Apathy conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Apathy Interview

August 2000

MVRemix: What just popped into my mind was the quote "We'll fuckin' throw Root Beers in your fridge," can you explain that?

Apathy: Ahaha..."Root beers in your fridge" is just some slang we developed. We love how Wu-Tang Clan spits all that slang that makes no sense. We think that's hot and really fresh, we like it 'cause it's just funny sounding. So we decided to develop our own slang and one night while we were working on the 'Ain't Nuthin' Nice' single, we went to a diner. It was real late at night and I ordered 2 Root beers with my meal. So I finished one of the Root Beers and we took the other one back. Me and Celph were just fucking around, talkin' all bugged out to each other. And I was like "Yo son, I'ma throw this Root Beer in your fridge," and Celph was like "Ohhh shit, that was like some ill shit right there." So we took that and adapted it into some dunn language. Highly technical dunn language. L-Fudge says it, Percee-P says it on this cat's mixtape. It's real funny because a lot of cats are saying it. Celph brings it back right on Jabber Jaw's new single. We got some new slang that we're trying to develop too, it's not really new but it needs to be resurrected is motherfuckers who are on some bitch type shit, if you're a soft cat, we call 'em "skirts." And there's a lot of "skirts" right now that are rappin'.

MVRemix: Nah, the first time Celph sent me 'Compatible,' I was really enjoying the track and then I heard the end of it the "Root beers in your fridge" shit and my expression completely changed - that confused the fuck out of me...

Apathy: Hahaha, that's what we were tryin' to do, we were tryin' to confuse people. The funny thing is how much its caught on, because kids'll come up to me at a show and be like "Yo son, yo throw a Root Beer in their fridge kid." For some reason it really picked up and cats love it. A whole bunch of people I know be sayin' it on the regular. Actually, now the studio that we work out which is now our little production type studio is called "The Chrome Depot."

MVRemix: That'd explain it... How do you differentiate yourself as an emcee from other emcees?

Apathy: A lot of emcees right now are rhyming on the same subject matter whether they're talking about the new world order or talking about average punchlines right now and the thing that I'm doing right now to try to differentiate myself from other emcees, even emcees who are trying to be way too complex and way too "next level," I'm just trying to bring back that old Hip Hop vibe and everything I spit, I spit with force. I try to really like take kids heads off. I try to make my punchlines funny and stand out, and be shit that kids can bug out to. I try to really control my voice and when I rhyme, I have conversations with people. I'm not just sitting there like "Yo, I'm Apathy, blah, blah, blah" monotoned. I really try to control how I talk to kids. I really try to spit and make it sound like I'm talking to you. I basically try to spit my shit with a lot of force.

MVRemix: What do you think about the online Hip-Hop scene?

Apathy: The online Hip-Hop scene is positive and negative at the same time right now. Because, back when Celph and I were young cats, and most of the kids in the Demigodz, it was hard to really stay up on the scene, and you had to really be submersed in it - you had to be going to the shows to find out who was nice. You couldn't just be sitting home in Palm fuckin' something in Nebraska and find out what's the newest shit online, you know what I'm sayin? You had to actually go and do the work, you had to put in the work to be known as an emcee. Back in the day, if somebody approached you and was like, "Yo I'm an emcee," you're like "Oh shit," and you assume they have lyrics. Nowadays when someone approaches me and is like "Yo I'm an emcee," I assume that they'll be wack first and if they're dope it surprises me. The Hip Hop scene right now on the net is cool, but it's also very saturated. Everybody's trying to be an emcee, a producer or a DJ, or somethin'. There's no more fans left, kids can't just sit back and be fans, everybody's gotta try to do their shit. There are kids with horrible, wack voices, horrible rhymes, horrible beats and are disillusioned, and think their shit is hot just because they're doing it. It's cool that they wanna do something, but you can't just go around and start judging other people and you can't running around dissing cats and acting like the man when you're really not, you've gotta be humble. I'm opinionated, but I'm humble. I'm at the point where I know there's a lot of kids better than me, there's a lot of kids that have paid way more dues than me and there's also a lot of kids who're younger than me, who're nice and who're gonna have a very good future in this game. The positive side of the net is that it does get your shit out too and it really does let people know who you are. Also too, it's fun, I like talking to people from California, who I usually wouldn't talk to, or someone from Norway, that shit bugs me out. That's really hot. I'm pretty much addicted to the Internet man, there's not a day goes by where I can't just peep what's goin' on. It's all cool, and I met a lot of interesting people through the net. So, it's really dope.

MVRemix: So what about the MP3 scene? I've seen your last two 12"s in MP3 as well as some older stuff

Apathy: MP3 is cool in some aspects because people who are gonna buy shit, are gonna buy shit anyway. I have the technology to have MP3 shit and burn it but I buy shit anyway because I like having the actual CD, I like having the whole thing, and I think people who buy shit anyway are gonna continue doing so. The people who are just gonna MP3 shit are the kids who ten years ago would have just taped your shit from their friend. So I think it's all the same, I don't think it's really gonna hurt sales dynamically. Especially on the level that I'm doing shit. Cats who wanna spin, are gonna spin, they're not gonna get MP3's and burn my shit, so the kids who do MP3 and burn my shit, that's cool because maybe they wouldn't be able to hear it any other way I'm happy they heard my shit. Plus it's fun, maybe I'll MP3 a cypher or some shit and throw it out on the net so kids can hear it.

MVRemix: What are you working on now ? The album? Or anything other than that?

Apathy: Yo, I'm working on mad shit. I'm workin' on my single first of all, which is probably, this might change but I doubt it. The A-side is gonna be called 'Talk To Me.' The B-side is gonna be a fuckin' banger produced by Celph Titled (the A-side is produced by me) called 'Apathetic.' It'll be pretty much a definitive battle track for me. That's gonna be some of the hottest lyrics I've ever spitted over some of Celph's hottest beats ever. I'm working on that single which'll be coming out...who knows when...we haven't even finalized anything. We're gonna record it tonight. I just produced Jabber Jaw's single. I'll be doing two more singles before the full length. Celph Titled, Louis Logic and I formed a group called the Invincible Force MC's. I produced some joints for it, Celph produced some joints for it and that's gonna be a hot project right there. I produced the new Rise joint that's coming out, I'm producing Open Mic's joint that's coming out, me and Celph are doing that. There's a lot of shit. I'll be doing guest appearances and shit, like the new Dutchmassive single. Dutchmassive's shit is hot man, cats gotta check that. Dutch is bringin' it back to a '93 flavour. So, um, yeah, that's pretty much it.

MVRemix: Any last comments you'd like to make on anything we haven't covered?

Apathy: Yeah, right now there's this crew outta Arizona and basically we think they tried to take our name, Demigodz, after they found out me and Open Mic weren't using that name for a group anymore. But what they didn't know was that we were keeping it for a crew name. Open Mic is older than I am and he started the Demigodz name back in 1991. So Demigodz has been around since then. And these kids from Arizona are like twenty something. They tried to jack our name because they used to talk to us on the Internet or whatever. When I said to them Open Mic had the name since '91 they were like "Yeah, we did too." The thing is if they have the name in '91 they would have had the name at around 10. Get the fuck outta here! These cats registered a domain name, demigodz.com after they found out that my single just came out, with the Demigodz crew on the back of it. Funny thing about it is, I listened to these kids' shit, thinkin' maybe we're gonna have to battle them or something, but they're fuckin' terrible! They're horrible! These are like the worst pieces of shit. And they really need to change their name. Move on. We worked hard to establish the name and it's getting out there, let it go.

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