Billy Cook - conducted by Felecia Hatcher  

Billy Cook

February 2007

Born and raised in Atlanta, TX singer, songwriter and producer Billy Cook "Superstar" is the most unknown, known independent artist out right now. An original member of UTP, Cook just wrapped up a tour in Japan. Throughout his career Cook has toured with artists like; Destiny's Child, Juvenile, Carl Thomas, Isley Brothers and Ashanti. Performing since the age of 4, Cook has worked with a multiplicity of veterans in the industry and even newcomers like Chamillionaire. Beginning his professional career at 17 he quickly made a name for himself by working with other Houston artist and featuring on several underground projects. Late 2006 Cook released his third solo album entitled "The Truth." We sat down with Billy Cook Superstar to discuss the revolutionary impact of his name, his new album, and his Texas style..

MVRemix: So you're from Texas, tell me how that has influenced your music?

Billy Cook: Yes mama, I'm a county Texas boy. What we do down here, our swagger down here is a bit different. Its widespread county land, the environment. It's Texas baby!

MVRemix: Put your sound into words for me.

Billy Cook: It involves a lot of different styles of music. I sample gospel and classical jazz, traditional R&B, a little bit of cross over pop music. But mostly soul music and Jazz, that's my biggest influence. I listen to a lot of music, Johnny Hathaway, Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, Marvin Gay Sam cook, Gospel Soulsters. A lot of different artists.

MVRemix: You've been on the music scene for a long time now, how do you think your music has changed since then?

Billy Cook: Yeah, since I was 16 years old professionally. I've been singing since I was 4. Its changed dramatically every month I'm coming up with something different, as far as my style of singing, hearing different things. I always listen to a lot of other artist from different eras. With time comes change with my music time just evolved me.

MVRemix: You've worked with a lot of different artist, who's your favorite?

Billy Cook: I'd say Chamillionaire and Bun B. They are real down to earth and they are kind of like myself. If I go back further then that I'd say Kid Reno people that have a real humble spirit, and also Devin his style and his presence. They have that down home feel.

MVRemix: There was a civil rights activist named Billy Cook, is that where your name came from?

Billy Cook: No, actually I'm a Junior. My dad was Billy Cook senior. To separate myself from all the other Cook's I tagged on Superstar. Actually, Speech gave me that name when I was working with Juvenile writing songs and collaborating with the others of UTP, which I was one of the original members of UTP. They just took it and ran with it and its been Billy Cook "Superstar" ever since.

MVRemix: You're a very busy man, tell me about your album and latest project?

Billy Cook: Well I just released an album called the "Truth" that came out late last year. I have a lot of labels coming at me right now. Everything coming out right now has been all rap and I have been able to hang with the rappers.

MVRemix: You could say you're similar to Nate Dogg, why do you think your style has been able to fuse so well with rap music?

Billy Cook: I have to say that god gave me a gift and has been leading me in these steps. If I go off of just what I want to do and keeping me in the game for so long I can't deny it was my stepping stone. You know how they say out of sight out of mind. They have always kept me in the loop. That's why I have been in the rap game for so long.

MVRemix: What's your favorite track on your album?

Billy Cook: Well I put 20 on there so you would be hard to name just one. You got to ask me my favorite 3 or so. One of my favorites is One Room Vacancy. With the right idea for the video and the right marketing that song is going to be a classic.

MVRemix: Do you have any tour plans coming up?

Billy Cook: Yeah we are trying to work things out now. If all goes as planned I hope to be on the Unpredictable tour. If not I know for sure I'm back on the tour in Japan. But either direction I'm going to win.

MVRemix: Anything else you want to say to the readers of

Billy Cook: Yeah, I want to let you know thanks for inviting me into your world, and thanks Felecia for interviewing me and taking the time out to get the scoop on Billy Cook Superstar R&B legend. I want to thank my publicist for making these things happen, and want to thank Omar for finding a place in his heart to help out artist like me. You know I'm like that unsigned hype, the most known unknown artist that you will ever come across in this game a voice and a name without a face. I'm finally getting a chance to put a face with the name. To find out more about me check me out on Myspace and or check out my videos on the same page or also type in your boy and get a bag of popcorn.

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