Bun B - conducted by James Johnson  

Bun B (UGK)

November 2005

You don’t see very many artists that reach a peak in their career, and then years after things simmer down, they make an all-new rise. If you aren’t already acquainted with him, now is the time for you to meet Bun B. This brotha is definitely no stranger to the rap game. He and fellow partner in rhyme, Pimp C, are two of the greatest pioneers of the entire southern rap movement.

Let me take you all the way back to 1988. They stormed the hip-hop scene with their debut, “Banned,” in conjunction with Big Tyme Records. Their major label debut, ‘Too Hard To Swallow,” came in 1992 via Jive Records. This album immediately placed them at the top of the game with their unique style of rap. They followed that release with 1994’s “Super Tight,” 1996’s “Ridin’ Dirty,” and 2001’s “Dirty Money”.

Unfortunately, Pimp C has been incarcerated for the past few years, which has left Bun B to continue somewhat on his own during the time. He was featured heavily on 2002’s “Side Hustles,” which also featured other rap legends like Too $hort and B-Legit.

Throughout the years, he’s been able to build relationships with many of hip-hop’s biggest artists and executives, which I’m sure attributes to much of his success today. Many know him for some of UGK’s biggest singles, like “Front Back Side To Side” and “Pocket Full of Stones”, as well as high profile collaborations, like Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin.”

More recently, he reached an all new level of success for his work with rapper Webbie on his debut album. Now, everyone is getting to know him for his work on the solo tip. We recently talked with Bun B about his debut solo album, “Trill”, which is in stores now.

MVRemix: Good looking out for your time today man… I know you’ve got this album out here now, but what’s happening with you?

Bun B: Of course, trying to free Pimp C, but other than that, I’m just all about this album. Ain’t nothing else going on with me besides that…

MVRemix: So above all, what would you say that we can expect out of this album?

Bun B: Just straight trill shit man! It’s how I’m connecting with the streets.

MVRemix: What’s really major about the album that makes it stand out?

Bun B: Well, I couldn’t make a UGK album without Pimp C, so as far as the recording, everything is switched up. I couldn’t really do things like before. We’re basically building from scratch.

MVRemix: I’m hearing a lot of songs out there on Satellite radio with you and Jeezy, Jay-Z, and so forth. Are these all songs that are on the album?

Bun B: Oh yeah, Jeezy is on two songs, Jay-Z is on one song, I also got Ying Yang on there, T.I., Juvie, Mike Jones, Trey Songz, and so on.

MVRemix: Now how are you hooking up with a lot of these people? Then also along with that question, I’m wondering where it sits in your mindset that all of these people, new generation and otherwise, are so eager to work with you, and they regard you so well?

Bun B: Well some of them, I’ve known for a while, and others have reached out to me, or I’ve reached out to them at one point or another. It’s good to know that I’m able to reach out to these people and we can do things together.

MVRemix: So what else can we look out for? Are you doing any of the production at all on the album?

Bun B: Production, it’s Lil’ Jon, Jazze Pha, Mannie Fresh, and shit like that.

MVRemix: So what made you reach out to the people that you went for?

Bun B: Well most of the people are really good friends of mine.

MVRemix: Are you doing any touring at the moment?

Bun B: I’m doing individual dates, but we’ve been talking to a few people about doing something else. When you say tour, most people think like an elaborate tour or something, and we really don’t do it like that.

MVRemix: What else is happening? Anything besides the album?

Bun B: Naw, we’re just praying for Pimp C’s release. Get ready for this Middlefingerz album at the top of the year, some people I’m working with out of Houston. Also, I have these shoes coming out with Pro Keds.

MVRemix: So as far as the group you’re working with, are you running a label with them as your artists?

Bun B: I own the label with them, but people thinking I’m looking for artists and I’m not.

MVRemix: Are there any final comments?

Bun B: I just want to thank everybody for the love and support that they have been giving me and UGK. Its been thirteen years, and I appreciate it. Keep praying for us, moreso Pimp C than myself, but pray for us! Pick that album up man.

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