Andre Emerson - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Andre Emerson - Bulletproof

November 2005

The onslaught of everything 50 Cent continues. As if motion pictures, autobiographies, vitamin water and G-Unit clothing wasn't enough, 50 has entered the video game market with his debut release, Bulletproof. As a third person action shooter, the game finds 50 getting shot nine times (surprisingly), setting off a path of events that changes his life forever. received the opportunity to speak with the producer of Bulletproof, Andre Emerson, who discusses the strong points of the game, as well as his history in the video game industry.

MVRemix: Andre - to start - we just want to touch on your background in the video game industry. So how did you first get your start?

Andre Emerson: Ive been doing this for about 12 years now. I got my start in customer service. By the way, callers, show some love to those people, its one of the most difficult and thankless jobs you can do.

MVRemix: What projects/games have you worked on in the past?

Andre Emerson: Most recently I created the Dead to Rights franchise for Namco, before joining VUG.

MVRemix: For our readers who may not know, can you tell us what your responsibilities are as the producer of 50 Cent's Bulletproof video game?

Andre Emerson: Producing has a lot of elements, but in short, you carry the torch for the project. You keep the wheels on during an often-wild ride. No two days are the same.

MVRemix: I have read that 50 and Jimmy Iovine came up with the idea for the game and you guys were chosen as the publisher. Can you run down the process of how a company vies for games - such as Bulletproof?

Andre Emerson: Generally, publishers compete for major licenses. In the case of Bulletproof, there are great relationships between us, Interscope and Universal, so were extremely thankful that we got the opportunity to bring this to life.

MVRemix: How much input did 50 have on the game?

Andre Emerson: Tons. He was involved from day one through final, giving direction and input on look, mood, story, sound, music. Hes an incredible partner.

MVRemix: Is it tough trying to please 50, while at the same time pursue the avenues you want the game to go down - especially considering 50 has no background in the video game industry?

Andre Emerson: I think this worked really well since we all discussed and set expectations from the start. I imagine some relationships like this can go sour when you over promise and under deliver. By working closely with 50 early, we crafted a plan for this first installment and nailed it.

MVRemix: Terry Winter wrote the script for Bulletproof - so can you give us a brief rundown of what the storyline entails?

Andre Emerson: Well, its a mystery/conspiracy, so I cant give too much away, but 50 comes to the aid of a friend and in what appears to be a setup, hes shot 9 times. What you then think is a revenge tale, turns for the worse and becomes a much bigger and twisted crime story.

MVRemix: Are you worried that some video game fans will take this game has a gimmick or a cheap way for 50 to flood the market even more and make some money - thus overlooking the game play?

Andre Emerson: Not after they play it. Youll always have haters through who throw eggs from the sidelines. 50 fan or hardcore action gamer, there is a lot for everyone who plays Bulletproof.

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"I imagine some relationships like this can go sour when you over promise and under deliver. By working closely with 50 early, we crafted a plan for this first installment and nailed it."