Apathy conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Apathy Interview

August 2000

MVRemix: You have a different style on your Jedi Mind Tricks stuff to what you do on your more recent 12"s, is there a reason for that?

Apathy: Yeah, there's a real big reason for that. Cats are gonna be real fucked up when my full length drops because I'm the type of cat where I'm real prolific. I have over 300 notebooks. Write continuously. Literally I have over 300 notebooks, that's not an exaggeration or embellishment. I write constantly. A lot of cats like Louis Logic or Vinnie [Ikon] and Esoteric all make fun of me because I write so much. I write literally any type of style you could think of. Complex stuff like Jedi Mind tricks, to the most simple flow about girls, to a rhyme I got about Chess, to double time rhymes, to, almost literally every type of rhyme style to every type of subject matter. Whether it's girls, money, fighting emcees, being abducted for a government experiment, alien crap, literally everything. I do it all, and that's what's gonna bug kids out because my album is gonna be a big conglomeration of that with hot beats provided by me, Celph Titled, and a couple of other kids. I also have everything for everybody this time. A lot of people say that but very few people deliver that.

MVRemix: When would be a likely time that the LP would surface?

Apathy: We're working on it right now, and we're talking to "a place" I'd like to say. We're just trying to figure out what we're gonna do business wise, that's what it all comes down to right now. I have all the material ready, Celph and I have all the beats ready. It's all ready to go, we just basically have to secure the recording budget to get that going, to get that done with. We're gonna start doing the singles right away.

MVRemix: How does it feel to be established, comin' out of CT. CT isn't really known for putting out that many emcees...

Apathy: I love Connecticut to death. I was thinkin' about moving to New York recently and even if I did move to New York, I would still be going back to Connecticut and representing there. I'm totally in love with Connecticut. I feel I need to rep for Connecticut because there aren't too many kids coming out of here. There's my man Chris Lowe coming out of there whom I haven't met up with yet...I'd like to get a shout out to my peoples Hung Jury too. Those cats are nice, watch out for them, I wouldn't be surprised if they got signed on some major label shit soon. I think Connecticut needs people and people need to realize that there are a lot of emcees in Connecticut, they just down know how to get their shit out. There's also a lot of punk fucking emcees from Connecticut too, and I'd like to quote that. And they know who they are, talking bad about me just because I'm doin' my shit. So, fuck them.

MVRemix: You were a radio show host once right? Any plans to return to that?

Apathy: I'd like to, but I really don't have any immediate plans because I've been real busy as of lately, I'm about to do some big shit with some pretty large heads which I don't wanna talk about right now because it's all up in the air. I really don't have time for that right now but I wish I did because it was one of my favourite time periods of my life ever. It was one of my favourite things to do. It was so fresh. It was called "Boom Box From The Boondox" and it was off the wall, we had a lot of fun shit doing it. One of our DJ's - Mayday was involved with it, Open Mic was involved with it, the kid Metropolis. That was hot, we were like some of the first cats in Conneticut to really capitalize on having kids call up and battle them over the air, have fun. And have girls call up and talk to us about what they were wearing and shit, all these types of crazy stuff that people don't usually do on the radio.

MVRemix: Can you tell me about The Demigodz, in terms of exactly who's in the group, what you're working on etc.?

Apathy: The Demigodz is right now, myself, Open Mic, Metropolis, Celph Titled, One Two, Jabber Jaw, Spin 4th, Damage, 181, Unpaid Bill, Mayday and Ant One, Chum The Animal Steel. Right now, we just recorded Jabber Jaw's new single last night which is called 'Record Breakin' which is gonna be fuckin' amazing, cats are gonna bug out. There's a real high energy level behind that, and it's just hot punchlines - it's off the fuckin' wall. We just did that. I'm producing Rise's new single which is gonna be coming out soon, hopefully, we're working on it right now. The thing me and Celph are tryin' to do right now is...me and Celph are pretty much like brothers. We do everything back to back and we're like fuckin' partners pretty much. For some reason, cats are sleeping and don't realize how ill of an emcee Celph is. Cats don't realize that I produce at all.

MVRemix: Yeah, Celph and I were talking about that

Apathy: We're about to bring that to the light, we're about to shock the world a little bit and be like "Yo, check this out, and check this out." We're about to show people what the fuck Demigodz are really made of. It's gonna be ill. We're gonna be working on Open Mic's single soon and Yag Fu Front is part of our crew which is Spin 4th and Damage and if cats don't know they had an album out in like '94 with the classic single called 'Left Field' and 'Busted Loop,' also they had that. They're working on new shit, which is just off the meter too.

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