Camille - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Camille: Another Triple Threat

March 2005

Her bio states it, and we've heard the term before. But Camille Smith (who simply goes by "Camille") is yet another triple threat. For the music world and the male attention span, this is a problem.

Being blessed with beauty, brains and such a strong singing ability that she has recently been working with industry giants Scott Storch and Antonio Reid would lend the opportunity for those on the outside looking in to be a little jealous. Add to the mix the fact that she's just eighteen and we're taken aback even further.

MVRemix: Tell me how you first got into singing.

Camille: I first got into singing at 15 after singing for a long time family friend. He proposed that I visited New York and sing for some people he knew in the industry. After singing for some people, they introduced me to a producer in Miami. I went to meet the producer, but didn't end up working with him because of his pricing. A couple months later, the same producer called me informing me of an audition with a group. I tried out for the group, made it in and began by professional music career. And it was free!

MVRemix: How did you get your first break? How did you get noticed?

Camille: My first break was being in the girl group. I was recommended by a producer I met in Miami - I got noticed in the group because of my talent at such a young age. At 16, I was in a group with members who were 23, and 24, and by no means was I the underdog. So, I really believe my talent got me noticed.

MVRemix: Tell me about the album you're currently working on.

Camille: The album I'm working on will be my first debut album. I'm really excited about the album, not because it's my first, but because it's like my autobiography. I've had the pleasure to work with some great songwriters and producers both locally and nationally. Familiar names include writers like J.Que, Tab, Kept, Pooh Bear, and Producers like Tricky Stewart. My goal with this album is to make sure at the end it reflects me, and that it's something people will enjoy. I'd explain the genre to be more RnB/Pop.

MVRemix: With so many beauitful, talented, young singers trying to succeed - what separates you from the rest?

Camille: I think the only thing that makes me similar to the other artist out there is that we're all young, and talented. However, I think my background and just me, separates us all. I know that people will try to compare us no matter what, but I know that I can't be anyone but myself, and that's what I'll always do.

MVRemix: You performed at the Democratic convention in Boston, are you supportive of the party?

Camille: I am definitely for a Democratic way of life. I feel that equal opportunity and rights is essential to living.

MVRemix: In your opinion, is an artist credible even if they only thrive in the studio with technology?

Camille: I don't discredit artists out there who I feel are created in the studio. However, I'd rather refer to them as entertainers. They entertain us, and keep us wanting more, that deserves some credit. I just feel it's wrong personally to do something your not good at.

MVRemix: Do you have an opinion on what's currently happening with the Michael Jackson trial?

Camille: I am so disappointed at the way the public is humiliating Michael at this time of crisis. I wish him the best, he's still the greatest, and may the truth come out for everyone's sake involved.

MVRemix: In the light of recent gun atrocities, what are your thoughts on gun control and the laws surrounding them?

Camille: I feel that Americans should be entitled to bear arms for their protection. Our rights shouldn't be sacrificed for the mistakes of a few irresponsible people. Unfortunately, we can't control people's actions and I believe that our law enforcement agencies are doing their best to enforce laws dealing with gun control.

MVRemix: Have fun with this one, a la "Fight Club" - "If you could fight any celebrity, who would you fight"?

Camille: This is funny. I never really thought of fighting a celebrity, but for the laugh, I think if I could fight a celebrity it would be Jada Pinkett Smith. Of course, the prize would be Will Smith. He seems to be one of the most attractive and charming man in Hollywood. He's definitely worth a girl fight.

MVRemix: If you were introducing someone who didn't know anything of R&B/Soul to R&B, how would you go about doing so? Who would you play for them to begin their journey?

Camille: I think like all other forms of music, R&B is an expression of the soul. I would explain R&B as the souls way of musically expressing life's ups and downs. I would play for them Indie Arie and John Legend to begin their journey.

MVRemix: If you were along on a desert island and could only have one thing to inspire your creativity, what would it be?

Camille: It would be an acoustic guitar, when I learn how to play it. I feel that an acoustic guitar's sound is so clean. It inspires me with a couple plucks of the string. It's sounds directly moves with my emotions and I just feel like it's one of the greatest inventions ever.

MVRemix: Do you have any non-musical creative aspirations?

Camille: I keep a thought journal. Whenever I feel anything, I write them down. I'm the kind of person, that you can get to know, but wont comprehend completely. I've been doing this for a couple of years, and I would like to someday publish some of my thoughts, as well as a poem collection. I feel it would open people to viewing me in a way they never thought. Also, it might inspire them to look around at people they stereotype and think they know in a different way.

MVRemix: Apart from your forthcoming album, what upcoming projects do you have in the works?

Camille: I currently am not working on any collaborations. I am definitely trying to concentrate on my album. However, once I reach that point they're so many people I would be honored to work with. The list goes from my favorite Mariah Carey, to Beanie Siegal, Nas, Quan, Musiq Soulchild, India Arie, John Mayer, John Legend, R.Kelly, Kanye West, and the list goes on.

MVRemix: Any last words to your fans or potential fans that are going to be reading this?

Camille: To everyone that is reading this, what I'd like you to know is that singing is definitely my calling in my heart and soul. I didn't wake up one day and decided to do this. Singing is my life. Everyday I envision that day when I can change the hearts of many through my gift. My music is an expression of truth within my soul, and I hope that you will be able to see that in my music, and enjoy it.

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"I feel that Americans should be entitled to bear arms for their protection. Our rights shouldn't be sacrificed for the mistakes of a few irresponsible people."