Classified - conducted by illskill  


June 1999

These are the transcripts of an interview with Classified. The interview was conducted by illskill on June 30th, 1999.

MVRemix: How old were you when you first started emceeing and how did you get into the rap game?

Classified: I first started taking this serious back in '93 when I was 15, I started writing rhymes by myself and then I got hooked up with a group that was performing at school dances and local talent shows, from their I started buying my own equipment and eventually had a 8 track recording studio in my bedroom.

MVRemix: How and why did you come up with the name 'Classified'?

Classified: I ain't gonna lie and say that 'Classified' has some type of significance, 'cause it don't, I was about to record my first track for my first album in my old DJ's studio, and I was about to do the track and I had no name, me and some of my peoples were trying to think of what to use, and I was just like fuck it, next word I see I'm gonnna use it, I flipped through the newspaper and seen the Classified ad's, and that's about it.

MVRemix: How much harder do you think it is for Canadian artists to make noise and get noticed in the hip hop scene? And do you think it is harder for artists not from bigger cities like T.O. or Vancouver?

Classified: I think that now it seems Canadian Artists are starting to get some breaks, compared to the past, ya got the Rascalz who got a deal with BMG, Choclair has something with Virgin Rec., I heard that Moka Only (artist from Vancouver) got a deal with some major label, ya got Ghetto Concept doing tracks with Sticky Fingaz from Onyx, Saukrates new album features Common, and Helta Skelta so there is noize being made by Canadian Artists. Now with Halifax, you do have some artists working with peoples, Stinkin Rich (Buck 65) did some shit with Kool Keith, and Biz Markie, but besides that their ain't much more, I would like to see artists from Halifax work with some more recent artists of the present like artists from Toronto and Vancouver are doing.

MVRemix: What's the hip hop scene in Halifax like?

Classified: The hip hop scene in Halifax isn't too bad, I'm starting work on my 6th release which will be a twelve inch. I got some other artists that I am producing and recording, Connected, Nathan "C", Kaspa, Mad Craze, and Bonshah, Me and Connected open up for Maestro Last week who was in Halifax, I also went up to Montreal a couple of Months ago and open for Maestro up their as well.

MVRemix: Which artists were you influenced by? And who are your favourite artists today?

Classified: KRS-one, Beastie boys, old Naughty by Nature are some of the groups I listen to back in the day, Gangstarr, Del, Alkaholiks, Eminem are some of the artists I got in my walkman now.

MVRemix: Which producers in hip hop do you do you admire most?

Classified: Premier is the shit, I like some of the stuff Dre has been doing lately, but besides that their is only a couple other people that I can stand listening to their beats, I find that a lot of the beats people are making now are getting real boring, I like hype shit.

MVRemix: Do you ever listen to other Canadian underground/independent hip hop music such as D-Sisive?

Classified: Yea I heard some of D-Sisive's tracks, I was actually talking to him through email about a show I thought we were doing together in New Brunswick a couple months ago, I listen to Swollen Members, Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, I listen to a lot of Canadian Artists.

MVRemix: Do you ever get vexed when rappers with very little talent like Puffy and Mase are going multi-platinum?

Classified: No, I don't really care what other artists are doing, the only thing that really bugs me about them is when people call them Hip Hop and they got more singing on their tracks then actually rhyming, I hate being compared to their type of music by people who don't listen to Hip Hop.

MVRemix: Can you give us some info on your future releases? Any plans for a video?

Classified: Well I got that twelve inch release that I was talking about earlier, I am trying to get a video done, I got a production company that is doing all the work with it, were just trying to get this grant thing going to fund the thing. Besides that, I am doing shows around Nova Scotia and provinces around Nova Scotia, I always wanna keep things moving forward, can't stand moving back.

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