Black Rob - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Black Rob: Ready

October 2005

After releasing the hugely successful "Whoa" and gaining worldwide fame, Black Rob released his debut "Life Story." Since then, he has been pretty much outside of the limelight barring a few guest appearances. He discovered he had kidney problems and endured the grief that surrounded that, Rob also went through troubles with the law.

After all of this, B.R. is still determined to rap and keep Bad Boy alive. Rushed promotion had "The Black Rob Report" thrust out to the streets with few people well enough aware, but it's out and B.R. has plenty more material to offer.

MVRemix: What was your mindset going into this album?

Black Rob: My mindset was "Get Money!" That was my mindset. I mean, I been in the game for a while, I spoiled myself.

MVRemix: How do you feel about the rushed promotion of the album?

Black Rob: I mean we doin' how we gotta do it with the circumstances at hand. You know, we had to do it like this. The streets needed this right now, so everything happens for a reason. I feel like now it's comin' out Tuesday, the wait is over. Lets do it. Hey man, ain't no guarantee they gon' love you tomorrow, so you might aswell get it over with now.

MVRemix: It said in your bio you've recorded over 150 songs. Will we be seeing more material from you at a faster pace as a result?

Black Rob: Definitely, definitely, we tryin' to drop another album, probably the "Permanent Scars" album next year - probably in March or April.

MVRemix: What was your initial reaction when you heard Petey Pablo had signed to Death Row?

Black Rob: I mean [laughs] I had the same reaction you had, you know? I was like "Okay?" But on the real, Petey, he never really shocked me, man. He's a person like that, he has a lot of shock value with him. So everything he does, it might shock you. The way he rhymes, the things he talk about. He that type of person. He a real artist.

MVRemix: Were there any problems with regards to getting the clearance for him to appear on your interlude?

Black Rob: I don't know what they (Bad Boy) went through, but I know that's my family and I don't know what's up with Death Row, or whatever the case may be. We did that before he even signed to them.

MVRemix: You referenced this briefly on "Ready," what do you think about these so-called "thug rappers" that walk around with an entourage of bodyguards?

Black Rob: [sniggers] It is what it is man. Some of us do it, some of us don't. But it gives the fans and a lot of people that love you less access to you. I think that's why I'm able to come back after all these years. When I'm out on the town man, I show everybody love. I'm not at the hotel chillin', I'm in people's towns, I'm doin' walk-throughs, I'm in supermarkets, I'm in record stores - I'm all over. I'm kissin' babies, I'm in nurseries. Let's go!

MVRemix: How would you compare this album to "Life Story"?

Black Rob: I think this album is I've stepped up lyrically. Really I think this is the album of my life right here. "Life Story" as always was the set off. But this joint right here, this joint is real talk right here man 'cause I got something to prove 'cause I lot of people counted me out. So I got somethin' to show 'em, to show 'em that I ain't no joke.

MVRemix: Some of the material on the album seems quite introspective - which is the song that has the most meaning for you?

Black Rob: "Star In The Hood." Really "Star In The Hood" got the most meaning to me.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on Ma$e turning to Ma$e Murda and shunning Puffy and such?

Black Rob: Like I said, I don't really wanna comment on that because hey, Ma$e is Ma$e and at the end of the day he gotta deal with that man upstairs. At the end of the day he gotta deal with his creator. So he can backslide, he can do whatever he wants. Today he can be "Murda" and tomorrow he can be "Miss Daisy," it don't matter because if you gon' worship the lord, then worship him full-fledged, 100%. Don't give him half because God don't like when you give him half of your time.

MVRemix: Is G-Dep still affiliated with Bad Boy because we haven't heard from him in a while...

Black Rob: Dep is still affiliated; he's still affiliated with Bad Boy. I mean shit [chuckles], if he wasn't I'd be a rich man! I tell you that much.

MVRemix: What do you mean by that?

Black Rob: I know my man, I know my man got potential to be the best lyricist ever after all the other people before us. Like now, if he came out now it'd be like a situation where a lot of dudes would be feelin' some kind of weight, but yeah, if Dep was my artist - wow.

MVRemix: Speaking of "your artists" who are you currently looking after?

Black Rob: I got a artist named Rudolph The Red, my man Rudy Ray Raw - he from my hood, Spanish Harlem, we try to keep it tight knit. I got another artist Mega-Phenom, that's my boy from the Bronx, he been with me for a while - that's like my student.

MVRemix: You were an A&R at Gotham City records for a while, what was that like and would you do it again?

Black Rob: You know what? At the end of the day, that might be something that I wanna dab my hands in. But I wouldn't wanna do it for no major label. I would wanna do it for my label, you know? I'm tired of bringin' somebody else talent [chuckles].

MVRemix: Do you have a good relationship with the Bad Boy roster outside of the studio?

Black Rob: I mean basically yeah. I'm close with E-Ness, Babs, Chopper - I run into them a lot. But I'm the oldest artist on the label right now so I feel like I got somethin' to prove, I gotta show the youngsters how to do it,

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Black Rob: [chuckles] Wow... Wow! I don't play with them fightin' words. Even as a joke - that's a crazy question man. Who would I wanna fight for a joke? [ponders] I really don't get into all that. Nobody annoys me because nobody tries to really offend me in any way. I really don't listen to a rapper enough for him to offend me. I wouldn't wanna fight anybody - I want everybody to live happily ever after because that's what I'm tryin' to do.

MVRemix: What do you think is the biggest mis-conception of you?

Black Rob: When people judge me by my actions. I mean if we judged everybody by they actions man, we wouldn't have no friends. I mean judge me by the person that I am. That's the big misconception 'cause then they meet me and they be like, "Wow, he's a cool dude man. We shouldn't have even went at him like that. But people will learn.

MVRemix: Aside from the album do you have any other guest appearances or compilations you've been working on?

Black Rob: Well basically man, like we said we're pushing the album out a little faster than usually, so I really ain't been doin' any guest features - I just been pushin' and promotin' my albums day to day.

MVRemix: Do you have any titles or albums planned for after this?

Black Rob: Yeah, I was tryin' to do the Alumni album, the All-Legends album. That's about it man, probably "Permanent Scars." Like I said man, I did about 150-200 songs so you know Bad Boy got three or four albums up there waiting.

MVRemix: In what sort of space of time did you do all those songs?

Black Rob: Since I came out. I was locked out for six months.

MVRemix: So you just started recording as soon as you got out?

Black Rob: Yup, Angelettie, everybody that was in the studio with me, they can vouch for me. Lets go to the video tape.

MVRemix: Any last words for your fans?

Black Rob: Thank you for stickin' by me man, and everybody that got love for me and that love my music and that love me for my music. And everything you see or read in the papers, don't believe that. You can't believe everything you hear or see. You know - Black Rob is here to do what he do for his people, his fans and his family so I want all the fans to know that I appreciate the love they show me. I mean it's beautiful, I'm at a loss for words sometimes. This is real talk, this is somethin' special right here man. That's all I got to say, thank you for supportin' B. Rob for supportin' me through all my situations, my sicknesses, jail - whatever it may be. Thank you for supportin' me.

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