Dave Hollister - conducted by Felecia Hatcher  

Dave Hollister

October 2006

The depth of his voice reaches as far down as the Topanga Canon that almost took his life 2 years ago. Some would say he was born to sing gospel, however Hollister ignored the calling until he walked away from a car accident in LA, should claimed his life. Singing alongside Teddy Riley as a member of Blackstreet, Dave Hollister's discography highlights an outstanding solo career with 4 albums possessing chart topping hits "One Women Man" and "Favorite Girl." Deciding to walk away from the self destructive lifestyle of the R&B industry, and his management company, Hollister realized his calling, his new music, he describes is not really gospel, its nuances scream "Life Music", a new genre that Hollister uses to describe his music. Extant, Hollister is back with a new album, new management and a new genre. "The Book of David: Vol. I The Transition" has the same nostalgic sound that will surely turn his R&B fans into "Life Music" fans.

MVRemix: I know that you have gone through a lot in the last few years, is there one defining moment that made you decide to change your music?

Dave Hollister: Well there were a few things and then there was one defining moment, I was a really back accident in Los Angeles on the Topanga Canon that should have left me for dead, and I walked away, car was totaled it almost went over the side of the cannon and I got out with no scratches or nothing on my body and I knew that it was time to go and do a different type of music. I really don't consider the album a gospel album I consider it a life album just petitions to God and asking God why certain things happened, or to help me out of this situation or why am I being presented with this.

MVRemix: This is not your first attempt at gospel, I recall hearing a few inspirational tracks on your past album?

Dave Hollister: So I don't consider it a gospel album even though you may one song that is old traditional gospel. It's just basically a life album.

MVRemix: Do you still talk/work with any members of Blackstreet?

Dave Hollister: I talk to Teddy quite a bit, he was actually supposed to do two songs on the album, but he had something's to do out of the country, and he could not get back in time, we were pressed for time and the record label was rushing me, but we still talk.

MVRemix: I notice on a lot of information about you they always say Dave Hollister former member of Blackstreet, not mentioning your solo career. You've had an extensive and successful solo R&B career, how did you feel about that?

Dave Hollister: Well, I really I'm going to take that up with the company because I rather them not mention Blackstreet at all. Because my solo career to me was more beneficial then when I was with Blackstreet. Blackstreet was the stage that got me there. I had 4 solo records that did pretty well. The only one that wasn't' really a hit, hit was the Real Talk album when the label put it out they had shut down already, so there was no promotions on the record so you know I really don't like the fact that they keep saying originally from the group Blackstreet.

MVRemix: Yeah, because I remember getting an email a few weeks ago saying Dave Hollister formally from Blackstreet is putting out a solo album, and I was like this must be old.

Dave Hollister: [laughs]

MVRemix: What was the reason for dropping your management company and taking the hiatus from the industry?

Dave Hollister: There were some issues with them that I had, and I just wanted to drop everything old because those type of people were not good for me for what I was doing

MVRemix: Do you feel the label you are sign to now shares more of your vision?

Dave Hollister: Most definitely the company that I am with now are in my corner and share more of my vision and they are really good at what they do, and in this market they are known for what they do.

MVRemix: Which one of your songs would you say if any defines you?

Dave Hollister: I would say the song "I've changed"

MVRemix: Has your creative process changed from doing the R&B album to this album?

Dave Hollister: No it definitely has not changed, I feel that actually the songs came a lot quicker and easier they were a little, like most of the time in R&B stuff came from hurt, I'm still talking about some pain and hurt from back then but the process is a little easier, basically because they are god inspired, and god given a few of these songs literally took us only about 20 minutes to write.

MVRemix: Who did you work with on the production side?

Dave Hollister: I went back to my R&B boy, Mike City he gave me my biggest hit single with "One Women Man" he's on there, he has two on there. I went also with the R&B producer Crawford but this guy has grown up in the church his father was a pastor, he worked with Whitney [Houston], Tamia, Toni Braxton, Debra Cox, he's worked with a bunch of people. Then I went to Warren Campbell, and me and my brother-and-law Jesse Wright actually we wrote the bulk on the album with 6 of the songs on the album.

MVRemix: Are you concerned at all that your previous fan base won't support this album, because it's a little different?

Dave Hollister: I was concerned at first, but being on the road and the plays I would tell the people that I had a new album coming out but it was not R&B, and they all would basically say the same thing that they would buy it anyways because it's me and I always reminded them of gospel anyways, and I was looking on iTunes at some of the comments I was really overwhelmed at all the responses, they said that they bought my R&B albums, and this is the best album yet to them, in reading that I'm pretty comfortable.

MVRemix: I was speaking to someone about your new gospel album, and she was not surprised and she said she always heard it in your voice.

Dave Hollister: I get a lot of that now, a couple of people even said what took you so long, because they knew it was going to happen they just didn't know when, and that is a good thing when you can keep your fan base, because my fans were very loyal to me, and I love them because they were with me no matter what, and I love my fans.

MVRemix: Will you ever put out another R&B album?

Dave Hollister: Nah, I'm pretty much finished with that I'm just going to call it life music from not on, not to say that I wont do a love song, its definitely going to be more positive based, and I already started working on the next album it's called "Behind Close Doors" so you can kind of imagine what that is going to be like.

MVRemix: What can people expect when they pick up "The Book of David: Vol. I The Transition"

Dave Hollister: When you buy the album let each song, for a lack of better words, minister to you, just take it in listen to it and if there is any one song that you like better then the other, then keep listening to that one. Just know that whatever it is that you are going through in your life and whoever it is that you believe in pray to that person, pray to the higher power and he will make it happen.

MVRemix: You mentioned that you were in some plays, any tour dates coming up?

Dave Hollister: I'm getting ready to go do 3 weeks with this play called "A Stranger in My House" November 21st to December 23rd, then I go back out with my other play issues. That starts in January and that goes until June, and that one is very interesting.

MVRemix: Where can people go to get more info about the play?

Dave Hollister: You can just keep checking back on my website www.DaveHollisterOnline.com and www.myspace.com/davehollistergospel

MVRemix: Anything else to say to our readers?

Dave Hollister: Thank you very much for supporting me for all theses years throughout the albums and the changes, just buy this album and continue to support me, and I will always be there for you guys and give you the best music I possibly can. It will definitely be about me, so you never have to worry about what I'm going through just pick up an album and you can tell.

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"Most definitely the company that I am with now are in my corner and share more of my vision and they are really good at what they do, and in this market they are known for what they do."