Buck 65 conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Buck 65 Interview

March 2004

These are the transcipts of an interview with Buck 65. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on March 31st, 2004.

Wicked and Weird Rich is, but the man otherwise known as Buck 65 is also a very passionate person. His love for music is something which few other artists can convery through their one on one interviews. With a vast history and continually growing catalogue, Mr. 65 sat down to discuss a few things including the two books he's writing.

MVRemix: Entering a different realm, and talking about politics, what do you think about Paul Martin?

Buck 65: I don't know because firstly, I've spent, in recent years, a lot of time in Europe. So I've kind of gotten a bit out of touch with what's going on here at home, which is distressing sometimes. When you are abroad it's easier to keep up to speed with American politics because internationally people are more concerned. So few people care what's going on in Canada, outside of Canada. Which, in a way is great and in a way is a shame depending on the situation. When I heard about the situation and controversy with "bad Buck 65 Interviewmoney" and stuff a while ago. Right away my thoughts were like "Screw this guy...blah blah blah." But not surprised whatsoever. It's one of those situations where somebody gets caught. Is it really a surprise that any government or party or politician is corrupt in some way? That there's bad money floating around or whatever? I don't want to give up on politics or our leaders, but this shit just doesn't surprise me anymore at all.

All in all, I kind of liked Chretien. Maybe not all of his decisions as a politician, but kind of as a guy. He was a tough customer, didn't really take any crap off anyone. There was that time he put that kid in a headlock once. He was interviewed last year asking if after he left office, would he try smoking pot and he said [impersonating Jean Chretien, little facial twinge and all] "Yeah, I think so..." I thought that was kind of cool. I don't smoke pot, or think that's cool myself but that he kind of has this regular Joe vibe about him I always liked.

When I see photo's of Paul Martin, and maybe I'm just looking at the wrong photo's, but he always has like a deer in the headlights type of guy. He always looks nervous which makes me nervous in turn.

I don't know, one thing that's really interesting in Canadian politics, and whats been going on in the last while - the way people have been screwing up. Things are starting to look better and better, arguably, for the NDP party. Which is kind of fascinating. It makes you wonder and think. It's gonna be interesting to watch how things go in the next election.

MVRemix: Will you be voting in the next election?

Buck 65: Yeah, I think it's important to vote. I don't like to get too attached to a party and say "I'm an NDP for life and that's it." Too many people do that, that's kind of what holds us back. When people don't really look at the issues and just vote due to loyalties based on different things. In the part of the country where I'm from, out East. Your Liberals, they fight with each other and are loyal for life. There's still people who worship Trudeau. I've voted for different parties in the past. I'll vote for who I think is the best candidate. But I also will admit to you that I'm guilty of - maybe it's the world stage, but I've followed American politics more closely in the last couple of years than Canadian politics.

As far as Canadian politics go, it's good and it's hard to look at the national picture. We have a lot of unique situations and I don't live there anymore, but the Maritimes; Eastern Canada, is still struggling so hard compared to the rest of the country. I was reading in the paper today how new budgets are about to come down for New Brunswick. Its always been hard for Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. It's getting really harsh; taxes getting hiked way up and we've been hurting and had that struggle forever. But most of my concerns for Canadian politics are the politics from where I come from; Nova Scotia in particular. You get the feeling, the sense that it's just not a priority for a lot of the leaders. That's unfortunate when you've got provinces like Ontario and Alberta that generate so much money and have so much industry that has to be really important. But good lord, things are borderline catastrophic in Nova Scotia. You can't just forget about that. You can't just forget about a whole chunk of the country. That's kind of where my heart lies and I haven't really seen anyone yet except for Alexa Mcdunna from the NDP party. Her heart does seem to be in Atlantic Canada. So I kind of can't help but like her because of that.

MVRemix: Do you follow Hockey?

Buck 65: Yes and no. It comes and goes in waves. It's kind of hard to follow in Europe and like a lot of people; I get wrapped up in the post season. But, lately I've been kind of grossed out with professional Hockey. With what went on with Todd Bertuzzi there a little while ago and then a day or two later... I caught it on the plane briefly, a really horrible incident of violence happened again in-front of the net right after that! When this was in the headlines and really fresh, another maiming! The NHL and I don't want to say Hockey - it's good to separate Hockey from the NHL, which a lot of people don't do. To me Hockey is a bunch of guys getting together on a pond on Sunday afternoon. The NHL is in a mess and really needs to clean itself up. Its really been shooting itself in the foot a lot lately and makes itself look bad.

