Crime Mob - conducted by DJ Ty  

Why We're Hated On Mostly

March 2007

MVRemix: How did you come up with that name, "Crime Mob"?

MIG: It came from a list of names. We had a whole bunch of names and this is the name we chose.

MVRemix: Did you guys get a lot of criticism for your name, with all of the negative stereotypes about the Black youth?

MIG: Of course. People thought we were about violence, people gettin' shot, or robbed or beat up. But when we come, man, we just have a good time in the club, we get crunk. Everybody love it, man.

MVRemix: What's Lil' Jon like to hang out with?

MIG: He's like a brother, man. It's all love.

MVRemix: "Knuck If You Buck" was a hot joint, for real. But, what does it mean?

MIG: If you don't like me and I don't like you. What's up, than, let's swing.

MVRemix: How did you meet Lil' Scrappy.

MIG: Lil' Jay, Diamond and Princess live right across the street from Lil' Scrappy.

MVRemix: What inspired the title of your new CD, "Hated on mostly"?

MIG: People thought because we was young and stuff, we wasn't gon' do nothin', we were just a 1 hit wonder. We dealt wit' all the hate but we gon' take it and we gon' ride wit' it. I wake up. Turn my phone off! Make a beat or somethin'. Go get somethin' to eat. Go to the studio. Kick it.

Princess: If I'm not in grind mode, or I'm not writing or recording, I get my hair done. Get my nails and my feet done. Hang out with family and friends. Wednesday through Sunday, I'm on the road, doing shows and interviews.

MVRemix: How is it when people approach you, now that you have a hit record?

Princess: It is so different when you're on the road from when you're at home. Because people in the "A" (Atlanta) that know us or see us all the time, they'll be like, "There go Donelle" or, "There go "Lil' Jay" or "Princess". You know what I'm sayin'? They may ask for a picture or an autograph but they'll let us go on about our business. But when we're out of town; people just go crazy and like "Wow". It's so different.

MVRemix: How have some people changed that you use to see all of the time?

Princess: People go out of their way to do stuff for you now. "Anything you need, just call me" (we both laugh). Some people that never use to show you love, now, wanna show you love. But my people that always kicked it wit me, still kick it. The changes are more good than bad.

MVRemix: Did you cop that kind of car you always wanted, yet?

Princess: I just got me an escalade, which is my second car. I tricked it out.

MIG: I'd rather sit in the back seat. You know what I'm sayin'? [laughs] I'd rather sit in the back seat and peep the scene, man.

MVRemix: You are the first rapper I ever heard say that and probably the first to say it. A lot of rappers I know, once they blow up, they move completely out of the city or state where they're from. Would you do that? And where would you bounce out to?

MIG: I'm right at home, man. I might get me a place up in New York; you what I'm sayin' [laughs]. Miami, Myrtle Beach (SC) has some nice condos.

MVRemix: Who inspired you as a rapper and producer both?

MIG: Pastor Troy, 8 Ball & MJG, Lil' Jon, all the "A" town (Atlanta, GA) rappers, all the southern rappers. I listened to some New York rappers.

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