B.G. - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

B.G. - Life After Cash Money

May 2005

Throwing a strong Southern drawl up against a watered down cockney accent provides plenty of room for problems. Thus was the case, with B.G. Throughout the conversation, my accent got in the way and questions had to be repeated many a time. However, B.G. pulled through and helped us belt out an interesting little interview.

B.G. a.k.a. B-Gizzle has been through a lot. Having had a hugely successful stint at Cash Money records and realizing he was having monetary issues with his supposed friends/label owners, B.G. left his former home to start Chopper City Records. A label which partnered through Koch put out his last album, and his forthcoming. He has overcome heroin, a feat which is rarely met, and gone on to prove his business aspirations are stronger and more profitable than most.

The Heart Of The Streetz album will be released on May 24th through Chopper City Records/Koch. For help with addictions within the Georgia area, please contact the Georgia addiction directory.

MVRemix: As a driven artist, what motivates you?

B.G.: I mean, I'm a go-getter. I'm a hustler, I'm a go-getter. I can't sleep on it, I gotta be on it - you know what I'm talkin' about.

MVRemix: Since you and Lil' Wayne reconciled, and there haven't been any problems with Juvenile, are there any plans to collaborate again?

B.G.: Ain't no tellin', it's a possibility. It's a possibility we gon' do somethin'.

MVRemix: Tell me about The Heart Of The Streetz, the album...

B.G.: The Heart Of The Streetz is my ninth solo project and you know, anybody who know me... Anybody who been followin' my career or my fan base - they know how I'm comin'. I rap for the streets. I make the streets happy, I'm happy. It's a good album.

MVRemix: What are the tracks that hold the most meaning for you?

B.G.: Man, all of 'em mean a lot to me! You know I rap heartfelt shit, so all of 'em mean something to me. Me, I'ma already say the whole album hot. But I don't know what's my favourite track on the album, I really don't know.

MVRemix: What happened with your deal with Sony?

B.G.: It's still on the table. I had this last to run through Koch. So this the last album. Now I'm open for negotiations; I'm a free agent.

MVRemix: Now you've been quoted as saying you plan to hang up the mic at around thirty, why that statement?

B.G.: I mean I don't remember ever saying that, but I said I might... I got nine albums, three Hot Boyz albums and a gang of underground discs, so really I might bless the game with three or four more albums, then play CEO. Put out a motherfucker or somethin'.

MVRemix: Are there any plans for a Hot Boyz re-union?

B.G.: I mean, I don't know. It's in the air.

MVRemix: What about a Chopper City Records album, a group thing?

B.G.: Yeah, I got the Chopper City Boys; it's me, my little brother Kizzle, Sniper, Gar, and my boy Mike. And we're a group called B.G. present Chopper City Boys.

MVRemix: When would that be coming out?

B.G.: Right after my album. Probably summertime.

MVRemix: What's going on with the album you did with Soulja Slim?

B.G.: I'm still holdin' it, I'm still sittin' on it. I'll probably release that too, this year comin'.

MVRemix: Can you give me any more details on that?

B.G.: I got it. Some of it got bootlegged, but I still got like twenty songs on me and Slim that was never released. So... I'll probably change a little bit on it. Put some features on it and release it.

MVRemix: What's the situation with your clothing line?

B.G.: I don't have it all the way finished yet. I'm workin' on it... I got a lot of shit I'm workin' on. But that'll be comin' in a minute.

MVRemix: Does that have a title yet?

B.G.: I don't know yet. It might be Chopper City wear. I haven't really came up with a name for what it might be. It's street gear. I don't know, I got a few names I was just dreamin' around.

MVRemix: How were you able to overcome your heroin addiction?

B.G.: Really I just got tired. I'm not ashamed of my past, I'm proud of my past. Everything I went through made me the man I am today but I've got a son who look up to me, wanna be just like me and I don't want him to look up to no junkie. Money and heroin don't mix. It's either this or that and I'm not sure if it's this.

MVRemix: How long have you been clean now?

B.G.: It'll be two years in July.

MVRemix: How has your life and mind changed as a result of being clean?

B.G.: I'm just able to think straight. I'm focused. I get shit accomplished. I be 'bout my business.

MVRemix: Have you been in contact with Turk much?

B.G.: Yeah, I talk to him here and there. I went seen him a couple of months ago while I was in Memphis. Our relationship's still there.

MVRemix: How's he doing?

B.G.: He's doin' fine, he doin' fine.

MVRemix: I'd heard you're doing a mixtape with DJ Whoo Kid, when's that coming out? What's going on there?

B.G.: I don't know. I been on his last couple of mixed discs, but I'ma host the next one.

MVRemix: Aside from The Heart Of The Streetz, do you have any other music you've been working on?

B.G.: Always. I been working with David Banner, Young Buck, T.I. Working with a lot of different people. I got a whole bunch of shit I'm makin'.

MVRemix: What do you think of the current New Orleans scene?

B.G.: I'm about to put New Orleans back where it's supposed to be. We fell off for a minute, Chopper City about to bring it back.

MVRemix: Are there any artists you're going to bring out aside from Chopper City?

B.G.: Nah, not really.

MVRemix: Do you have any last words?

B.G.: Really, all I'm focusing on is my new album The Heart Of The Streetz, in stores May 24th. Don't get it off the corner 'cause if it ain't real, it ain't me.

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    "Everything I went through made me the man I am today but I've got a son who look up to me, wanna be just like me and I don't want him to look up to no junkie."