Danity Kane conducted by Felicia Hatcher  

Danity Kane Interview

February 2007

Currently on tour with Christina Aguilera, these 5 ladies Dawn, Shannon, D. Woods, Aubrey and Aundrea are taking show stopping to a whole new level. The all girls chosen from Diddy's show on MTV Making the Band, are quickly making a unique name for themselves that spans far past their uncanny stage name Danity Kane.

With a new single out called "Ride for me" there album reflects the road they have travel as they transition from being reality show participants to real musical artist. We recently spoke with the ladies of Danity Kane about life, love and music, here is what they had to say.

MVRemix: Where do you guys think your careers would be now if you weren't on MTV's Making the Band?

Dawn: We would still be grinding in some form or fashion.

Aubrey: I'd still be auditioning in some American Idol, or back up dancing in somebody's video.

MVRemix: From watching the show its seems like Diddy is heavily involved in the day to day operations is that still the case?

Aundrea: It is depending on the event, at this point we are spreading our wings flying on our own a little bit more, he is definitely occupied with a lot of things in his own career and personal life, so we don't cross paths as much.

MVRemix: Tell me about the new single out "Ride for You"

Shannon: Well, "Ride For You" is produced by Brian Cox who did awesome at the Grammy's, hes an amazing producer who has worked with Mary J. [Blige] on "Can't Be Without You." He's great, we went to the studio and he sat us down and played the track he got the vibe for us and figured out what our style was and he came back with an amazing song. Its just about being in love being in that relationship and being in those wearing times and just not giving up on each other, riding for each other.

MVRemix: Who in the group does this song relate to right now?

Aubrey: Everybody! Everybody has that ride for you moment, one time or another.

MVRemix: Anyone of you in a relationship right now?

Dawn: Shannon is the one that is married so we live vicariously through her relationship.

MVRemix: Were you guys at the Grammy's this year?

Aubrey: We sure were, you can catch us on the TV Guide Channel every 20 minutes interviewing with Joan Rivers. It was a good experience to see it in person. We watched it last year, being there was one step closer so hopefully next year we will have a performance at the Grammy's, but we did have a performance with the whole Grammy's festivities weekend. We performed at the Rolling Stones party with Justine Timberlake, Nelly Furtado, Timbaland and the Black Eyed Peas which was a great experience for us because we are finally stepping into our own potential, and people are starting to realize that.

MVRemix: You guys have been together for a while tell me about the dynamics of the group...who's the silly one or the serious one?

Shannon: We're all everything. You have silly moments right? All have silly moments. As women we have all of those moments the silly ones and the serious times. So we can't really define it because we are so different but we are also women and we have all those moments. That's good, and we're all there for each other constantly we have prayer and pick each other up.

MVRemix: Being in the public eye you automatically become role models. How are you guys handling that pressure and responsibility?

Aundrea: We're excited about being positive role models, we had so many positive role models and people to look up to when we were coming up its an honor to finally be that to someone else or to pay homage to those that inspired us to let them know that our you have inspired me and we are giving it back.

MVRemix: What are you doing to prepare yourselves for longevity in this industry?

D. Woods: Praying [Laughs] just making sure when we are putting together our shows are tight and making sure within us 5 that we are tight. Going over that extra thing. Like Dawn said things are going back to the music and the lyrics and things really being about that. We all definitely want to see that.

MVRemix: Do you think that people are beginning to take you guys more seriously now?

Aubrey: When we go to interviews everyone is really positive, we happen to run into one particular lady who surrounds her show with negativity but I think that people are really rooting for us and have really become to love us and love who we are those negative things people are going to talk it, you just have to take it in stride and keep it moving.

MVRemix: Who in the industry would you say is keeping you on your toes right now?

Shannon: Diddy! Ourselves we can't stop and look to compare with anybody else if you do that you're going to lose your own step so we have to make ourselves the best we can be. We are our own worst enemies and critics. We are really on top of ourselves.

MVRemix: Tell me what one thing about the industry that you learned that no one warned you about?

D. Woods: I would have to say that this is becoming an interesting phenomenon in my personal life. Seeing how people change around you and really understanding who your friends really are its not so much you know how people say oh she blew and she changed and she don't answer her phone no more but people change around you too. It's a back and forth tug-of-war. It's a challenge to re-assure those people that knew you before and automatically think you're going to change. If they are really your friend and your loved one they should understand and support you no matter what.

MVRemix: Can you tell me about your upcoming projects?

Dawn: Well right now we are practicing, we're still in sweaty clothes. We're going to be on Christina Aguilera's tour; it starts February 20th for 10 weeks. As soon as we get off that bus were going to straight to the studio to start on out next album. But people fail to realize that we are only on our second single, shop stopping did so well and had a long life span. We have stuff on our album that we haven't even done yet, like we have Timbaland on our album that we definitely want to make one of our singles. We feel it's hot; he really put some fire on the album we still have some songs left and we want to milk this album for everything that it's worth because people want to see another project.

MVRemix: Anything else you want to say to the readers of MVRemix.com?

Aurbey: Yeah, we were just nominated for the Soul Train Award Best R&B Group album.

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