Cage conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Cage Interview

August 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with Cage. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on August 26th, 2000. Cage is most well known for his 'Agent Orange' 12" and is set to drop some more gems within the next few months.

MVRemix: So, why "Cage"? What's the background of you having that name?

Cage: When I got out from locked in, my name then remained.

MVRemix: How did you, Eon and Mighty Mi hook up?

Cage: We were soliciting the same slorrs, we thought hey, lets make a single...eventually figured we could make enough to choke an elephant with, and so we are!

MVRemix: Can you tell us about forthcoming Smut Peddler releases? I read somewhere you'd worked with Apani, will she be appearing on anything soon with you?

Cage: Nah, Milo hooked that up for this song called "Josie," I never even met her. She's on the hook.

MVRemix: Now although I loved and still enjoy "Agent Orange," the movie "Clockwork Orange" I could only sit through about a quarter of. What I saw was a little too strange for my liking. What was it about that film that you loved so much that you made a track about it?

Cage: Well, I didn't make the song solely about that movie. I was also institutionalized at 16, like Alex. I related to that movie and years later thought the music was intense enough to pull off a song about being hospitalized.

MVRemix: I've read that you and Necro have some problems with one another, what exactly happened?

Cage: You must be reading off the net, we dont have beef, we never did. We just started doing different things. I started to work with other producers and he didnt like that I guess. So we still talk, he talks shit, that's what he does. He's a mental patient, just not certified. I got papers of 2 years to prove my illness. I like necro though, he's not afraid to let his insecurities outta the bag!!

MVRemix: Alright, we all know roughly about the "bitten style" thing with Eminem. But, what exactly occurred? Did you hear him and then find out via a show or radio appearance or was it something else?

Cage: A bunch of misconstrued shit from the mouths of idiots!!! There is no beef. If you want to know the deal, look around the net and run with the one you like the most!

MVRemix: Will you be doing any more diss tracks aimed towards him like "Still CAGE"?

Cage: Uh, no. "Still CAGE" ain't a diss to Eminem. I borrowed the beat to shit on pop music, not Dre.

MVRemix: Can you give me some information on future projects? For example, who you're going to collaborate with or details about an LP etc.

Cage: I have a 3 song single coming out in October, Smut Peddler single in September, Smut album "Porn Again" in can finally cop Cage in every chain store in the world!!! Yikes.

MVRemix: Any last comments you'd like to make about things we haven't covered?

Cage: We had some girls over the lab, they kept spilling beer, so when they passed out we markered our web sites on their asses. Suicidal failure. October... kill yourself to it!

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