Bathgate - conducted by Todd Davis  

Bathgate: A New Beginning

September 2007

MVRemix: Lyrically, what moves you?

Bathgate: Just whatever vibe I'm in - Mostly good music. I am motivated just by good music - That raw, you know, that sh*t.

MVRemix: Longevity, how do you sustain it?

Bathgate: For me, I just gotta do what I want, and what I love. The passion you put in is what keeps you loved.

MVRemix: Do you have any other aspirations?

Bathgate: I just love TV. I just want to act, or be like the next big host of the illest Hip-Hop show.

MVRemix: What are your feelings on today's Hip-Hop music?

Bathgate: Sometimes I'm disgusted with it, and other times I'm happy. I'm happy when the music is dope. I'm not when its garbage.

MVRemix: Who exactly is Bathgate?

Bathgate: I'm real. I'm down to earth. I'm cool. I can be touched. And, I'm not afraid of the people.

MVRemix: What is a typical day like in the life of Bathgate?

Bathgate: Chilling. I'm a big Xbox 360 fan. I'm dumb nice at NBA2k7, Ya dig? Or, I'm with a fox!

MVRemix: Biggest Hip-Hop moment?

Bathgate: Funk Flex tour. I performed in front of 19,000 - It was stupid!

MVRemix: Futuristically speaking, where do you see yourself?

Bathgate: With a few kids. A couple sons, a couple daughters, and a fox for a wife! Also, making more money - Getting my Russell Simmons on!

MVRemix: As for the immediate future what next for Bathgate?

Bathgate: The single for the title track 'Hard Candy' - The videos, Hard Candy the album, and my chance to rock 19K again.

MVRemix: Any tour plans?

Bathgate: Not right now, we just working this record, and getting people ready. Understand, I'm like an alien I'm dumb with this pen. I'm in another space in my life.

MVRemix: Any advice for other struggling artists?

Bathgate: It's tough. Don't let…let downs kill you. Keep pushing, keep grinding. The biggest failure of man is pride. Just work hard, and bounce back if you fall - This game is crazy!

MVRemix: Any message you want to leave our readers with?

Bathgate: I'm here…Capital Gang Records…Hard Candy in stores soon!

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