Anthony Hamilton conducted by Phayde  

Anthony Hamilton

August 2003

These are the transcripts of an interview with Anthony Hamilton. The interview was conducted by Phayde on August 26th, 2003.

MVRemix: Anthony Hamilton... Did you want to give a brief run-down of yourself to start the interview off?

Anthony Hamilton: Yeah. I'm Southern-born, from Charlotte, North Carolina, who loves music. I've been at it ten years. I have a good chance of being Grammy-nominated now, I think.

MVRemix: You've worked with a lot of talented artists before, such as D'Angelo, Eve, Xzibit, Jermaine Dupri, etc. Who would you say, in your opinion, are some of the more notable or memorable artists and why?

Anthony Hamilton: I like working with D'Angelo because I think he's a genius in his own right. I also liked working with Big Dog, and the Famlee.

MVRemix: You sang on [2Pac's] "Thugz Mansion," right?

Anthony Hamilton: Yeah. Definitely. Oh yeah, 2Pac!

MVRemix: Yeah 2Pac... remember that guy? [Laughs]

Anthony Hamilton: 2Pac and Nappy Roots... those were some of my best collaborations.

MVRemix: Did you ever get the chance to meet him?

Anthony Hamilton: I met 2Pac, yeah.

MVRemix: Would you say he's the greatest rapper of all time?

Anthony Hamilton: Anthony Hamilton InterviewI'd say he's one of the greatest. There's definitely a lot of great rappers out there. He's definitely one of the greatest of all time though.

MVRemix: Who are a few artists that you're listening to right now?

Anthony Hamilton: I'm listening to Johnny Lang, Anthony Hamilton, Goapele...

MVRemix: When [the Los-Angeles-based label] Soulife collapsed, you became very depressed. What was your motivation to keep going and not just give up right then and there?

Anthony Hamilton: My love for the music. And the promises I made to my family.

MVRemix: When was the defining moment when you really realized that your singing could take you somewhere?

Anthony Hamilton: When I got signed to Uptown.
Did you ever feel pressure to change the essence of your music when you got signed to a major?

Anthony Hamilton: I never got that pressure, so I didn't have to.

MVRemix: That's good to hear. What would you say your ultimate goal is, as an artist?

Anthony Hamilton: My ultimate goal would be longevity.

MVRemix: So the album is Comin' From Where I'm From, which drops Sept. 23 on Arista Records. Are you working on any other projects right now?

Anthony Hamilton: I'm doing some writing for Johnny Lang right now. I actually had Ron Fare to come in and do production for it too.

MVRemix: Tell me something I don't know about Anthony Hamilton.

Anthony Hamilton: [Evil voice] Well...
I don't think you want to know that! Good things, great things... Yeah definitely that.
I think you got it. Uh, I love to cook!

MVRemix: [Laughs] Okay. Kobe Bryant: Innocent or guilty?

Anthony Hamilton: I'm not one to pass judgement. I think we're all innocent in our own right, and guilty in our own right.

MVRemix: Ha, very good answer!

Anthony Hamilton: I still got you shook up from the last answer.

MVRemix: True! [Laughs] Okay, Michael Vick: NFL MVP?

Anthony Hamilton: Michael Vick... who's that?

MVRemix: Atlanta Falcons quarterback, #7. Not big into the NFL?

Anthony Hamilton: Nah I am into the NFL. Does he have locks?

MVRemix: Nah, he's basically got a shaved head.

Anthony Hamilton: Oh, shaved head? Nah, I don't know him. I'm a Dallas fan anyway.

MVRemix: Anything else you'd like to say to fans?

Anthony Hamilton: Thank you all so much for you love and support.

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