Bubba Sparxx conducted by James Johnson  

Bubba Sparxxx Interview

October 2005

MVRemix: What's happenin' man?

Bubba Sparxxx: Man, we just had to change labels and everything. You know how that process go. It's been a long tedious process. Things came to an end over at Interscope, and the relationship that I had with Timbaland, even though there is no strife between us, it was more of a situation where out relationship was through Interscope, and both of our relationships with Interscope dissolved, we had to go our separate ways.

MVRemix: Ahh, ok because I was going to ask if anything was going on between you and Tim?

Bubba Sparxxx: No no, he actually produced my first single. I think it's important for people to know that too, because these days, it seems like people can't walk on the same side of the street with each other. I think it's important for people to know that me and Tim are A-Ok! I'm just real thankful for Big Boi, because I had been Dungeon Family affiliated for a while.

MVRemix: Well I think everyone could see you making that move to The Dungeon Family, because you've been down with them for so long and done so well with them.

Bubba Sparxxx: Exactly man, it's a natural fit. You know, I just look at it like getting traded to a different team. I don'tBubba Sparxxx Interview think my situation is an better or worse. I'm just glad to be back with people that originated the vibe of music I'm on..

MVRemix: You've had the chance to release two albums now, and you were with one of the biggest labels in Interscope. Many people have rated you as one of the best rappers in the game but you still don't seem to get all the respect you deserve. Do you ever feel like over the years you've been overlooked in some ways as an artist?

Bubba Sparxxx: Man, this is my third album, and I think this time, people are going to have enough evidence to decide whether they will buy into me or not, and it's up ot the public to decide. Not necessarily even rap fans, but just music consumers. That's all kinds of different people, and then people don't buy music, they buy people. It's up to me to be the kind of person that people will buy into, and if I'm that, then we'll see. If I'm not, then I guess I'll go get a job in a factory.

MVRemix: In what ways do you see this change enhancing your career?

Bubba Sparxxx: Well first of all, one thing I can say about Virgin that's different from Interscope is that Interscope has so much going on. It's easier to fall in between the crack at Interscope.

MVRemix: Right, and there is so much rap and hip-hop going on with them anyway.

Bubba Sparxxx: Exactly, so it is different at Virgin because they don't have as much on their plate. I can get more attention, but we'll see. I can say that I'm goning to maske as quality a music as ever, and I've always made quality music. We'll just see what people think! You know I think I'm the shit, and we going to have to make everybody else see it that way!

MVRemix: What do you feel like you add to the fold?

Bubba Sparxxx: First, to be affiliated with Big, and I got a tremendous amount of respect for Bubba Sparxxx, Sleepy Brown, Konkrete, & Scar.and everybody over there. They're people I've known for a few years now, so it was easier than me just getting thrown into a situation that I was totally unfamiliar with.

MVRemix: How had you even first come in contact with them?

Bubba Sparxxx: Well, I had hooked up with Rico Wade from the Dungeon family about five or six years ago. It was an 8Ball & MJG and Cool Breeze show out in Athens where I was living. He was out there, and I just kind of got at him then. Then a few years later when I got on, we developed more of a relationship, and he did extensive work on my first two albums. Then I was actually hanging with Big in London, and as fate would have it, he asked me what the deal was with my situation and he didn't necessarily feel that I was really getting the fruits of my labor with my career. He just kept telling me about the new situation he was getting ready to have, and we just kept amping each other up. From there, it was a done deal.

MVRemix: Now as far as new material, you guys just did the "Got That Purp" mixtape, right?

Bubba Sparxxx: Yea, for sure!

MVRemix: What made you want to hit the mixtape circuit?

Bubba Sparxxx: Well, that's kind of like a Rite of Passage thing these days. You gotta have a mixtape. You can't even say you're no real deal Holyfield artist if you ain't got a mixtape. We just wanted to kind of give a brief introduction to what we got going on. Bubba Sparxxx is dope as fuck, he's coming, and you know what Big is, people a lot of people don't know about Konkrete, and a lot of people don't know about Scar, but we going to definitely bring the wood man! We gone come! We going to do Big solo album, and we going to make a lot of things happen!

MVRemix: Was that the only one, or will it be a full series of mixtapes?

Bubba Sparxxx: Actually, if I'm not mistaking, we're getting ready to do another one. I think my album will come in September, and Killer's is on the way. We're getting ready to shoot the video for my first single.

MVRemix: Tell me about the first single and the album.

Bubba Sparxxx: Well it's two records. One is called "Represent" which is produced by Organized Noise, and the other is called "Gratitude", which is produced by Timbaland. They gonna be A-Side and B-Side. They're both crazy, and they are more along the lines of Ugly Bubba instead of Deliverance Bubba. The album is going to be balanced. Everything is about energy right now. People keep saying they want to see me get crunk, so I'm telling em be careful what you ask for.

MVRemix: Who all did you work with for the album?

Bubba Sparxxx: As far as production, I worked with Organized Noise, Timbaland, Big Boi, Colley-C, The Franchise Boyz, Polo the don my homeboy formerly of Jim Crow, The Heatmakers, my homebody digga from NYC, so I got a nice plan of folks on there.

MVRemix: You've been in the game for a little bit now. Thus far, what is the biggest lesson that you have learned?

Bubba Sparxxx: That things are never as good as they seem, and never as bad as they seem. You got to take the good with the bad and keep on moving. Half the battle is showing up everyday.

MVRemix: What else has been going on with you?

Bubba Sparxxx: That's pretty much the focus right now. I auditioned for a few movie roles. A couple roles I was robbed on, but that's for another discussion (laughs). New South Entertainment, my first artist is Dirty Ken, 66240 from West Virginia is another artist of mine. Me & Rico Wade got Meathead coming from Kirkwood in Atlanta, he'll be on Dungeon Family / New South! We going to keep everything moving. We just want to really get out there and establish the Bubba Sparxxx brand. Just continue making good music.

MVRemix: Are you touring or doing shows now?

Bubba Sparxxx: Naw, actually I just been in the studio. I just got back from Miami mixing the Timbaland record. I did a couple of shows a few weeks ago, but we're probably going to hit the road later in the summer.

MVRemix: Where can we check you out online? BubbaSparxxx.com was thru Interscope, right?

Bubba Sparxxx: It's still the same. We actually were able to get the domain from them. We just need to update it.

MVRemix: Any final words?

Bubba Sparxxx: Just the album coming, and it's called "Space Mountain," Purple Ribbon/New South Entertainment, and it's scary!

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