Bow Wow - conducted by Felecia Hatcher  

Bow Wow

November 2006

Signing checks and trying to balance his career, his personal life and a new label. Bow Wow is set to release what he confirms is his last album "The Price of Fame." With plans to push his musical career aside and focus more on his label_, his flourishing movie career, a new show on MTV called Homeboyz.

Practically growing up in the music industry, Bow Wow garnishes an extensive discography that rap veterans twice his age can't match. Out in December, his new album "Price of Fame" marks the reunion of Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow. One of his previous albums Unleased produced without JD, paled in comparison to his other albums. Nevertheless, Bow Wow is back to answer all the questions and shed light on anyone that doubted his street credibility and his career as a "Real Rapper"

MVRemix: I've heard rumors that this might be your last album, any truth to that?

Bow Wow: Yeah this is going to be my last CD, I would like to focus more on things that are mandatory that I have to do like running my label and my own artist, and there are a lot of things that I have to do that are demanding my time by doing another album and touring and all that would be unfair to my artist. I want to make sure that what I do is done right, to focus and put a lot of my hard work, time and effort into their music, I'm still going to make guest appearances on my artist albums. So it will be a long time before I put out another Bow Wow album.

MVRemix: Some new artists have entered the scene since your last album, who in the industry right now would you say keeps you on your toes?

Bow Wow: Nobody, Nobody, Nobody, [Laughs]

MVRemix: Do you feel that there is a difference between a lyricist and a rapper, and if so which one do you consider yourself?

Bow Wow: Right now I would consider myself a rapper working on becoming a lyricist. A rapper is very creative but a lyricist you usually have to rewind two times to catch what they say and I find myself having to do that a lot with rapes like Jay-Z, Kanye, Common and Cassidy he's a battle rappers but he's also a lyricist too and Nas is a lyricist, a storyteller he's another dude that you have to keep rewinding anytime you have to rewind to hear something then they are a lyricist, but same thing they are rapping, it all falls into one category.

MVRemix: So tell me about your new album "Price of Fame"

Bow Wow: The price of fame, I don't know why but for some reason I cant call it an album, I would say its almost like a diary, because its dealing with everything that I have gone through in the past year, and that is what the price of fame is. I've been going through the price of fame for the past year and I came to that conclusion basically just by being me and living that life and there are two sides to being famous the good side and the bad side and that is what is being displayed on this album, with everything that I have been through and I'm sure that a lot of people are aware, from you name it I've been through it in the press for many reasons and just talking about these things on my album is very personal but this is a real rap album. "Shorty like Mine", and about 3 other songs are about the only radio friendly records on here everything else is strictly rap. I can't wait for people to hear it, its definitely different and you definitely want to go get it because this album is going to end up being a collectors item, because like I said I don't know if I'm going to drop another.

MVRemix: Your street creditability is still being questioned, how do you feel about that, and do you answer this question in your album?

Bow Wow: I'm definitely going to get that on this album, I'm definitely going to get on that in this album [Laughs] From song 3 all the way till the end, are all real rap records high energy, people was feeling "Fresh as I'm is" I got a song on the album that's killing "Fresh as I'm is." The same type but a different meaning. It's just crazy ghetto vibe, hood, hot, ghetto hot that's the best way to describe it. But like I said that's going to be the beautiful thing about this album Price of Fame is different and that's what the people have been waiting to hear. It's what the hip hop heads have been coming up to me and saying when your going to start writing and this that and the third. I'm doing that on this album and I'm giving them what they want. This album is really based on my life but really giving the people what they want, it's something like a big interview because I'm answering every question and everything that people wanted to know and that has been asked, its all on this album. I figure if I go out then I need to go out with a bang.

MVRemix: You're defiantly older then when you came out on the scene with Beware of Dog. Do you think that your creative process has changed?

Bow Wow: The creative process is definitely different because I'm more on the production side as well as Jermaine has given me and my team the green light to make beats and also writing, given me the free time to get in the studio and write records, so the creative process is definitely different this time. Actually my records were already done, the records that we had to produce were already done then I had to go into the studio with Jermaine and do his records. That was kind of crazy and just the vibe with Jermaine now that I'm grown and him understanding me as an artist and an individual and where I see my direction going as far as my career. This is one of the best album I've done with Jermaine and I had a lot of fun.

MVRemix: You've been doing very well on the big screen. Since your not doing the music thing for a while, do you have any movies coming out soon?

Bow Wow: Yeah definitely some more movie plans in the works but that will be next year once I get off my tour in the summer time.

MVRemix: Throughout your career you have worked with some big names in the industry. Who did you collaborate with on this album?

Bow Wow: Yeah definitely well right now I'm not all the way done with the album its about a week away. Right now we do have a lot of guest features that are supposed to be on the album but they haven't came yet so I don't want to say nothing until we get them on the record. I don't want to be like Ludacris did a verse and then he didn't make the album. But so far Lil' Wayne is on a song on my album which is crazy and my boy T-Pain is on a song called "System." Also, my 13 year old artist young rap phenom reminds me of myself when I was 13. His name is Young Jen Su he's on a song called "Get it in" Its going to be interesting I really wanted this album to be all about me for the simple fact that it's really not an album it's a diary and when you say diary its personal about what that person is going through, therefore I want the album to be all about me and that's what I'm giving them. There's enough entertainment on the album with me alone for me to have to run out and get a lot of people so I'm very selective this time on who I wanted to bring these records to life.

MVRemix: Most of your music people would say appeals to a younger audience, on this album who do you feel your music is speaking to?

Bow Wow: Its hard to say, because there are something's on this album that are just going to make peoples eyebrows go crazy they are going to be raising it like wow! But once again these are the things that I'm now doing, and I'm now able to do. I'm going out, I'm going to the club I party hard and theses are the things that I'm talking about, people just have to accept it, and accept who I am.

MVRemix: I read where you're in the Guinness Book of World records as the youngest rapper to hit number one, do you feel that you have accomplished enough throughout your career?

Bow Wow: I feel like that and then again I don't feel like that. There are a lot of things that I have accomplished. There are so many things that I want and feel that I should have that I'm going to get before my time is up.

MVRemix: Anything else you want to say to our readers?

Bow Wow: Basically, make sure everybody goes to pick up the album coming December 13th. It's called "The Price of Fame" Also, look out for my brand new cartoon on MTV called "Homeboyz"

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"Right now we do have a lot of guest features that are supposed to be on the album but they haven't came yet so I don't want to say nothing until we get them on the record."