Bubba Sparxxx conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Bubba Sparxxx Interview

April 2006

After being brought into the music world with Timbaland, and having "Ugly" dominate the clubs and airwaves with it's release, most people assumed Bubba Sparxxx' time had come.

However, following his debut with "Deliverance" saw a different response than Timbaland's Beat Club and Interscope had expected, as the more serious version of Bubba didn't translate into sales as well.

Now established as part of Big Boi's Purple Ribbon roster, Bubba has re-established his more light-hearted image and is currently making waves with "Ms. New Booty." His latest effort, "The Charm" hits stores April 4th.

MVRemix: What do you feel is the biggest mis-conception people have of you?

Bubba Sparxxx: Um - that I've got a little dick. I'm just kiddin' [chuckles]. I don't know man, maybe it's just people just perceive me as a little more ass backwards and country than I really am.

MVRemix: How do you feel the current view of the south is? Bubba Sparxxx Interview

Bubba Sparxxx: I think Hip Hop's view of the south is probably a little different than Hip Hop's view of me, even though it's not that different. Most people from New York feel like everybody outside of New York is from the country. I feel like people definitely look at us a little differently; that's definitely, definitely changing. It has changed over the last couple of years in the midst of this southern dominance.

MVRemix: What was your first memory of Hip Hop?

Bubba Sparxxx: My first memory of Hip Hop was listening to 2 Live Crew - "Somebody Say Hey, we want some pussy!"

MVRemix: What was your mindset going into recording "The Charm"?

Bubba Sparxxx: I was focused on not taking myself too seriously. I felt like "Deliverance" was a very serious record and that that one mood dominated the whole record, so I just wanted to have serious stuff but I wanted to have balance. Hence, records like "Ms. New Booty."

MVRemix: Do you feel that the fun is missing in Hip Hop? That people are taking themselves too seriously and people aren't enjoying themselves anymore?

Bubba Sparxxx: Man, for the most part yeah.

MVRemix: Why did the album change it's name from "Space Mountain" to "The Charm"?

Bubba Sparxxx: It actually changed it's name three times. It was "A Live Beginning" at first, then it was "Space Mountain," then it was "The Charm." I just thought "The Charm" was too perfect. I was kind of fishin' with the other titles, but then Rico Wade, one of the producers from Organized Noize came up with that. When he said it, I was like, "Man, that's perfect."

MVRemix: Were there certain tracks that were on "Space Mountain" that were dropped from "The Charm"?

Bubba Sparxxx: There were a few that were different, for sure.

MVRemix: Did it shock you when the editorial on "Radio: The New Child Predator" criticized "Ms. New Booty"?

Bubba Sparxxx: Yeah, I was a little shocked and a little disappointed, but at the same time, people are entitled to feel however they wanna feel. I know that in my heart I'm not doing anything wrong and there's nothing derogatory or demeaning about that song. It's definitely... [sighing] not a child predator. That's a bit absurd - a bit excessive.

MVRemix: How long did the album take to record overall?

Bubba Sparxxx: About a year and a half, off and on.

MVRemix: What are your feelings on Hyphy?

Bubba Sparxxx: Hyphy - I like it. I like anytime when a particular area really acurately represents itself and depicts itself. That's just what's happening out there right now. It's real culture. It's really what's going on out there, so they gotta represent it and I love it.

MVRemix: Who influenced your live show?

Bubba Sparxxx: Outkast and the Goodie Mob. And Korn and Blink 182.

MVRemix: Do you remember the first live show you saw?

Bubba Sparxxx: It was an Outkast show, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

MVRemix: How did your inclusion on Def Jam's "Fight For NY" come about?

Bubba Sparxxx: [ponders] I'm not really sure how that happened... They just called me about it and we did it.

MVRemix: Do you play the game much?

Bubba Sparxxx: I played it some, but I'm not too big on video games.

MVRemix: Which would you have been the most influential movies you've seen?

Bubba Sparxxx: Say what?

MVRemix: Out of the movies you've seen which have influenced you the most?

Bubba Sparxxx: Movies... Um, probably... I like movies like "Tommy Boy." You familiar with that one? You seen that one?

MVRemix: I haven't, no...

Bubba Sparxxx: Chris Farley? Yeah, comedies. I like "Godfather," I like "Scarface," I like all that too but my main bread and butter is comedies. Adam Sandler, I'm a big Adam Sandler fan.

MVRemix: What did you think about Three 6 Mafia winning the Oscar?

Bubba Sparxxx: That was great! Great for the state of Tennesse, great for the south, great for Hip Hop.

MVRemix: A la "Fight Club," "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight?"

Bubba Sparxxx: Huh... That's a good question. [ponders] Jim Jones. I wanna punch Jim Jones.

MVRemix: Do you reckon you'd win the fight?

Bubba Sparxxx: Yeah, I'd win that fight.

MVRemix: Why Jim Jones?

Bubba Sparxxx: I just think he's a little annoying.

MVRemix: What is your main goal with music?

Bubba Sparxxx: Just trying to be a voice for people that otherwise may not have anybody speakin' for 'em. I don't want the whole pie, but I just want my little piece. I wanna be comfortable. I want my children to have the opportunity to have things and to get a good first class education. I just want to plant a seed for generations of my family in the future to grow and improve, you know?

MVRemix: Does it frustrate you when people bring your race into critiques of your music?

Bubba Sparxxx: Absolutely.

MVRemix: Do you see any time where that would change?

Bubba Sparxxx: Hopefully, but I don't see it happenin' in the near future.

MVRemix: Aside from "The Charm," what else do we have to look forward to?

Bubba Sparxxx: I got a "Girls Gone Wild" DVD coming out. My homie Joe Francis just reached out to me and said he wanted to do a "Girls Gone Wild" DVD on me. We took a week during Spring Break; the last week... And just filmed Bubba Sparxxx "Ms. New Booty" going to different clubs in Florida and in Texas. We had a blast man.

MVRemix: Any non-musical endeavours?

Bubba Sparxxx: A sandwich shop.

MVRemix: How did that come about?

Bubba Sparxxx: My buddy Steve came up with the idea for a sandwich shop and we're gonna do it. Open 'em up all over the country. It's cheap, it don't cost that much.

MVRemix: Any last words?

Bubba Sparxxx: Get ready! "The Charm" is coming... I'm excited!

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