Astronautalis - conducted by Todd E. Jones  

Passed Out In The Dark Theater Of The Ocean

August 2006

MVRemix: How did you get the deal with Fighting Records?

Astronautalis: They had seen me play live and heard my record through one of their A&R's named, Mor Krivinsky. He had a lot of faith in me and passed that faith on to them. Now, we are all rich.

MVRemix: What have you been listening to in the last couple of days?

Astronautalis: Midlake's 'The Trials Of Van Occupanther', Radical Face's 'Ghost', 'To The Confusion Of Our Enemies' by The Riverboat Gamblers, The four leaked tracks off the new DJ Shadow, Smog's 'A River Ain't Too Much To Love', Bob Dylan's 'Blood On The Tracks', and I still can't stop listening to Young Jeezy's 'Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101'.

MVRemix: What is your favorite part of your live show?

Astronautalis: We have been playing around 200 shows a year for 3 years in a row. I still get surprised by some the things that come out of my mouth, for better and worse. I am a much more entertaining person on a stage, with a mic in my hand, than I am in real life.

MVRemix: How has your live show evolved?

Astronautalis: I started out playing live shows, battling, and hosting hip-hop nights. I even went to college for theater. Live shows have always been natural for me. On stage, I can read a crowd very quickly. My show has just slowly shifted and changed over the years, reflecting what I think is a nice balance between what the audience demands and my own personal interests. Making records is the hard part for me. I get in over my head in a studio but, on stage, I am at home. I am about to embark on a month long tour with Electric President and Alias & Tarsier. I plan on putting that nice balance to the test and trying out a lot of new things in the live show.

MVRemix: What do you think about the current situation between The United States and the Middle East?"

Astronautalis: Are they on tour with LCD Soundsystem?

MVRemix: Abortion. Pro-choice or pro-life?

Astronautalis: I met a baby once. He was like totally rich, but he was cool about it you know? He didn't like rub it in your face or let it go to his head or anything. I met him at this Glass Candy show in Brooklyn. He invited me to this awesome party back at some model's house. We stayed up all night smoking, drinking, and talking about Nikes and post-punk. That baby was totally cool. Most babies are gay, but that one, he was cool.

MVRemix: Euthanasia. For or against?

Astronautalis: You mean 'Youthanasia'? I think it is a mediocre album, even for Megadeath."

MVRemix: What is your opinion on MySpace?

Astronautalis: MySpace is 'a place for friends' and a valuable tool for a musicians and date rapists.

MVRemix: Has being white been an obstacle in hip-hop?

Astronautalis: It hasn't.

MVRemix: Word association. When I say a name, you say the first word that pops into your head. So, if I said, 'Public Enemy', you may say 'Revolution' or 'Chuck D'. Okay?


Astronautalis: Trap.

MVRemix: Dead Prez.

Astronautalis: Whitey.

MVRemix: Happy Mondays.

Astronautalis: Simon Raymonde.

MVRemix: Kool Keith.

Astronautalis: Plastic hair.

MVRemix: Necro.

Astronautalis: Pasty.

MVRemix: Wu-Tang Clan.

Astronautalis: Skydiving.

MVRemix: Eminem.

Astronautalis: Nice suit.

MVRemix: Public Enemy.

Astronautalis: Walker.

MVRemix: Little Brother.

Astronautalis: South.

MVRemix: Phife Dawg.

Astronautalis: D.U.I.

MVRemix: MF Doom.

Astronautalis: KMD.

MVRemix: De La Soul.

Astronautalis: BK lounge.

MVRemix: Jimi Hendrix.

Astronautalis: Janis Joplin.

MVRemix: Spank Rock.

Astronautalis: Forest creatures.

MVRemix: Curtis Mayfield.

Astronautalis: Spank Rock.

MVRemix: Billy Holiday.

Astronautalis: Magnolia.

MVRemix: Gil-Scott Heron.

Astronautalis: Crack cocaine.

MVRemix: George Bush.

Astronautalis: Hyphy.

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    "On stage, I can read a crowd very quickly. My show has just slowly shifted and changed over the years, reflecting what I think is a nice balance between what the audience demands and my own personal interests."