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Cam'ron Interview


We all know the story on Cam'ron. Kid from Harlem, used to play ball, and ran with a crew of MC's knows as Children of the Corn. That crew consisted of him, Murda Mase, and Big L. As the years went by, things would change with that crews. Mase hooked up with Puffy, sold millions, then retired after letting Christ into his life. No more rhymes from him. Big L would drop an impressive debut, a number of undeground treats, and later would have his life taken, joining him with Christ. No more rhymes from him. Cam'ron got put down with a label owned partly by the Notorious B.I.G. He releases an album that is warmly received by the masses and produces a mainstream hit with "Horse & Carriage." The label would later go under. No more rhymes from Cam?? Wrong. He's still out there, even though the powers that be are fucking with him. Read on and see why.

MVRemix: There's been some confusion. Some say you're on Untertainment, and some say that you're not. What's the deal with that?

Cam'ron: Camron InterviewI'm on Epic. I was on Untertainment, but they lost their deal and in my contract it says I have to go straight to Epic. I'm not saying I picked a bad label, but I didn't have a choice. I had to go straight to Epic 'cause it was due to contract purposes.

MVRemix: Are you going to be on Epic for a certain period of time?

Cam'ron: I got a certain amount of albums I got to complete. But, you never know. This business is sheisty. You could be down today, gone tomorrow.

MVRemix: So what's taking so long for the album to drop?

Cam'ron: It's basically because Epic is in the middle of hiring and firing staff. They don't have nobody up there doing radio, or promotions, or so on and so forth. And I'm not putting an album out [in the midst of all of this]. Ghostface's album is like the hottest album in the fucking street, and he didn't even fucking SoundScan gold yet. So, it's like "Fuck that!" I ain't putting my shit out, and my shit hot, until they get their shit together.

MVRemix: Why did you decide to call the album Sports, Drugs, & Entertainment?

Cam'ron: I used to play ball. I used to hustle, and now I'm doing music. That's the people in my neighborhood that people look up to, as far as the athletes, drug dealers, and entertainers. Those are some of the people that the kids look up to, so I named it that. And them are the three things that I did in my life.

MVRemix: How have you grown as a person since you've first came out?

Cam'ron: Basically, I learned the game. You never can learn the game 100%, but I just became more coherent to certain things that go on in the music business as far as the business aspect of it. It can make you grow up real quick. Everyday is a learning process. I mature everyday. I learn something different everyday. I can't say how much I've grown, but I learn something everyday.

MVRemix: Since Mase has retired and Big L passed away, do you think you're the sole king of Harlem as far as rap is concerned?

Cam'ron: I feel a lot of weight gonna be on my back, but there's a lot of nice niggas in Harlem. Harlem got a lot of nice cats. Ain't none of them me or nothing, but I've been that cat in Harlem. Don't get me wrong, I love Mase. God bless the dead, Big L, but my name hold weight. Even when he was alive and when Mase was rapping, my name hold weight. I do got pressure on my back, but it ain't nothing I've already been through before.

MVRemix: Has Pun's death effected you any?

Cam'ron: Yeah, that's my man. Big Pun is my man. That was man besides rap. I used to go hang out with him, go to the gym with him, we used to box and shit. So that's my man. It's fucked up he died, cuz we did songs together and shit. That's my nigga.

MVRemix: What are your plans for the future?

Cam'ron: Just try to finish up these albums. I got 4 liquor stores and 2 Laundromats we just bought. So try to just get that off the ground. And then after that, it's that.

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