Cesar Comanche - conducted by Bill "Low Key" Heinzelman  

Cesar Comanche

November 2005

Cesar Comanche offers a look into the life of musician/entertainer with his third album Squirrel And The Aces. The album acts as a tribute to his parents early seventies band of the same name. The album features guest appearances and production from several heavy weights in the hip hop world, such as, Tajai of Souls of Mischief, Phonte and Big Pooh of Little Brother. With production by 9th Wonder, Justus League member Khrysis, and Nicolay (of Foreign Exchange), the album continues the JL's streak of impressive albums. Cesar took a moment out to speak with MVRemix about Squirrel And The Aces.

MVRemix: I just want to start with some questions that delve into your past and background so the readers can get to know Cesar Comanche beyond the music. To start, can you tell us where you were born and raised, and what was it like growing up there for you?

Cesar Comanche: I am from Jacksonville, a small coastal town in North Carolina. I grew up simple and poor, I didn't realize I was poor until I got to college. I never was in trouble with the law or anything, just was rowdy in my own way though.

MVRemix: How would you say your environment or surroundings helped shaped you into the man you are today?

Cesar Comanche: Well I was raised in an old school way, I enjoyed my childhood, so I am still young at heart. I feel that I respect people and its not in my nature to screw people over. My music I feel has the old gritty feel to it cause I feel it reflect my upbringing. Its just what I like.

MVRemix: How would you characterize yourself - introverted or extroverted?

Cesar Comanche: I can be both, it just depends on the situation.

MVRemix: What is your first memory of Hip-Hop?

Cesar Comanche: Listening to the end of the 70's jams and early 80's jams with my big sister Missie. I've always had my love for music in general, but she gave me my love for Rap.

MVRemix: What was the one album you constantly listened to growing up?

Cesar Comanche: There hasn't been one album that I've listened to constantly. The only two that come to mind that I've listened to the most are The Purple Rain Soundtrack, (Prince and the Revolution) and The Low End Theory (A Tribe Called Quest).

MVRemix: How did you first get into rhyming?

Cesar Comanche: It was in the early mid 90's I use to write R&B songs first, then poems and then raps. I did them for my own entertainment and didn't think that I could write for a living. Where I grew up I didn't even know anyone who rhymed or wrote music so I didn't have anything or anyone around me to make me feel that regular people could do such things.

MVRemix: How did you start to make a name for yourself locally at first?

Cesar Comanche: Simply just doing show, after show, after show. I was blessed to be surrounded by cats that are natural entertainers like myself. We just feed off each others hustle and pushed ourselves and each other forward. Little by little we got more fans as a crew and individually and continue to do the same today, not in one area but world wide now.

MVRemix: How would you describe your rhyme style or sound? What are your strong points as an emcee?

Cesar Comanche: I would say I can adapt well to different beats. If I am given a beat that I like. I can mold to it correctly and still sound like myself.

MVRemix: Obviously Little Brother's success has opened up the doors for the Justus League, but is it frustration sometimes when fans categorize you and may overlook your album because they say, "Oh, another Justus League artist - they all sound the same?"

Cesar Comanche: Its very wack when we are categorized. Yes we are in the same crew, but we are different artists with different sounds. Just cause another JL artist dropped an album, what does that have to do with mine. I know we don't sound the same, but everyone will have their own opinion. I just do me and call it a day.

MVRemix: I hate asking artists what their album titles mean, but in your case I'm curious why "Squirrel And The Aces?"

Cesar Comanche: Its named after my fathers band, and I wanted the album to have a band feel to it.

MVRemix: What types of songs, concepts and issues can fans expect to hear on the album?

Cesar Comanche: It all revolved around the issues entertainers face. Very fluid album that sticks to the script all the way through.

MVRemix: What do you want fans to come away with after listening to this album?

Cesar Comanche: A dope musical experience.

MVRemix: What has been the biggest headache you have had to deal with in this Hip-Hop game so far?

Cesar Comanche: Everything that doesn't deal with the direct entertainment of fans and the creation of music.

MVRemix: Corporate America has basically taken over Hip Hop and brainwashed the public to think what you hear on the radio and TV is real Hip Hop. What do we have to do to change that, or can we change that? Because it seems as if there is no hope in the fight against the corporate manipulation of Hip Hop?

Cesar Comanche: I feel because hip hop is powerful, and generates a lot of money. If you want the corruption to leave it, then the money making aspect must leave. I don't think you can have any big money making industry not be corrupt. The only thing we can do is conduct ourselves as best we can and stay out of the shadiness of it.

MVRemix: It seems as if a lot of emcees create an overblown character or image for themselves so they can sell records. But after while, they get wrapped up in their own character and can't decipher between the two. Do you think that is an accurate statement and have you seen that in the Hip Hop game? Does that make it harder for the regular guys in this rap game who aren't Mr. Super Thug?

Cesar Comanche: We'll a lot of rap cats were not considered cool before they were known rappers. They start getting attention because now they act or try to act like someone they knew who was considered cool. I was cool before this rap stuff, so I didn't have to create this "persona" I am who I am. I feel rap shouldn't make you cool, you should make rap cool.

MVRemix: What else do you have going on in the future? Do you have a vision or goal for the future?

Cesar Comanche: My goal is to make the most secure future for myself and family I may create, buy making the best music and business decisions that I possibly can.

MVRemix: Any last words, shout outs or plugs?

Cesar Comanche: Yes make sure to buy my new album "Squirrel And The Aces", on ABB/D.O.T.F.W. records, log on to www.thejustusleague.com, and peace to all the music lovers out there.

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"We just feed off each others hustle and pushed ourselves and each other forward. Little by little we got more fans as a crew and individually and continue to do the same today..."