The Boss Playas - conducted by Dru Hepkins  

The Boss Playas

September 2006

A refreshing taste of musical talent has emerged in hip hop once again. Nomadik and Sonny Santino of the Boss Playas sing, spit and produce their way toward immediate respect.

The Boss Playas throw evidence of their musical back ground and competence with a consistent skilled delivery over self produced tracks, and an occasional manifestation of tight singing vocals. They wear confidence like an old sweater. They also possess a stanch love and passion for music that makes them instantly respectable.

With their new debut CD from J records, The Boss Playas have begun to announce their arrival.

MVRemix: Every group has a different story, how did you guys get your deal?

Nomadik: Nobody really discovered us, we brought it to the game.

Sonny: Yeah man, we walked in to J Records on a Tuesday and by that Thursday we were meeting with Clive. The whole staff was listening to the music.

MVRemix: So you just walked in, dropped a demo and then boom?

Sonny: Nah, we didn’t drop the demo, we played it and took it back. Then they called us and we had like 4 meetings in 3 days.

Nomadik: And we had like 5 albums done. So when you hear that consistency….you know?

Sonny: Yeah, you could hear like 50 songs and you still nodding.

MVRemix: Was there an added attraction to you guys, like did you move units on your own?

Sonny: Nah, we were just in the attic accumulating songs. So we brought like 50 songs and they listened to all of them. And by the time we came back during the negotiation time, we had like 50 more.

Nomadik: I mean we had good music and a lot of it.

MVRemix: And all the singing on the tracks, that’s also you guys?

Nomadik: We sang, wrote and engineered the whole thing.

MVRemix: Besides your impressive singing talent that most rap artist don’t have, what else do you feel your bringing to the table different the other rap groups out right now?

Nomadik: We rappin’, but at the same time it’s a different energy and flavor. You know, we kind of like the bridge---from 25 [years old] to 40 there’s really no hip hop representation.

MVRemix: Describe a rough or low point of your musical journey?

Nomadik:I got say this because it’s real, I can’t nothing that ain’t real----patience is a virtue. The first time we stepped to the game we got signed. So you have to pay attention to the game. The game is a business; you gotta do your research. You gotta have your business plan and your blue print down before you even enter it.

MVRemix: But was there ever a period that was hard or in which you had struggles or doubts?

Sonny: Nah, we always loved to do music. We never really go out partying and we’re not the show boat cats that like to be up in peoples faces. We loved the creation stage and we create a song in an hour, get tired then move on to the next.

Nomadik: You don’t really want us to get upset. Then things get worse. Don’t do that….

Sonny: Yea, we playas----we like to keep things laid back. We want you to get in your Caddy and lean.

MVRemix: Do both you guys sing, produce, and play instruments?

Nomadik: Yea

Sonny: Yea, we do.

MVRemix: Describe your creative process in cutting a track.

Sonny: We got a close knit crew where we all like to come together and just make music. We all sit there and just craft it, you know? We just love to do it so it just becomes natural and easier.

Nomadik: It only takes us about 90 minutes to write a song from scratch. Most of the stuff you heard man was one take.

Sonny: Yea, and we don’t sit there and debate what we’re gonna do, whoever sets it off we just go with it and follow it.

MVRemix: Tell me about the subject matter you bring to the table?

Sonny: A lot of life stories are about a variety of different things and emotions, but a lot of people in the game right now are only expressing one side of things and one viewpoint. We’re not afraid to touch on all of them. We’re gonna talk about love, we’re gonna talk about fighting, we’re gonna talk about partying, pimpin’….you know?

MVRemix: Is current hip hop at a high point or a low point in your opinion?

Nomadik: Well it’s at a high point now. [laughter referring to their album release] We been waiting for this for a long time so when we weren’t in the game I guess you can say that was a low point. [laughter] Now we in the game man, God is great.

MVRemix: You mention God---Describe your sense of spirituality?

Sonny: [God] definitely put our team together and allowed all this to happen.

Nomadik: Our mission was God orientated. We knew everything was going to fall into pocket.

Sonny: And we’re He leads you, you can’t really go wrong.

MVRemix: Who do you respect in the game right now?

Nomadik: Everybody who made it in the music business.

Sonny: Many are called but few are chosen.

Nomadik: Yeah, this ain’t easy. We respect everybody who came out and put it down.

MVRemix: You guys stepped in, got signed, now what are you looking for?

Nomadik: Long live and longevity in game.

Sonny: Yeah, long life.

MVRemix: We’re at that time so lastly, what do you want the people to know about The Boss Playas?

Nomadik: Music.

Sonny: That we love music.

Nomadik: Like I said earlier, music needs to be heard not talked about. Just listen to the music….

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"The first time we stepped to the game we got signed. So you have to pay attention to the game. The game is a business; you gotta do your research. You gotta have your business plan and your blue print down before you even enter it."