Chuck D - conducted by Hugo Lunny  

Chuck D

December 1998

To even try to summarize Public Enemy's impact upon Rap, Hip Hop and music in general would be quite the task. Chuck D, the voice of P.E. has become a cultural icon since 1987. Continuing Public Enemy's revolutionary mentality, Chuck D recently got involved with the MP3 disputes arising - releasing many of his own tracks for free in an effort to show artistry is more important than profit.

MVRemix: Okay so, I'll start the interview.

Chuck D: Go ahead. You know what we're talking about.

MVRemix: Firstly, thanks for doing this interview.

Chuck D: No problem man, happy to be doing it.

MVRemix: So tell me about "Bring Tha Noise 2000." Why did you release it in mp3?

Chuck D: Well you know we believe in changing the way artists are governed by their record companies and retail outlets. We like to lead the changes, the way things are. This wasn't no Public Enemy vs Def Jam thing. Basically, "Bring Tha Noise 2000" was gonna be a promo and pressed up and only sent to certain people. We decided to put it in mp3 and give it to everyone for free like what they were doing but on a wider scale.

MVRemix: Do you think you'll ever put up "Bring Tha Noise 2000" in MP3 again?

Chuck D: Oh shit. Hell yeah!

MVRemix: Whats sort of content does the album have? Messages and such like?

Chuck D: It has 3 unreleased tracks and a megamix of previously released material.

MVRemix: In Public Enemy's absence do you think there has been an emcee or group that has carried the same weight, knowledge, intelligence and power as the group?

Chuck D: Um, I think as a combination, as a whole yes. But nobody ever came with the consistency. Public Enemy is a one of a kind situation.

MVRemix: I'd like you to end or make the answers clearer to rumours that have been floating around... What's going on between you and Zach De La Rocha? Plus, I heard there was some sort of beef with Primo (DJ Premier). The media always spreads rumours, so I'll get you to tell your audience the truth.

Chuck D: Well you are the media too, but yeah, I know what you mean. So which rumours again?

MVRemix: What's going on between you and Zach De La Rocha ?

Chuck D: Oh Zach and I have been in contact a lot lately. I want him to do a new track with us on our next album.
Are there any problems with Primo?

Chuck D: No, no beef with Primo. See on the '10 Crack Commandments' they used my voice which annoyed me. I wasn't annoyed with Biggie or Puffy or Primo but with Arista because they used a sample making a fool out of me. I mean I was just with Primo on the Smokin' Grooves tour. Things with me and him are cool.

MVRemix: The St Ides commercial law suit - I understand where you were coming from on that one. What was the reason for your reaction though?
Basically, my voice is me, and my beliefs are mine. Anything that I say is up to me, I don't want any problems falling under my umbrella.

MVRemix: Do you still believe 2Pac is alive ?

Chuck D: No. I never believed after two weeks. At first I did, but then by October friends of mine and peeps I know convinced me that wasn't true but it stayed on the internet.

MVRemix: With the amounts of collaborations going on in R&B, Rock, Metal, Drum & Bass etc., is there anyone or any genre you'd like to hook up with for a track?

Chuck D: Yeah. Bo' Didley.

MVRemix: Which emcees/groups are you feeling at the moment?

Chuck D: Jurassic 5, you know. Black Eyed Peas, Redman and Method Man, they my two favourite emcees right there.

MVRemix: Did you always want to be a rapper?

Chuck D: Nah. At first I wanted to be a graphic designer in the music business but one thing lead to another.

MVRemix: Other than "Bring Tha Noise 2000" is there any other future ventures that you'd like your fans to know about?

Chuck D: Yeah, our interactive rap site and our worldwide Internet radio station.

MVRemix: here did the name Chuck D come from?

Chuck D: Chuck was a nickname of mine and D is my middle initial.

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