Ciara conducted by Felicia Hatcher  

Ciara: The Evolution

December 2006

MVRemix: I know you must have a lot of things planned for 2007 what's your New Year's resolution?

Ciara: I haven't really thought about it. I'm pretty sure one of my goals for next year is to be more focused and make sure I meet my deadlines and really stay on it. I have a lot of business goals and they are possible I just have to really stay on it.

MVRemix: I've noticed on this album you have taken on a more sexier tone, was that all on you or did you have others influence you to take that approach?

Ciara: Honestly, I'm just being me, beginning with this album, and the title of my album I felt that it was perfect because I had evolved as an artist and a women. In this case a lot of the things you have seen me do are just natural changes, I'm just growing. Even with the "Get Up" video that was something different. Even with the "Promise" video when I was thinking about the making the first scene from my video I thought this was perfect, the track alone just makes a statement. The record is Ciara interviewdifferent then what people are used to hearing from me. This record does have a more mature sound, I guess you can say sexier, but honestly I'm just being me and doing what comes to me naturally.

MVRemix: What's your favorite track on the album?

Ciara: It's hard to just pick just one. For me, all the records serve different purposes when I was listening to it and when I was writing them. I like each record differently but for different reasons.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts about Bow Wow saying that he wants to get back with you on Hot 97?

Ciara: You know what I'll say about this one is that for me and that conversation that is an old one for me so I don't necessarily talk about it.

MVRemix: Are you dating Jamal Crawford from the New York Nicks?

Ciara: No [Laughs] and I heard that and I think that it is funny; I don't know where people are getting that from but, no.

MVRemix: You're getting older, hence the name of your album Evolution, is this album still catering to your younger audience?

Ciara: More then anything that I realize is that I have been really blessed to make good music. And that's where it starts for me, the cool thing is that my record kind of caters to all audiences I've seen that a lot where you want to grow up but you don't want to leave anyone behind or leave out anyone period. The blessing for me is that my music does that for me you know like Ill hear kids dancing around and singing "goodies" and then ill hear adults singing it. I think more then anything my fans will continue to grow with me

MVRemix: How does it feel going from fan to fame? Not being able to do simple things anymore like go to the grocery store?

Ciara: First, I look at it like this is something that I wanted I know some of the things that happen that would not normally happen. I still try to do things on my own, I try to go places without my security, and I think that the effort for me is what counts to try do things as if I was not an artist. But I am also living my dreams I can't complain but I still try to sneak in the movies get my ticket in advance and then go in and leave and it feels good to try and d those things.

MVRemix: What is the chemistry like working with Jazzy Pha?

Ciara: It's funny because on this album we didn't work to much together but back in the day it was a lot of fun and he had a lot of energy

MVRemix: How do your feel about comparisons to Janet Jackson or Aaliyah?

Ciara: One my ultimate inspiration is Michael[Jackson] Janet was definitely someone I like to watch when I was growing up, I think that she is an amazing performer and has contributed so much to the music culture and I am inspired by her as an artist. To get the comparisons to Aaliyah, I'm touched more then anything when people say I remind them of her on more of a personal note I take it as a big compliment. With Janet we both do a tremendous about of dancing. But between all 3 of us we all have our own styles when it comes to music and videos and things. You can definitely find some similarities but nothing that is forced. It kind of gets to me a little bit, because it motivates me to become my own and I really want people to see me as me particularly with Janet because that's the one that I hear so much. I don't want to emulate anything that she has done at all but I would love to have the same amount of success that she has had in her career. She is truly a legend and I would like to be an icon some day, but definitely do everything in my own way.

MVRemix: Has the song writing gotten easier for you?

Ciara: Absolutely, I've noticed over the course of the year. I signed my first publishing deal when I was 15. I've been writing since then and I can feel the growth in me every year. Every record I try to push myself harder and harder. I can feel the growth in me as a writer and its really cool because I' am trusting myself as a writer. Sometimes I call my friends to come in and help me write because I want to add different flavor to the record. I could do the songs on my own sometimes its cool to do that to have change. So its not so monotonous.

MVRemix: There are a lot of shows that have come out over the years relating to behind the music scene. What would you say to an inspiring artist that you leaned that no one was able to warn you about the industry?

Ciara: Trust, being very careful about trusting everyone, but that's in life period. Thinking that someone has your back, but their intentions could be just business driven. Also, not taking things too personal and understanding that this is a business situation and if you understand it that way you will treat it as such and not to be emotional about it.

MVRemix: With Monica back on the scene and artist like Latoya, and Beyonce blazing the charts, who in the music industry would you say is keeping you on your toes?

Ciara: I think that the music industry is keeping me on my toes. If you don't give 100%, it won't give 100% back to you. There are some many other girls that are out there that wants to do what I'm doing. So be aware because you're not the only one. That's what keeps me going. To actually be able to do this keeps me on my toes.

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