Copywrite - conducted by Hugo Lunny  


September 2000

These are the transcripts of an interview with Copywrite. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on September 7th, 2000. Copywrite is a member of the groups MHz and Weathermen. He's best known for his MHz work and his recently released solo 12" 'Holier Than Thou'/'Tower Of Babble.'

MVRemix: So tell us a bit about your history with rap and hip hop...

Copywrite: I started rhymin' in '91, originally with Jakki the Mota Mouth, and I hooked up with Camu Tao in '95 and formed MHz.

MVRemix: Is there a MHz LP in the works?

Copywrite: Right now I'm workin' on my solo LP 'The High Exhaulted.' It's droppin' on Eastern Conference records sometime March 2001, but in the meantime we are workin' on MHz and Weathermen joints.

MVRemix: What's your relation to Yak Ballz?

Copywrite: He is my adopted son. I adopted that kid in '98. I'm proud of him.

How did you manage to get a deal with Rawkus for the 'Holier Than Thou' 12"?

Copywrite: It's kind of a two-way thing. Cage kennels introduced me to Mighty Mi and Mighty Mi put it out on Eastern Conference/Rawkus.

MVRemix: How did you meet up with Cage and the High and Mighty ?

Copywrite: It's kind of a funny story. Have you seen the Houston 500? Well it's a porno movie, sort of a "gangbang" if you will. Anyway, Cage & I went to get a few nuts off on that sluts teeth, when we happened to run into Mi and E. Cage of course already knew Eon & Mi, but that's when I was introduced.

MVRemix: Will you be doing any work with them in the near future?

Copywrite: Yeah, as a matter of fact Mighty Mi is doin' a large portion of my albums production. As far as me workin' with Cage, I'm guest featured on the B-side of his new 12" 'The Weather Report,' plus the whole Weathermen album , which is in the works now. It's a combination of Myself, Camu Tao, Tage Proto, Cage, Yak Ballz, El-P, Jakki the Mota Mouth, Breezely Brewin & Masai Bey.

MVRemix: What about a Copywrite solo LP, can you tell me some stuff about it....

Copywrite: I'm creatin' the perfect album, in my eyes that is. If you dig anything I've put out in the past, then this album is definitely for you, and if you hate my fuckin' guts this album is definitely for you.

MVRemix: Have you been guesting on any tracks at all?

Copywrite: Yeah, I'm guest featured on my man, Jakki the Mota Mouth's upcoming single, 'Widespread' on Fondle 'Em, and I also produced that joint. Plus, the new Cage 12", and many more shit in the future.

MVRemix: If I were to offer you mainstream money or underground respect, which would you choose and why? Be honest.

Copywrite: What kind of money are we talkin' here?

MVRemix: The kind of money I mean is around the million mark or more...

Copywrite: I would sell the fuck out only if I could own every car in the world and dip my dick in platinum, or if I could fuck Tyra Banks.

MVRemix: In a dream situation, who would you collaborate with?

Copywrite: Kane, in his prime of course with Christ on the hook - no pun intended.

MVRemix: Last time I spoke with you, you were in Sweden, out there for a show. Do you feel that your audience outside of the US is better than that in it or is it an even mixture... What's the situation?

Copywrite: I love everyone that feels my shit. It doesn't matter where the fuck you are, but we all know that the best crowds are in NY and overseas. Cats wild out!

MVRemix: To those who haven't heard your shit, describe your style and why they should bother picking up a 12" of yours/MHz if they see it in a store.

Copywrite: 'Cause the shit is fuckin' dope. Actually, I'd rather they not pick it up, that way all the other cats that are alreay on it can school 'em when our shit reaches a wider audience.

MVRemix: Any last comments you'd like to make on something we haven't covered?

Copywrite: Yeah, when the Weathermen shit drops, motherfuckers are gonna lose their minds, and I can't stress that enough. Also, be on the lookout fot the independent film "Fun Filled Adventure."

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"I'm creatin' the perfect album, in my eyes that is. If you dig anything I've put out in the past, then this album is definitely for you, and if you hate my fuckin' guts this album is definitely for you."