Brooke Valentine - conducted by Bayer L. Mack  

Round One

February 2005

The latest R&B singer to have the Crunk & B crown placed upon her head through her Lil' Jon affiliation has solified her presence in the mainstream. With her debut album "Chain Letters" set to drop on March 15th through Subliminal Entertainment/Virgin Records including guest appearances from Big Boi and the late ODB amongst others, it looks like the beautiful Brooke Valentine may be able to sustain more than just a win in the girl fighting arena.

MVRemix: Is Remy Martin the heavyweight champ right now?

Brooke Valentine: Remy Martin?

MVRemix: She supposedly punched Foxy Brown recently and fought model Gloria Velez a while back.

Brooke Valentine: Oh yeah? I hadn’t heard that. That’s crazy. I can’t call it, you know, why somebody else had beef. Like I always say, you never know what’s gonna take you to that area. What’s gonna make you go to that place where you have to hit somebody or where somebody has to hit you. Hopefully it doesn’t have to go there because I think it’s a big waste of positive energy... to be fighting. I don’t condone fighting. I don’t think fighting… just because I come out with a song called “Girlfight,” doesn’t mean I’m like, ‘Everybody fight! Fights all around!’ It’s kinda like, that’s just something I went through. My album is a story of my life and fighting was just one of those chapters in my life. So, I had to get that off my chest and put that out and do a song about it. But it’s not about everybody walking around fighting. As soon as you get in the club pick a girl and hit in the back of the head. That’s silly.

MVRemix: How did you hook up with Big Boi and Lil Jon?

Brooke Valentine: Well, I hooked up with Lil’ Jon. Lil’ Jon came first. It was just talk. In the industry you always talk. I might do a song with this person. It would be hot if you do a song with this person. It was kinda mentioned [that we should] hook up with Lil’ Jon. Finally, it was like a holiday chillin’, not doing nothing and I went to Miami to hook up with him. What more can I say? I got a hot song out of a party. We was partying at his house in Miami and he was like, ‘Wha’? You ready to do this? You know, I guess he was just feelin’ it. He was in the middle of the party on his keyboard just banging away making the beat. We wrote it in like fifteen minutes and went back to partying. It was hot. Big Boi heard it and I believe, this is what I was told because I wasn’t actually there, but the president at Virgin was playing the song for people in his office, they was having a meeting. He was like, ‘That’s hot. I’ll jump on that.’ I was like yeah sure, you know I didn’t really believe it. But before I knew it, they was calling me up like, “Where you at so we can overnight you a copy of ‘Girlfight’ with Big Boi on it.’ I was like what!? This is crazy because they ding they thing right now and everybody’s taking time out of there schedule to hook up with me. That’s hot. I can’t complain about that at all.

MVRemix: Tell me about recording with O.D.B.

Brooke Valentine: It was hot recording with him. His energy was crazy. You know, I’m just happy that I got a chance to go into the studio with him. You know, before he went home. You hear about him a lot in the studio. ‘He’s like this. He’s like that,’ but I got to actually sit there with him and see him do his thing and that was amazing. To put him on a mic and he gets going and you can’t stop him. He’s just doing his thing.

MVRemix: Were you apprehensive about doing a track with him?

Brooke Valentine: Not at all! O.D.B. is somebody who I really gravitated to and the different things that he did. I loved that. When they was like, ‘You know what would be crazy, if we put ODB on this song.’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’ You know because he is that guy. He just messes with everything. No matter what you put him on, he just finds himself in that song. I didn’t think about it twice – not once.

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