Big Noyd - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Can't Knock The Hustle

January 2005

Patience is a virtue that Big Noyd must possess. With over ten years experience and only two albums under his belt, rapper Noyd has stayed relatively low-key his entire career. As Havoc and P's partner in crime, Noyd has patiently waited for his time to shine and that time is now. The clock is ticking for Noyd, and with his third LP On The Grind, Noyd is looking to finally get his solo career and his new company off the ground.

MVRemix: Switching gears, I recently did an interview with Cormega and he said something about the music industry that really tells you what this game is about. He said, "I get a lot of new artists coming to me and complaining that they have to pay to get on these mixtapes. That is fucked up! I used to sell drugs, but I came out of the drug game so I could rap. But nowadays, you gotta sell drugs to rap. Cause who the fuck has ten thousand dollars or five thousand dollars just to get on a DJ's mixtape". What is your thoughts on that and have you ever experienced anything of that nature?

Big Noyd: I have never experience any of that, but I try and stay away from things like that. I try to stick with people I know. If someone wants a song for a mixtape, I'm glad to give them one. But overall, that is why you really don't hear me on tons of mixtapes. I'll just mess with Kay Slay or Clue, who I have known for awhile. So I have never witnessed any of that, and I don't even know anybody that has had to pay to get on a mixtape. Thank god I don't have to, but I can't even speak on it. But if it is true, that is fucked up. Cause I remember when Clue used to come in the middle of the projects back in the days just to get a song from us. But now its vice versa, because the game is so fucked up. People don't appreciate finding new artists and new talent and making the game last another 20 years. They don't know that the way they are going about it now, by chasing the fast buck, they aren't going to have longevity. Yeah, you my get money now, but in the long run you won't be able to make it in this game.

MVRemix: Aight, two classic Noyd verses, which one do you think is better. Your verse on "Give Up The Goods" or "Man Down"?

Big Noyd: Give Up The Good because that verse got me signed to Tommy Boy.

MVRemix: What do you think about the current state of New York Hip Hop? Because the South is running shit and it seems as if a lot of New York artists are just following the hot trend instead of setting their own.

Big Noyd: I don't think people are trying to find new and creative ways to make music. For example, Lil Jon is definitely ill, but you shouldn't do a song with him just because he is the hottest shit out right now. If you sound good over this tracks, or there is a reason why you collaborated, then thats fine. But just to go out of your way to get a track from him is weak. Because all the music is going to sound the same. No matter who it is, if you turn on the radio, then eventually every song is gonna sound like a Lil Jon track. If everybody would just stick to their elements and do what they do, instead of being followers, then we would have a lot more variety of songs.

MVRemix: At the end of the day, what is your main career goal?

Big Noyd: I want to get Noyd Inc. lifted off the ground. I want Noyd Inc. to be the next Koch for example. They are not Def Jam, but they are a good independent company who puts out quality music. And that is what I want to do with Noyd Inc. I want to get a lot of artists that I know are creative, but aren't getting a chance to shine because they don't sound like a Jay-z. I just want to give them a chance and have them come out through Noyd Inc. So three or four years from now, if I don't want to rap, I wouldn't have to. But I could still enjoy music by working with other artists.

MVRemix: What else do you have going on the in the future?

Big Noyd: I just did Murda Muzik the movie, and I'm also checking out some other scripts now. I'm definitely going to put out another two albums before I even consider not making any more music. But I'm just taking it day by day and learning as I go along. For example, with this album right here, I called it On The Grind because I wear all the hats on this one. Usually I am dealing with Mobb Deep and they help me do songs, or I'm signed to Landspeed or Tommy Boy, and they will have an art director. But this one, I did everything myself. The marketing scheme, the beat selection, everything I did on my own. That is why I named it On The Grind. So I'm just doing my thing everyday until my time is up.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs or plugs?

Big Noyd: Just shout out to the whole Infamous Mobb Deep for holding me down. All the rumors are bullshit, and I want our fans to know that. And I also want to let my fans know that they are the reason I make my music. I am not broke and I am not rich and platinum, but that doesn't stop me from making good music. I bump into people on the train and in the clubs and people always give me that reaction, like they don't know if its me or not. They'll be like, "Is that Noyd, yo it is! You killed it on that track". And every time I bump into somebody like that, it just gives me more motivation to make hot music. So I definitely want to thank the fans and anything that has my name on it, whether its movies or music, I'm giving them my all and my best. So anything I'm involved with is going to be fire.

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    "I want to get Noyd Inc. lifted off the ground. I want Noyd Inc. to be the next Koch for example. They are not Def Jam, but they are a good independent company who puts out quality music. And that is what I want to do..."