Bobby Frazitta - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Bobby Frazitta: Bring It Back 2006 (Part 1)

June 2006

We’re still working with our girl Thalisha ( who is making major moves right now. I expect her to be one of the biggest female R&B vocalists in industry in the near future. She’s got the voice, the look, the production and the management to get her to the next level. We’ve done two tracks with her, one called “Oh”, which features Universal Records reggaeton artist Adassa, and another called “Palante” featuring reggaeton/rap artist Chavito, who just signed a deal and is working with Cool & Dre on his debut album. These two songs have the potential to be big commercial records, but we’ll see how everything pans out. Thalisha has what it takes to be a star, and we’re excited to be working with her. Her manager, Jamel Washington, is one of the best people I’ve met in the industry. He and Dustin Edelhertz, who is a part of her management team, are great guys. We’re hoping Thalisha gets the big record deal she deserves, and we’re honored to have worked with her because she’s got some high-profile producers working with her, most notably The Heatmakerz.

Lastly, I was contacted by Greg Calloway who won Lyor Cohen’s “The Biz” reality show. He’s got an artist named Frayz he’s trying to bring to the forefront, so we’re in the process of figuring out with tracks might work best for Frayz and getting an idea of what kind of music he’s trying to put together for his debut album, which will be distributed through Warner Brothers records. That project is in its early stages, so once we’re able to get into the studio with Greg and Frayz consistently, we’ll know where our work with them is headed, but they seem extremely focused and ready to take on the industry.

MVRemix: Damn, you guys got a lot going on.

Bobby Frazitta: Definitely, we are also now featured on MSpot radio, a streaming music provided by Sprint via their mobile phones. Dustin Edelhertz, who I mentioned just a few minutes ago, runs a website and crew of DJs called “DJs at Work”. The website is Basically, Dustin locked down a channel on MSpot called, aptly, “DJs at Work”, and our man Soundtrax is doing a bi-weekly mixshow, highlighting southern hip-hop. We’re going to of course bring all of the big southern records to the mix, but we’re going to try to mix in some old, classic stuff like Geto Boys, old UGK, etc. We’re happy and proud to be a part of the team. Go to to learn more about the service and how to get it. Some great DJs are featured on our channel, including J. Period.

For almost the past year we’ve been doing some great things with Mr. Get Familiar, Clinton Sparks. I moved up to the Boston area last May to work on a demo with Mic Stylz because there was a lot of interest from some big people in the industry. I was out of work at the time, so Stylz asked me to move up there and help work on his demo. I met Clinton through Stylz, and basically went to his crib every week to play him our production. They’re very confident that we are talented producers worth working with. I was very fortunate to build a solid relationship him and his manager, Daouda Leonard. They’re the hardest working people in the industry hands down. They’re very aware of the climate in the industry and what it takes to be successful. Their track record of awards for Clinton’s mixtape and radio show awards speaks for itself.

I’ve done a lot of promotion for Clinton’s mixtapes, writing press releases, and my brother Danny and I were fortunate enough to help promote Clinton’s “Dare to Care” campaign for Hurricane Katrina relief. Clinton came down to DC and did a couple shows for that campaign, and the proceeds went to charity. We had a good time. We’re still working with them on various projects, so we’re very happy, once again, to be associated with guys who are on their level of success. I’ve learned a lot from them as far as how the industry works, and I’ve appreciated their input regarding our production.

Unfortunately, things with shopping Mic for a deal did not pan out, so I decided to come back to Virginia and pursue music near my family and friends. I’m very happy to be in Virginia and to have the opportunities we have ahead of us in 2006. We’re going to make a statement for our part of Virginia, which we feel is an untapped area of talent. People in the industry are going to respect this area for its true hip-hop talent by the end of 2006.

MVRemix: How would you say your production has progressed since 2004?

