Akrobatik - conducted by MC Hitman  


June 1999

These are the transcripts of an interview between MC Hitman and Akrobatik. The interview was conducted on October 3rd, 1999.

MVRemix: Your name; Akrobatik does it have any personal meaning to you?

Akrobatik: Sure, I flip shit on the mic. I have versatility that allows me to flip different topics, rhyme schemes, cadences, etc. I rhyme, produce, mix, engineer...it just stands for versatility.

MVRemix: Word, lets talk about what got you into Hip-Hop. What were your major influences that got you into rhyming? How long have you been emceeing?

Akrobatik: I started rhyming in like 1983 to Kool Moe Dee and Run DMC shit. BDP, Public Enemy, JB's Tribe and De La Soul were also major influences...EPMD too.

MVRemix: How do you feel about the state of Hip-Hop currently? A lot of people feel that when Hip-Hop caught money kind of took over and stripped it of it's purity and meaning. Also how do you feel about this underground/mainstream thing? Do you feel you fall into underground category or would you say neither?

Akrobatik: I just make music that I am comfortable with. When I was coming up, I didn't know what I wanted to do, so I copied other peoples styles or imitated the MCs that I liked. Now I know who I am and I am comfortable with myself to the point where I can just write. The problem with hip-hop now is that there are adults who approach hip-hop with the same philosophy that I did as a child; they just bite off of what's already selling. The result is, well, this current state of rap music. I think I can be described as underground because I am different, I have something to say, I am independent, and I can produce my own stuff. But other than that, I want to be part of an uprising of MCs who all come at hip-hop with some level of uniqueness.

MVRemix: That's definitely what Hip-Hop needs right now. So what other emcees or albums are you feeling right now?

Akrobatik: Umm, I feel a lot of Boston shit. Skitzofreniks, Mr. Lif, and 7L And Esoteric. I am also feeling Gangstarr to death, the Roots, Mos and Kweli... I like the GZA too. High and Mighty... I'm feeling mad heads ... Redman

MVRemix: The 12" 'SayYesSayWord' is out in stores now. When can we expect the full length and what kind feel is it gonna have?

Akrobatik: The full length is still a project in the works. I want to create more of a demand for my product before I drop a body of work. But when it does come (some time next year), you can expect an album where no two songs are alike, and they are all tightly produced - head nodding shit from beginning to end

MVRemix: Are there any albums or 12" that we can look forward to seeing you guest on?

Akrobatik: I will be on the 7L and Esoteric album, on a song called 'State of the Art,' which is also featured on the DJ Revolution 'R2K, Version 1.0' Album. In addition to this, I will be on the upcoming Raw Produce album, as well as being featured on upcoming singles by Breez Evahflowin and T-Max.

MVRemix: How do you feel the internet has affected Hip-Hop and your career? I know that the internet has helped me discover lots of dope artists, your self included. So how do you feel about it. Do you think artists are using it to their advantage?

Akrobatik: They are not. I personally think that the best part about the Internet for my career is that it gives me the opportunity to personally connect with the people that enjoy my music. I speak to people online all the time about all types of shit. Some of the coolest heads I know are those that I met online. Plus the online sites really big up hip-hop. It's a whole alternate side of things. Lovely when not abused, or used as a mask of anonymity to spread hate.

MVRemix: Earlier in the interview I asked who you've worked with. Instead, are there any artists hip-hop or non hip-hop that you would like to work with given the chance?

Akrobatik: Chris Rock. Nia Long (I will get into acting in hopes of sharing space with her for a significant period of time). I'd love to work with KRS-One, Roots, Q-Tip... DJ Premier and Guru, and Pete Rock. I have other plans, too. Stuff to ponder...
Could you expand on that a little?

Akrobatik: I've been thinking about things I'd like to do outside of Hip-Hop. I'd like to be writing and editing more, I work for a magazine here in New England and I'd like to be more involved. I'd also like to get into acting if possible.

MVRemix: Is Hip-Hop the only music you listen to? If not what else you listening to and what attracts you to it?

Akrobatik: I listen to anything that involves master craftsmanship or talented, charismatic material. A list of my favorite non hip-hop artists would include: Prince (the illest ever), Bjork, Funkadelic, Isley Brothers, Marvin Gaye, Roy Ayers, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, all types of stuff

MVRemix: Cool, how do you feel about this current rock/hip-hop fusion? Groups like Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock? You think it's just a phase? Do you like it or thinks it's bad for both rock and Hip-Hop?

Akrobatik: It's great for both genres, but I'm not really into it.

MVRemix: I wasn't aware that you produced and engineered? How did you get into that? Are you going to be producing your album entirely or are you going to have some guest producers?

Akrobatik: I will definitely have guest producers. I taught myself what to do on the boards...Most of my experience comes from watching. I have done everything I have up to this point without owning any equipment. When I have my own studio...Look out!

MVRemix: I'll be looking forward to that day. As a producers, who do you feel are the best producers in Hip-Hop? Both now and ever.

Akrobatik: DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Dr. Dre, Ali Shaheed Mohameed, Bomb Squad are some of my favorites, and of course Prince Paul

MVRemix: You planning on doing any club tours any time soon?

Akrobatik: I am going to do a club/college tour starting late fall. I am doing a show in Ohio on the 7th

MVRemix: With the millennium coming up. Where do see Hip-Hop going? What you think will happen or change in the art form?

Akrobatik: Akrobatik

MVRemix: How so?

Akrobatik: I will hopefully switch the focus back to skills and away from propaganda and tuff-guy talk.

MVRemix: Well, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. You're definitely one of the dopest up and coming emcees. I wish all the luck with your upcoming album. In conclusion do you have anything you'd like to say to any fans or artists that may be reading this interview?

Akrobatik: Don't fall for what the world's irresponsible people are trying to make you believe. Formulate your own opinions. Don't let the media tell you how black people should be, because they are wrong. Don't let MTV tell you how you should look; they are wrong, too. Filter the bullshit from the dope shit and see everything for what it is. Most of all, stay positive!

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"I personally think that the best part about the Internet for my career is that it gives me the opportunity to personally connect with the people that enjoy my music."