going on across the board! Plus everybody thinks they are a MC , it's really sad. But I always believed Hip Hop is more powerful then all of that and the true profits will always rise above all the disease that infects true Hip Hop music and culture.

MVRemix: Do you feel as if you have gotten overlooked and forgotten by the Hip Hop community? Also, do you think people fail to realize what you accomplished with your career early on?

A.D.O.R.: About being overlooked & forgotten - overlooked sometimes, because I really feel like I make some real powerful music that more people need to really listen to without preconceived assumptions about me. Forgotten, not really. There's a lot of heads out there that have never forgotten me, plus I am all over the place on different things still . I think there is a misconception sometimes that I did not really do anything after "Let It All Hang Out," but I have done greater things financially and artistically more recently then when I was running with "Let It All Hang Out." I have been independent for 10 years, released three albums, and I'm about to release my fourth. Plus, I have had a good life from my music! So if I was forgotten, I would be saying things like, 'Yeah, I had to get a job after I left Atlantic.' But I have earned a good living from my music strictly every year since I began Tru Reign Records in 1996. So somebody is buying my music, so I can't be forgotten!

I do think people fail to realize what I have accomplished, in my career early on. But more so what I have accomplished since my early days at Atlantic. Even the way you say that is like I did not accomplish much after Atlantic but that would be the furthest from the truth! Today, Besides having had two major hit records with "Let It All Hang Out" and "Renegade Master," I own a successful indy label with distribution all over the world. My debut album Shock Frequency was released by Tru Reign Records and was very successful. I have toured Europe, my music has been used in major motion pictures, and I am about to be on the season 4 DVD of In Living Color coming out in October . I am as strong as ever believe me brother. The most important thing is I just made a brand new album that is very powerful - Signature Of The Ill! I have always been in a good place from my music that's the truth.

Plus I know a lot of these non-black emcees that are all over the place now have love for me. Because they were rhyming in there rooms growing up, but scared about having confidence in themselves to really put it down and try and come out. Some have told me I was like there Jackie Robinson for them. I was really one of the first and only non black solo emcees to have a real Hip Hop hit in the hoods that is now considered a true Hip Hop Classic record. And I still get a lot of love in the real Hip Hop world. Think about it?

MVRemix: Why is Hip Hop the only music that pushes away their legends and pioneers and "sweeps them under the rug". For example, in Rock, groups like the Rolling Stones are still embraced today, even by the younger generation.

A.D.O.R.: I do not think that is true. Some do, but a lot still embrace the pioneers. They are still getting shows and love, but your not always going to be on top. But there will always be a place and people that appreciate your contributions you have made and that is a great accomplishment upon itself. Plus, if you continue to make good music the newer generation will be there for you. I came out with Nas, Wu Tang, Fat Joe, etc, and they still get love from the younger cats. That's just my opinion, but there is a lot of ignorance and more people do need to recognize the pioneers and living legends of the music for real. They need to support their current contributions. There's a lot of younger cats that know what the real deal is though.

MVRemix: Recently, BET told De La Soul and The Beatnuts that they wouldn't play their new videos because, "they weren't relevant in Hip Hop anymore." Is there any hope in the fight against the corporate takeover of Hip Hop?

A.D.O.R.: I did not even know that BET made a statement like that - wow. Yeah, the independent armies need to keep doing what we are doing and they can never take the real movement away from us. They just dilute it and really mock it. The way you take away the corporate take over is not to support what they are throwing at you !

MVRemix: Tell us about your new album coming out in September Signature Of The Ill.

A.D.O.R.: I am really proud of this album, and I am glad it came out the way I envisioned it would. There are some real strong records from this album that will continue A.D.O.R.'s burn with the people, and I am looking forward to getting at the new cats that get inspired by hearing some banging street music! That's what Signature Of The Ill represents, some real genuine New York street music for the people.

MVRemix: Who is doing the production? Any guest appearances?

A.D.O.R.: I got my crew of producers that have been with me from the beginning and they are ready now! Sir Jase is got some real heat for cats. He is from the Tru Reign Family, as well as my man Supa Will, who did "MC Chronicles," one of my underground classics. I got away from all the big time producers this album and I want to show I could make bangers no matter who the producer is! I also did some production. But I do have one heavyweight though - Diamond D - who is on there a couple times. As far as guest appearances, I have never been into that. My albums are mine, not compilations. But I got my artist K Terrorbul on there and Diamond D to on a cut.

MVRemix: What types of songs, concepts and issues can fans expect to hear on the album?

A.D.O.R.: I would say some more aggressive vibes, sharp lyrics and banging production is what fans can expect to hear. Songs like "Independence Day" and "Step Up" are on some gorilla attack type shit. I gotta set them straight Low- Key. I represent New York lords and that innovative rugged genuine street sound! I got an ill story type joint called "Drugz," that could become a classic as well. I also got a real deep song called "No Tyme To Heal" with my father performing on the chorus. That was one of the most emotional records I ever made. I then got a joint about my seeds letting them know I will always be there for them and for cats to realize how important and special your children are. I am really happy with this album and I think it really is my best work. I got some lyrical explosions on there. I feel whoever cops it is going to get something special to add to there music collection!

MVRemix: Overall, what is your main career goal at this moment?

A.D.O.R.: To continue to make quality contribution to the arts and to continue to establish Tru Reign Records as a powerful independent label. I believe our music will always be represented in its best form from the quality independent labels. Also to do my part to keep the essence of New York Hip Hop music exciting and banging.

MVRemix: Anything else you have going on that you want to mention?

A.D.O.R.: Get ready for K Terrorbul's debut album coming real soon on Tru Reign Records. And check out my performance of "Let It All Hang Out" on In Living Color when the season 4 DVD comes out in October!

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs, or plugs?

A.D.O.R.: Yo, thanks for the love Low-Key, I saw you voted my latest release Classic Bangerz as a MVRemix top 10 release in '04 in two categories. I also want to shout out all of you who have ever bought one of my releases, I promise to continue to give you banging joints forever. And to all the new cats just getting on to A.D.O.R., I promise to give you music that can move you! Check out www.trureign.com to keep up with what is going on with me. And Signature Of The Ill will be in stores September 27 2005, check it out. One love, Tru Reign Forever!

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"...a lot still embrace the pioneers. They are still getting shows and love, but your not always going to be on top. But there will always be a place and people that appreciate your contributions you have made and that is a great accomplishment upon itself."