Andre Emerson - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Andre Emerson - Bulletproof

November 2005

MVRemix: How long is the game?

Andre Emerson: Between Story and Arcade Modes, it’s virtually endless. The Story Mode length will depend on various factors, player skill level, difficulty level chosen, exploring vs. rushing, etc.

MVRemix: What modes are available?

Andre Emerson: There is a deep Story Mode and a very competitive Arcade Mode.

MVRemix: As is the case for 3rd person shooters - the targeting system is often key for success - and at times criticism. Can you talk about the system in place for Bulletproof and its overall approach?

Andre Emerson: Even though we are third-person, we modeled our aiming feel around Halo. We feel they’ve had the best integration of FPS-style aiming on a console thus far. The result is very smooth and precise aiming in Bulletproof. Our other mechanics were given just as much care as well. I think people will be pleased with the challenge of the AI, the aiming and other diverse game mechanics like Counter-kills, Body Shield, Mobile Cover and lots of others.

MVRemix: I recently interviewed Tony Yayo and he told me the game has kill moves. Can you talk about those and what moves are available? Are those the counter kills I have read about?

Andre Emerson: Yeah, we have 30 different Counter-kill moves in the game that you can purchase from a crazy war vet named Popcorn. These range from brutal stabbings to weapon steals that allow you to grab an enemy’s weapon and use it against him in dramatic fashion. These sequences are done in slow motion, so you can move the camera and direct the action yourself.

MVRemix: Anything else you want to add about Bulletproof that you think fans need to know?

Andre Emerson: We built Bulletproof to appeal to everyone from the 50 fan, to the first time player all the way to the hardcore gamers. With deep play mechanics, a crime classic from Terry Winter, over 160 music tracks with 13 new tracks from 50, 16 music videos and the hottest cast in hip hop, everyone should give Bulletproof a try.

MVRemix: What else are you currently working now or in the future?

Andre Emerson: Nothing to announce just yet, but stay posted.

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