Mr. Walt (Da Beatminerz) conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Mr. Walt (Da Beatminerz)


MVRemix: What are your favourite break records?

Mr. Walt: I was thinkin' about that the other day. It might be "Get Up And Dance." That record means a lot to me 'cause when it first came out in like 1980, I was just a DJ then. And I was in love with that record. I mean I have other one's like "Ain't No Funkin' Out" by Brother Johnson, particularly any James Brown break. "Get Up And Dance" is just something close to my heart.

MVRemix: I've heard about it talked about before, but what's going on with "Fully Loaded With Static"?

Mr. Walt: Nothing. It's coming out early 2005. We're looking at a March date but I don't want to quote anything until I get the official date. But everything is good. Everything is ready to go. It's a renegade style record. Da Beatminerz Interview

MVRemix: Can you give me some details on guests and such on the album?

Mr. Walt: I got KRS One, I got Dilated Peoples. I got Wordsworth on three songs. I got Last Emperor on two songs. Shorty Nomas is on the album. I got Mystic. Jean Grae is on the album. A lot of people. I'm very happy with it. I've got Krumbsnatcha on this record.

MVRemix: What are your vices?

Mr. Walt: I don't smoke. I don't drink. Well I do drink, but I don't drink to get drunk. Um... just good music. That's my vice right there.

MVRemix: Do you remember the first movie you saw?

Mr. Walt: Oh? You ready for this? I told this to this girl the other day. The first movie I ever saw was a double feature - "Lady Sings The Blues" and "Superfly." My Aunt Cynthia took me to a double feature when I was kid and I saw "Superfly" and "Lady Sings The Blues."

MVRemix: re there any other films which have greatly impacted you apart from the first ones you saw?

Mr. Walt: Yeah man. I'm a movie buff! The "Star Wars" trilogy, "Purple Rain," on a Hip Hop level "Wild Style," "Coming To America," "Friday." "Goodfellas," "The Untouchables," movies like that.

MVRemix: Are there any films that are coming out that you're looking forward to?

Mr. Walt: You know what? This might be my favourite interview of all time because nobody ever asks me stuff like this. I might go see "Saw" tomorrow. What am I looking forward to? "Batman Begins." Maybe the new "Superman" that they're talking about 'cause they found somebody to play Superman.

MVRemix: Who did they choose? Do you know?

Mr. Walt: Some guy that's on "One Life To Live" in the daytime. Because they couldn't get the bigtime actors because you have to, I guess the rumour is... you have to sign on for three or four "Superman" movies. They went after Ashton Kutcher. They went after Brenden Fraser and nobody wanted to be tied into three movies. So they found someone, he's on "One Life To Live," I forgot his name, Ryan somebody - he has three names and he's gonna do it. I also want to see "Oceans Twelve" too.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Mr. Walt: Wow man, this is a great interview. If I could fight any celebrity, who can I fight.

MVRemix: I've been given everything from Schwarzennaeger to Bush to Gary Coleman.

Mr. Walt: First off, I'm not dumb, I'm not going after Schwarzennaeger. Haha. Gary Coleman is a no win situation. I might go after Laurence Fishburne.

MVRemix: Any reason?

Off screen I've heard he's a quiet little asshole. He's a great actor. But I heard he's an asshole off screen and I heard he kind of treats his mother bad and you're not supposed to treat your mother bad. I can't think of anybody else.

MVRemix: Tell me about your plans for the next year.

Mr. Walt: I'm trying to put this record out, keep putting music out. We're getting ready to do a lot of joined records. We're getting ready to do a Last Emperor/Beatminerz album. A Sean Price/Beatminerz album and a KRS One/Beatminerz album. The KRS One one is up in the air. We don't know if we're gonna do that yet.

MVRemix: Did you hear about the bullshit. Well, I don't know if it's bullshit. But that he celebrated 9/11 or something?

Mr. Walt: That's why the album is up in the air. I don't know who said what... I know Kris personally. He's a friend of mine, but you know, if he said something like that... I don't know how I feel about that. I'm not gonna say nothin' until I hear it from him because why would you say something like that? He did say in the paper that he was mis-quoted. So that could have happened. But, if he did say something... I really can't support that.

MVRemix: Are you going to be voting in the upcoming election?

Mr. Walt: That's right. Tryin' to get George Bush out of there. Haha.

MVRemix: I think everyone shares that feeling.

Mr. Walt: Yeah, but you know what - it's real close. Every time I turn on the radio - somebody has 49% and somebody has 51%. It goes back and forth.

MVRemix: I still can't understand though, in the light of "Fahrenheit 9/11" and the documentary made through Iraqi news sources, how people can still side with Bush.

Mr. Walt: I don't know man, that's a funny thing right there. But I will be voting.

MVRemix: Do you have any last words?

Mr. Walt: Thanks for the support. I understand you can't make everybody happy and I know I'm not gonna make all my fans happy. But, for just sticking with us, thank you for all the support you've been giving us in our twelve year history and we just gonna keep on doing things and making music to keep you happy.

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