Capone (CNN) - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Capone (CNN) - Patiently Waiting

May 2005

While his partner in crime Noreaga has basked in the limelight, Capone has always kept it true to the streets. Eight years ago the duo stormed onto the scene with their debut album The War Report, which shocked the industry and was immediately hailed as a street classic. With the streets buzzing, Noreaga would then go onto have a successful solo career, but unfortunately Capone was doing a bid in jail. Even though Capone wasn't home to see the success of The War Report and Nore's solo work, the Hip Hop industry still waited patiently for Capone's arrival. It wasn't until the year 2000 that Capone N Noreaga finally formed as one again for their sophomore release The Reunion. Since then, fans have eagerly awaited Capone's solo album, only to no avail. Due to record label politics Capone has had to wait for his time to shine. Now with Fast Life Music backing him, Capone's solo album Pain, Time & Glory is finally here. MVRemix received the opportunity to speak with Capone about his long awaited debut and this is what he had to say.

MVRemix: The world has been waiting a long time for your solo album, and now that its finally here, can you talk about some of the obstacles you had to face and overcome over the years to finally get this album out?

Capone: Man, I had to face a lot of things. I got banned from Hot 97, messing around with this label and that label, but I'm finally ready.

MVRemix: What were some of the labels you had to go through?

Capone: I went through Penalty, Tommy Boy, and Def Jam.

MVRemix: Wasn't your solo album supposed to come out on Def Jam?

Capone: Yeah, it was supposed to come with them, but then I got banned from Hot 97. So that messed everything up. They still did the Nore album, but didn't even do right by that. Then we started focusing on the CNN album, and that wasn't going right either. Then the whole staff fell apart and I left.

MVRemix: And you getting banned, that was from the whole Lil' Kim situation?

Capone: Yeah, exactly.

MVRemix: Has it been frustrating waiting all this time to finally get your solo album out?

Capone: Hell yeah! But I'm a patient guy, and I look at it like I was doing a bid. Now I'm home and everything is good.

MVRemix: So what was your mindset like going into this album?

Capone: I knew I had to handle my business. I knew what I had to do, because I watched everybody else out there and learned from their mistakes. I just tried to make it happen and I took the time to really get into myself.

MVRemix: What is the overall vibe of Pain, Time, and Glory?

Capone: Its a wholesome album, and its definitely another Q.B. classic. I think people are going to love it because it takes you through molds and swings.

MVRemix: What types of songs, topics, and issues can fans expect to hear on the album?

Capone: I got a song called "I Die For Mine", where I talk about everything I been through in my life. Its a deep song, and I got my peoples Complexions on the hook singing. Then you got "The Manual", where I am talking about the rules of the game that you should abide by so you can live long and prosperous. I also got "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", which features Raekwon and Peedi Crak. That track is some gangsta shit where cats are getting on their grizzly.

MVRemix: What other guest appearances you got on there?

Capone: C-Murder, Bun-B, Akon, Devin The Dude, Scarface, Raekwon, and Peedi Crak. I got all ex-cons on my album. (Laughter)

MVRemix: Who's doing the production?

Capone: Heatmakerz, DJ Twinz, DJ Absolute, Reefa, and Screwface.

MVRemix: The Heatmakerz got some crazy beats.

Capone: Yeah, I got stupid beats from them on this album.

MVRemix: How would you say you have grown as an emcee since your early days on The War Report?

Capone: I've grown a lot and I've learned how to make big records. I learned not to just concentrate on the griminess, because that is easy for me. It's easy for me to make a real thug record. I learned how to make them real big records that reach people.

MVRemix: What's the current status of CNN right now?

Capone: We are doing our one-two. He is doing his reggaeton, and I'm doing my rap thing over here. Then we will meet up later and hit the people.

MVRemix: So we'll definitely see another album then?

Capone: Yeah, definitely.

MVRemix: What do you think of Nore's movement towards Reggaeton?

Capone: It's just another outlet for him. It's getting real big right now, so its a good look for him.

MVRemix: What went wrong with the CNN album that supposed to come out on Def Jam?

Capone: It just didn't work out with the whole mess at Def Jam. Nore then went to The Roc, I came over here, and its all good. Now we have total control over the album to do what we want.

MVRemix: So Def Jam wasn't giving you creative control?

Capone: Na, their staff just fell apart. Everybody that was behind our record left - Lyor, Kevin Liles - everybody.

MVRemix: Because I remember you guys leaked like two singles, and you were up at Hot 97 one day having fans call in and vote on which song they liked better?

Capone: Yeah, yeah - we were debating on which one to choose. That was live because nobody ever did that before.

MVRemix: What's good with you and Tragedy Khadafi, have you kept in contact with him?

Capone: I haven't spoke to Trag in a couple of months, but it's all love. We don't have any beef, thats my dude.

MVRemix: Do you think we will ever see another CNN album with and Tragedy featured?

Capone: We have all done about three new songs together, so it's all good.

MVRemix: The last time I spoke to Tragedy was about 2 years ago, and he told me that Dame Dash was working on a movie about CNN and Tragedy's rise to fame? What ever happened to that?

Capone: Yeah, we were working on it but we fell out with the director who was going to do it. So it didn't work out.

MVRemix: Do you think the movie will ever happen again?

Capone: I don't know. You never know, but I can't put my foot in my mouth right now.

MVRemix: Let me ask you about Q.B.. Because Queens Bridge has one of the most prolific lineup of emcees in Hip Hop history. But just from the outside looking in, and from speaking with various artists, it seems there is no unity. Why is that?

Capone: I'm not going to say there is no unity, its just everybody is out on their one-two. Q.B. is the biggest projects in the world, and most of the emcees that come out from Queens Bridge are not from the same block. And Q.B. is really a blocks project - you have this block - that block- etc. So if you are an emcee coming from Vernon, and I'm an emcee coming from 12th Street, your people and my peoples may never have clicked. So it ain't going to click now just because we are rapping. You feel me? It's not us, or the rappers, its really our peoples - cause thats what it is. But if you catch all five rappers, and all their niggas in one spot, and somebody tries to front on somebody from Queens Bridge, you got the whole projects on your ass now! You'll never catch Queens Bridge separated when they are together. But as far as the rap game, everybody is doing their own thing, so its hard. We did it on the Q.B. record though. Everybody came together, and it was love. But you can never front a Queen Bridges nigga when everybody is around and not expect to get whooped out by the whole projects - just cause these two rap niggas don't fuck with each other. Everybody is going to jump - regardless.

MVRemix: What else do you have going on in the future?

Capone: I got enterprise jumping off - Pain, Time & Glory Enterprise. I'm trying to get in this movie shit, and things like that. So I'm just trying to make this movement bigger and better.

MVRemix: You got any movies lined up?

Capone: I'm trying to work on my life story right now, and we are working on a script. But its not going to be a hood movie, because I've been through a lot of shit. I'm gonna take regular events and everything else and combine it. It's going to be like that movie. Damn, what's it called? You seen that movie Traffic? How they have like three different incidents going on at one time.

MVRemix: Yeah, I seen that movie.

Capone: It's going to be like that, only I'm going to be in all three different incidents.

MVRemix: Any last words, or shout outs?

Capone: The album come out July 12, the title is Pain, Time & Glory, and its crazy! I want everybody to go support Capone because I support my fans. I'm out there - I'm still in the hood, I stay on the block, I hold babies, I seen niggas on the streets and I do what I have to do to show people that I am a good hearted dude, so don't get it twisted.

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"Its a wholesome album, and its definitely another Q.B. classic. I think people are going to love it because it takes you through molds and swings."