Copywrite - conducted by Hugo Lunny  


December 2001

These are the transcripts of an interview with Copywrite. The interview was conducted by Hugo Lunny on December 6th, 2001.

MVRemix: Can you tell me a little bit about 'Table Scraps'?

Copywrite: It's basically a collection of previously released and unreleased songs. We've got joints on there that came from Fondle 'Em records, we've got joints on there which were our original demo that we'd sent out to labels. Its got a previously unreleased exclusive RJD2 song. An exclusive Jakki song that I produced, I mean it's not an official MHz album. I don't want people to get it twisted...yeah we put it out, it's ours. But it's old shit. It's not our debut album. It's something that if you don't have the "Always Bigger And Better" compilation from Benny B and if you don't have all of these Fondle 'Em 12"s then you just grab the CD. You've then got pretty much everything we've done on there. Except for some of the guest appearances I've made.

MVRemix: Can you tell me a little about 'June'?

Copywrite: That's a joint that I did with RJD2 and it's basically about my pops passing away in the same month as my birthday. I kind of had to vent - get it off my chest. It's probably the most meaningful song that I have, that I've done to date. To me at least. And I mean, a lot of people have told me that its really helped them through their situations. As far as losing a loved one or even a friend.

MVRemix: When is 'The High Exhaulted' LP dropping? And can you give me some information on it?

Copywrite: It should be dropping in March at the possible latest. Maybe February, but I highly doubt that. Most likely March. Its got about 15, 16 joints on it...production from Mighty Mi, RJD2, Intallect, Camu Tao and myself. I've got guest appearances from the MHz on there, The Smut Peddlers. And I'm just waiting for it to drop so that y'all can hear it.

MVRemix: You've been criticized for being white and saying the word "Nigga." What's your take on a) the usage of the word in general and b) your usage of the word?

Copywrite: The usage of the word in general - as far as that - I'm not even really in a position to comment on it in general. Because, it's basically something that shouldn't be said unless you're inside of the black race. And, I know I've said it before on 'Toto's Shit' and I've said it thousands of times around my boys. But, those are my boys and I grew up with them. I can understand how people can get offended and I do apologize if you'd heard it on 'Toto's Shit' - which was off of a mixtape CD. I wouldn't dare say it in a song, or on my album or in a verse. I've basically had it used in a freestyle because, you know, I'm kickin' it with my friends. I grew up the only white kid out of the crew. If you haven't noticed - Camu = black kid. Jakki = black kid. I didn't meet RJ until a few years ago, after I'd been rhymin' for mad years already. So, to sum it up. I don't say it and that's that.

MVRemix: Did you have any jobs prior to this one?

Copywrite: Hell yeah, worked at Wendy's - my first job. Worked at Subway, worked at a collection agency for about a year. I've done, basically, mad, mad jobs.

MVRemix: If you weren't making music or involved with music, what would you be doing?

Copywrite: I'd probably be president.

MVRemix: How do you come up with your content? What are the situations in which it occurs?

Copywrite: A lot of it is based on shit that's just happened. Stuff that has taken place. Some of it is just bugged out shit that I think about. A lot of it is just real shit. Y'all been on the site. Y'all seen "Fun Filled Adventures" I mean that's some pretty old shit, but I mean - yeah.

MVRemix: How has your life been effected by September 11th?

Copywrite: It definitely showed me that I need to appreciate each day as it comes. And that life isn't something that should be taken for granted because it can be taken away at any moment. You're not warned. I think it was a horrible situation and its changed my life to this day. For the simple fact that you really can't feel safe anywhere. Unless you're at peace with yourself and really know what's going on behind closed doors. Shit like that. Just as far as knowing God and stuff.

MVRemix: Is a freestyle, a freestyle, if it's written?

Copywrite: Well, there are two types of freestyles. A lot of emcees go by this book and I'm one of them. There's one where it's off the head, where it's simply "off the head." Then there's the written - no topic. Just battle freestyle. But yeah, it can be written. Usually those are ones that you only hear once though. They're pretty scarce. But if somebody asks me if I've spit a written - I'll straight up tell them "It's written." You know I ain't tryin' to pull no wool over anybody's eyes.

MVRemix: When your material is reviewed and the critic doesn't like it how do you react?

Copywrite: I don't take reviews to heart. If I get a positive review - I'll love it and that's all good. But if I get a negative one, then I mean that's one person's opinion. Of course everyone wants to get a good review. Not only does that generate sales, but I mean if your shit's dope. You deserve a good review. And you deserve to have your shit reviewed by somebody who knows Hip Hop. And who kind of knows your shit a little. I have seen a few reviews where people would just give me analytical reviews. It's just an opinion, either way - a published opinion.

MVRemix: What are you currently working on aside from the album and with whom?

Copywrite: Well I'm working on... 'The High Exhaulted,' that's finished - that's done. I might throw one more bonus joint on there for the supporters. But, I'm working on the Weathermen album now, which is probably going to be the next thing to drop as far as a collective goes. There's definitely going to be dropping a full MHz album. That's basically it right now. Just working on some side projects - top-secret shit you know.

MVRemix: What's the worst thing about being an underground/independent emcee?

Copywrite: I think that it's not getting the props or the dough that you really deserve. And when I say that I mean seeing cats on TV like Lil' Bow Wow. You know they haven't paid their dues and if they have they were still on some Star-search bullshit. Just seeing cats that really get a phat deal and get to lounge and relax and do this shit with a little less stress on their hands. Meanwhile I'm at the crib busting my ass, writing shit to get at their level. As far as being known and really doing your thing. But it's all good.

MVRemix: Do you have any plans to change yourself in 2002?

Copywrite: Yeah man, I'm trying to stop raping women hitchhikers. I find them on the road like deer. I'm tryin' to really cut back on that one, but, other than that, things are good. I've got to be me, you know?

MVRemix: Do you have any non-musical aspirations? With regards to writing.

Copywrite: Nah, not really.

MVRemix: Any last words you'd like to put to your fans and potentially new fans?

Copywrite: Yeah. Everybody cop 'Table Scraps.' Everybody cop 'Eastern Conference Allstars 2.' Cop 'The High Exhaulted' when it drops. Check the website - Peace to you man, peace to Hugo. Because you know, you looked out on the whole site. I appreciate that. And all the supporters stay tuned. Wait until March for the album to drop. Just cop that.

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"Because, it's basically something that shouldn't be said unless you're inside of the black race. And, I know I've said it before on 'Toto's Shit' and I've said it thousands of times around my boys. But, those are my boys and I grew up with them."