If it's losing viewers and supporters, well good. If that's what it takes for them to pull up their socks a little bit. Frankly count me among them right now. It is a turn off to see that. To see the whole Bertuzzi thing and to see him slapped on the wrist as far as I'm concerned for what, to me, and I can see the argument for criminal things. Otherwise, outside of that arena, you can't do that! You can't destroy people's bodies and lives and say, "Well, you're going to have to miss a couple of games." To me it's deplorable and pretty disgusting. So lately, by choice I haven't been following it as much.

MVRemix: What do you see within your next year?

Buck 65: I'm working on these two books, and it's my goal to get them published. Like I said, I've been demo-ing the next album and then touring, touring, touring, touring... I'm kind of hoping for a little time off. Maybe a few weeks in June or something like that, but it's a whole lot of that. I'm kind of looking into doing collaborations with artists outside the world of Hip Hop, but I don't know and there's no definite leads there or anything. All in all, just a whole lot more work, with an asterisk next to that; pertaining to the books. I'm really excited about the books.

MVRemix: What are the books about?

Buck 65: One's a novel. It's fiction, but it's kind of biographical. It's based in Paris - I started writing it when I was living there. And the other is, for lack of a better term; a poetry book. I don't really like that word, verse, whatever you want to call it. I'll probably include some song lyrics in it, but it's mostly just an opportunity or excuse to write in a different way about some different things that I don't usually get a chance to in songs or whatever else. I've got some good leads; I'm in the process right now of looking at publishers. It's looking good, hopefully it'll see the light of day before too long.

MVRemix: In closing, do you have any questions to your fans or potential fans that are going to read this?

Buck 65: I'm glad you asked because I had something on my mind today and I was hoping that someone might ask me that question. This doesn't have much to do with anything, but it is something I've decided I want to say. I'm very interested in the world of music; what it means to be a musician and for that matter - what it means to be an artist. It's interesting to follow it and I do find it interesting, even if morbidly interesting sometimes to find out what's going on even in the world of pop music. And so, a question that I ask all the time and I would want everyone else to ask. I find it surprising and a bit dismaying people don't ask more. But, if you hear a new song and you ask yourself "Have I heard anything like this before?" and the answer to that question is, "Yes." Then what's the point? What is the point?

I'll hear a new record that everyone's real excited about. Or I'll read a review of a record which everyone's over the moon about and I'll hear it and say I've heard this before. This is exactly the same as this, and I know where this comes from. This record to me doesn't really represent to me an improvement on The Clash, which seems to be what line they're falling into or whatever else. What is the point? Why is it good enough for the musicians out there and a lot of the listeners to just take more of the same shit over and over again. I've heard it all a million times before.

I try to concern myself every time out, to do something that I haven't heard before. Just try and make some kind of contribution to it. For better or worse. I'm not saying that every song I've made has been a gold nugget or anything like that, but the fact that some attempt is being made or at least trying out a new idea - I would hope that there would be something to be said for that. But apparently, it's that very effort that seems to have held me back the most.

It seems for people to understand, they need to relate it to something else. How god damned boring is that? So maybe I'm just making a shitty statement of how people seem to have their heads up their asses, but honestly, aren't we looking for something else? Are ideas really dead? And don't people want them?

To me, I don't care what genre it comes from or what - I get excited when I hear something new. I want it. Even if it's only thirty seconds of a song. Show me something! I would like to think thats got to be a point in some regard. I don't know what the point of that is. Hopefully to encourage people to be curious or open-minded. To just continue to look or, I guess in some ways it's important to educate yourself. I don't care what kind of music you're into, go out and pick up a Hank Williams record. Do it. You owe it to yourself. You should. Pick up a Skipp James records. A Roxy Music record or a Beach Boys record if you've never done it. A Buzzcocks record. If you're really a fan of music, you should know about these things and arm yourself. Just expand. It's upsetting to me how few people do that, but on the other hand are willing to take the same thing over and over. It just blows my mind.

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