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Alchemist - conducted by DJ Hyphen & J. Moore  

Alchemist: Sunday Night Sound Session

June 2006

These are the transcripts of an interview with Alchemist on DJ Hyphen & J. Moore's "Sunday Night Sound Session" on Seattle's KUBE 93.3 FM. For more info. on DJ Hyphen click here.

MVRemix: The last time you were in headlines was some scary stuff man, you were on the road with the Eminem/G-Unit tour and there was the bus accident. How has the recovery been? That must have been like a year and a half ago...

Alchemist: It's like almost a year now; it took a while just to just take it easy - months. But I re-cooperated from it, rose above it. They can't stop me, you know? Things happen.

MVRemix: Road warrior.

Alchemist: Yeah, things happen in life. But you know, God bless - we made it through.

MVRemix: Did you have the beat machine in the hospital by the bed?

Alchemist: Nah, it wasn't like that. But as soon as I got out I was feenin' to make some beats. I won't lie though... when I was out of the loop.

MVRemix: What's some of the stuff that's upcoming that's not released yet, that you're excited about?

Alchemist: I've been working on my next album for a while; so I've got a lot of joints on that that I've been saving. Other than that, I did some stuff for Dogg Pound for this album, I did a couple of joints on there. This Pharoah Monche record, I've been holdin' it for like three years.

MVRemix: No doubt and we've been waitin' for it for like five years...

Alchemist: Yeah, we've revamped it a little. It's still hot... If a record's hot, it's timeless, so the record still stands. I know he's been performing it for a while, but he put it on his new album. Otherwise, I've been sending out... Those beat makers will know, sending out beats you really don't know until the record is done and the album is packaged. There's a lot of beats in the matrix so we'll see what happens...

MVRemix: Well you've got this little mixtape joint ALC - The Chemistry Files. What's the deal with this?

Alchemist: That's basically something I put out right now just to cover the gap of time when I didn't have an official album out. The way I do my mixtapes, like the first one I did was called The Cutting Room Floor and the second one's Insomnia, this, the third one is instead of competing with all the mixtapes out there and getting exclusives - I just do all beats I produce, focusing on my production and try to throw out a couple of joints... Make it more like an album. I always spend a little extra on the packaging; I just want people to keep it. So we did the latest installment it has a couple of joints that didn't make the Mobb [Deep] album. Just art.

MVRemix: Outside of the usual suspects of emcees you're working with, who's an up and coming cat that you're feeling on the lyrical side of things that you want to get in the studio with you?

Alchemist: I mean, I hear a lot of talented kids everyday. New artists in general. I wouldn't say kids, grown men or whatever. Maybe 'cause I'm up top a lot of times in New York, I like Papoose; I don't know if he made the song yet but I'm like, "This is gonna take him out of here." But I mean every time he raps, I've gotta listen - I know he's gonna say something crazy, just from the perspective of somebody that's just dope. I did a couple of records for his album, I don't know if he's gonna use them but he's dope.

MVRemix: You know what, I wanna hear an Elzhi - Alchemist joint.

Alchemist: You know, we did that. That's what's up man, shout out to Elzhi. We all actually, you know my manager Paul, we all from the same circle from a long time ago when Paul first went to New York, I did a demo with them in Mighty Mi's crib. We did a song which actually leaked out, somebody might have it. But shout out to him, it's been years. Yeah, that would be dope.

MVRemix: Who's an established cat that you haven't had the opportunity to work with?

Alchemist: I always wanted to do something with Alicia Keys or on that level, like an R&B type artist - it'd be dope. And also, recently I just did something with Scarface, but we didn't really get to... He just put a verse on, it's on the mixtape actually The Chemistry Files on a joint with him and his crew. It's cool, the beat is crazy and I feel like we just scraped the surface. I'm on that - Wherever you at Face? Get at me! 'Cause I got somethin' for him. It'll be crazy. I'm tryin' to get him on a record. That'd be dope.

MVRemix: What young, up and coming producers are you checkin' for?

Alchemist: Man, there's so many. My man Joey Chavez...

MVRemix: Give me five of 'em.

Alchemist: Joey Chavez, Sev, Jake One, see now it's escapin'. Vitamin D definitely. Vitamin D and Jake One, those are my peoples. There's so many cats, but Joey and Sev, I work with them a lot. They're crazy talented. And Emile

MVRemix: Yeah Emile is dope, I like Emile.

Alchemist: It's unlimited, my man SC who does a lot of work with Just Blaze. My man SC who's from Chicago is crazy. The production game these days it out of here... 9th Wonder - I love all the ish he does. These days my ears is tuned in. Man, it's out there now.

MVRemix: Everybody's definitely steppin' it up.

Alchemist: The game's definitely stepped up. I love new producers, that's just dope to me.

MVRemix: Any words where people can catch you or maybe some websites?

Alchemist: I got my website, Or maybe on the MySpace that has seemed to take the whole world over - you can hit me up on there. I've got my page /thealchemist. Otherwise just workin' on this new album... Out on the road a little bit with Alchemist. I'm workin' on this Shady Mixtape right now with Em, Bobby Creek, Stat Quo - they got a new artist named Cash out just from the West... and Obie - their whole click. We're doin' a mixtape, me Whoo Kid - which should be out soon. So I'm messin' around with the whole mixtape thing, finishing up my album. I'm comin'!

MVRemix: I know a while ago someone posted a video of you makin' a beat online. I'm not sure if you sanctioned them, but it's real interesting for an upcoming producers to watch somebody work like this - is there a place they can go?

Alchemist: I almost forgot! Yeah, there's a DVD that I'm actually putting out myself, the artwork looks just like The Chemistry Files mixtape, it's called The Chemistry Files DVD. If you make beats or you're an aspiring artist - you gotta watch this. Basically I put it together myself, it's all this old footage from touring, it's footage from making the album. We just happened to be recording the day we did "Hold You Down" in the crib, and you can just see how it all from the beat to P writing the rhymes.

MVRemix: Is Nina Sky in there?

Alchemist: Nah, but you've gotta peep this 'cause it's dope how I put it together. I really just sat up on my Imovie and just edited it myself and it was like makin' a beat. It was fun. It's real rough around the edges but The Chemistry Files, it's not gonna be out in stores. You're gonna have to get it in the streets bootleg style. I'm doin' it myself.

"Sunday Night Sound Session" with DJ Hyphen and J. Moore airs every Sunday night on KUBE 93.3 FM (Seattle) from 11 PM PST - Midnight. to stream online.

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"Yeah, there's a DVD that I'm actually putting out myself, the artwork looks just like The Chemistry Files mixtape, it's called The Chemistry Files DVD. If you make beats or you're an aspiring artist - you gotta watch this."