Bobby Frazitta: Well, the quality of our production has progressed by a mile, and we’ve kept Bring It Back Entertainment as our company name, but taken on the alias, The 4 Brothers. It’s a fitting title for us as a production team because we’ve always been good friends and respected each other’s talent. We’re still using the same keyboard, the Korg Triton, and we’ve mastered sampling and originally composing music. I think the basis of our sound is the same. We’re still looking for those hard to find records to sample, especially the soul, but we’re using rock, middle eastern, various kinds of Latino music, basically anything we can get our hands on that is hot and that we can re-create and make our own. A major point of emphasis in our production has been making those big time club records. Now, with that said, we keep these tracks BIB all the way through. Even when we make a commercial hit, it still has our signature sound- these types of tracks always have that classic BIB sound whether they derive from something we sample, something we sample and play on together or something we originally compose. There is true talent in our production, not this goofy, wack shit cats are getting way with making that they play on the radio now. Honestly, sometimes when I turn on the radio I hear a track where it honestly sounds like the dude who made the beat probably just started making beats and is just wack by default or just has no talent and banged on some keys and someone told him, "Yo, this shit is hot." We study and understand music, its structure and how to put together a quality record, not just from a production standpoint but also from the artist and lyrical/vocal aspect. We’re producers, not just beat makers.

I’d say if anything, we’re still the same producers we were in 2004, but we have stepped our sound up to the point where everything we are doing is either an anthem for the streets or an anthem for the clubs, and that kind of diversity is something we’ve strived for since day one. You have to grow if you want to succeed, and you do, in many ways, have to be able to relate your sound to the current climate of music, but you can still remain who you are as a producer if you the music you make comes from the heart and isn’t like the manufactured bullshit some of these producers are making cake off of.

I said this two years ago- what I love about our production team is that really by default, we are diversified. Danny (Gold Digger), my brother, is hands down one of the most talented producers I’ve ever heard, and could be one of the best in the industry when it’s all said and done. He has stepped his game into a level few producers will ever see. He’s that good. His prowess behind the boards has magnified by his ability now to seamlessly blend samples with keyboards and with his ability to originally compose. He’s a natural. He makes hits, plain and simple.

Since 2004, we’ve added a producer to our team, DJ Soundtrax. Not only is he one of the most talented DJs walking the Earth, but he’s also shown signs of being a big record producer, so we’re excited to have him on-board. We met him through Sketch a couple years ago, and he just sort of naturally worked his way onto our team. He’s a good dude, has tons of ability, and he’s hungry. He’s comparable to Green Lantern- an ill DJ who is turning into an extremely talented producer.

Kevlar is still bringing that dirty, grimy street music in his production. He produced the track Sketch did with Illa Ghee called “Trouble Comin”, and that track exemplifies Kevlar’s sound- underground heater. We’ve all learned a lot from him throughout the years. He’s very vital to our success.

In the past year, I’ve taken more of a backseat with production and handled more of the business side of things. I’m very happy though, that what I feel is the best beat I’ve ever made is the Wade Water’s “Back in Time” track. I’d be hard pressed to ever flip a sample like I did with that one and make a hotter track. I don’t really sweat being in the studio as much as I used to because we have three other guys putting in work. Also, Danny and I don’t live under the same roof anymore, so our goal is stack up on new equipment, so we can all make beats in different parts of the area.

So I’m excited about our future. We’ve stuck to our East Coast influenced production for the most part, but we have branched out and mastered other styles. We’re reaching our potential, and I’m glad we’re all working together toward making a major impact in the industry.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Bobby Frazitta: Honestly, I truly feel that we have worked so hard since 2000 to perfect our craft that our style is pretty much anything we want it to be. We could make a living producing for nothing but west coast artists, down south artists, New York artists, etc, etc. We’ve made it a point to be great at every style of production that exists, but there is always room for improvement, and this year is all about showing people how far we’ve come with our production, particularly the major labels who need producers like us to work with their artists because we have the talent and patience to really work in the studio with artists, not just show up and lay a beat down and leave. We love working the studio for hours on end. We started that way, and that’s how we’ll always be. We’ll always be making music on some level.

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"I met Clinton through Stylz, and basically went to his crib every week to play him our production. They’re very confident that we are talented producers worth working with."