Apathy conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Apathy Interview

August 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with Apathy, conducted by Hugo Lunny on August 29th, 2000.

Apathy is well known for his freestyles and has worked with Alien Nation, Jedi Mind Tricks along with the DemiGodz. He recently dropped two stellar 12"s and is set to release more material of the same calibre.

What inspired you to become an emcee?

Apathy: I'd have to say old school Hip Hop. Like hearing original tracks, that boom bap hype party vibe. That old Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel type shit. That made me really wanna rhyme along with them. It made me really get into Hip Hop back then.

MVRemix: You know Ant-One really well, don't ya?

Apathy: Yeah, yeah, no doubt.

MVRemix: Now, the thing is, a lot of people...since he has come onto my site, have acquired, let's say a "less than respectful opinion of him." Now everyone wants to know how he became friends with you and head of your promotions.

Apathy: Here's the thing, now this is a good subject to touch upon and I'm glad you asked that question because we've been going through a lot of problems with this lately. The thing about Ant is, I don't think he takes a lot of this shit - talking to the kids, too seriously. And he's basically got love for everybody; it's more of a complex sense of humour with him. He disses people and makes fun of shit, but he kinda sits back and laughs at how absurd it is. It's not like he really takes it seriously. He's doing my promotions right now. He's not my manager, he's doing my promotions because he's really good at what he does, promoting. He really handles his business. I don't agree with the shit he says, I mean Ant's my friend and me and him hang out on the regular, we play basketball, we play video games together, I chill at his house, he chills at mine, we go out. But it's not like I agree with what he says. I'm more of the type of cat where I don't let shit bother me, I don't talk shit about people. I'm cool with everything. He's more the type who will voice his opinion about shit, I don't agree with that and we're trying to work out a lot of those problems but I'm saying, he still is, pretty much, one of my best friends.

MVRemix: Freestyling. Tell us about your connection to that word/artform.

Apathy: Off the dome?

MVRemix: Yeah...

Apathy: I don't really know where that comes from, it just comes out. I just sit back and concentrate on my flow, I think about words that rhyme. When I was in high school I would actually read the dictionary quite a bit which I'm sure a lot of emcees do and you just start to memorize what words rhyme with other words and have fun with it. What I try to do is when I freestyle is to involve the people around me. I try to make it fun for them as opposed to someone just fucking rapping at them. I try to make them involved and have a good time, that's what Hip Hop's about - having a good time. I basically spit about what cats are wearing, what's going on in the room, cats can give me topics to rhyme about, pretty much anything. I take it pretty seriously.

MVRemix: The last freestyle I heard of yours was with Sage Francis...and that was pretty cool

Apathy: [emphatic laugh] word, yeah. Actually, at that time I had a pretty bad sinus infection and I was just fuckin' in pain - I was just fucked up. I was really surprised at how that came out because I just heard it recently, since the time we did it, which was a while ago. We were messing around freestyling and it was dope, it was a really dope session. Sage is really cool, I consider him a real cool friend. He's dope. I just had mad fun doing it, and am pleased with how the whole thing went down.

MVRemix: How did you come in contact with Jedi Mind Tricks and was the first thing you recorded with them?

Apathy: Okay, back in the day I was part of this crew called Alien Nation, which was like Supernatural, Phoenix Orion and a lot of other heads and we were on some super scientific metaphysical philosophy type rhymes before a lot of people were. I heard Jedi Mind Tricks first EP; 'The Amber Probe' EP, I got that at the radio station I was workin' at. So this time I was kinda bugged out that they were spitting the same holy-tabernacle-ministries type Hebrew Israelite sciences. I was really impressed. Now usually I'd get offended and be like "Damn man, these kids are on our vibe," but, they were doing it so correct that I was like man I wanna work with these kids, these kids are hot. I couldn't find any contact info for these cats apart from an email address, so I emailed them, told them who I was, what I did. Ikon emailed me right back and was like "Yo, lets talk over the phone." So I called him up, and we were rhyming over the phone to each other and just buggin' out. We were just really feeling each other's shit. We then became mad cool on the phone. He wanted to get me on the album, and it was taking me forever to get down there so finally I took a train, went down to Philly, wrote my verses on the way there on the train. Then just showed up and rocked the shit basically. The rest is pretty much......history.

>> continued...

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