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Daz Dillinger Interview


Daz is one half of the former notoriously known duo known as The Dogg Pound. Rising to fame in the mid 90's with the hugely successful Death Row Records, Daz worked with some of Hip Hop's most well known and accomplished talents. After disconnecting himself from Death Row, Daz has continued to create quality music and has recently signed a new contract with So So Def.

Unfortunately, portions of the interview went amiss due to recording problems, but here are the transcripts of the successfully recorded interview.

MVRemix: You emerged, really when gangsta rap was becoming popular in its forming stages. Who were your influences apart from NWA?

Daz: Besides NWA, the streets. Doug E. Fresh, Run DMC, Mixmaster Spade, DJ Pooh. Just the Hip Hop scene around me in general.

MVRemix: So what exactly happened with Natina? I heard rumours about the two of you getting married...

Daz: That was just something where we'd seen each other, and me being spiteful. That's false though, I ain't even getting married. I just got divorced. Natina is Kurupt's baby's mama and we're cool, so we played that joke.

MVRemix: How did the Daz-So So Def deal get inked?

Daz: Me, hitting the underground scene - putting out my records for years. Just staying consistent. He (Jermaine Dupri) called me up one day. Gillie, my homegirl hooked it up for me. He was like "Yeah, what's up Daz? I wanna hook up with you man..." I was with it. Ain't nobody else giving me the chance that I deserve. Me and Jermaine have been cool for years; since the Kriss Kross days. I'm with it. I'm So So Def the fuck out right now.

MVRemix: Tell me a bit about the DPG-Unit album...

Daz: Lloyd Banks, Soopafly, Young Buck, Daz, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg. We did some songs together that we did on tour. We go back on tour on the 10th of August, and we're gonna finish (the album) up and them motherfucker's is hot. That's gonna come out through DJ Whoo kid.

MVRemix: We actually did get into it, and I'm pretty pissed that it wasn't recorded. But tell me about Kurupt and your thoughts as to what has been going on?

Daz: Oh Kurupt. He a bitch. When I see him, Tha Outlawz, and anybody else. Y'all best to get prepared.

MVRemix: What's going on with Tha Outlawz because I was reading about you trying to sell them back their tracks...

Daz: Yeah, if they want it, I'll sell it. All the shit they've got right now is wack. All that shit they're coming with; the Bone Thugs... I like Bone Thugs but I wouldn't be rappin' with them motherfuckers. They were (Tha Outlawz) dissing them back in the day. They're doing all that for a little bit of change. Napoleon got on talking about how he's trying to get in contact (with me). I'm a man, I don't need to talk to no-fuckin'-body. Like I said before, them bitch ass niggaz ain't in the streets. I ain't seen them motherfuckers bust ne'er gun. You ain't heard shit from them actively in the street. They ain't got no street repertoire.

MVRemix: "And I'ma smoke Chronic 'till the day that I die." Does Daz still some weed?

Daz: Smoke weed, get drunk... and fuck! And I've got a six-pack. I've been workin' out.

MVRemix: So what's going on with Daz and movies?

Daz: I'm finna get into that in New York. As soon as I get into the So-So Def thing. He (Jermaine) is gonna put me into effect. He's the boss. I understand that. I'm reading this book right now that I've gotten a lot of wisdom off of, called "48 Laws Of Power." You ever heard of that?

MVRemix: I have heard of it, but I haven't read it...

Daz: Read that book man. I live by it.

MVRemix: With the So-So Def/Aftermath beef well known - where do you stand?

Daz: I stand with So-So Def.

MVRemix: Does that bring up any rivalry with Dre? Or...

Daz: No, because... You know what happened to Xzibit right?

MVRemix: Yep

Daz: What happened?

MVRemix: I heard about Xzibit bowing down to Suge and whatnot, and Snoop etc.'s problems with that...

Daz: No, I'm talkin' about Xzibit got beat up the other day.

MVRemix: Nah, I didn't hear about that

Daz: Yeah, he was in a restaurant the other day. Some essay's came up to him and were like "Are you Xzibit?" He brushed them off, being like "I ain't got time for this shit." So the essay dude started pickin' with him. So when he came outside, another essay dude came up and busted him in the face with a bottle. He got eighty-seven stitches in his mouth. He can't rap no more. That's the news of the week right there.

MVRemix: Well, I was going to ask you this separately. But last time I spoke with Soopafly, and I'm quoting him here "I hate Suge Knight and Xzibit is a bitch." I was going to ask your feelings on the two...

Daz: Fuck Suge Knight and Xzibit is still a bitch. He's scary. The other day Fredwreck called me and told me about how Xzibit got into a fight with some essay's the other day in Hollywood and he got all those stitches in his mouth. He got jumped with a bottle and needs plastic surgery. He can't rap no more.

MVRemix: So things haven't cooled off between the camps? It's just I'd heard that Snoop and Xzibit were cool again...

Daz: Yeah, we're all cool - but we can't stop the street credibility. We can't stop the streets. They can be cool, but the motherfuckers in the streets... it's really war time.

MVRemix: Now I've read that you're writing a book - is that true?

Daz: Yeah, I'm writing a book called "My Life." Me and KP are in there.

MVRemix: Can you tell me anything about that...

Daz: Just generally everything that was performed on Death Row. Going through what I'm going through now, and telling you the stories on who was a bitch. Who was a buster, and who got their ass whooped. Hopefully I can make a movie out of that.

MVRemix: Spice 1 recently expressed his disgust at the way that Jay-Z and Nas have altered and released Tupac related material even though it's well known how he felt towards them. What are your thoughts on that situation?

Daz: Suge trying to get some level to get his bitch ass back in the game. But that ain't shit. He can't do that regardless, everything is owned by Universal. So Universal is really doing all that. Suge's bitch ass is still in jail.

MVRemix: A lot of people and the media threw out tonnes of allegations as to who killed Tupac, who was responsible for his death... In your opinion, as someone who was very close to the situation - who would you say is most likely responsible?

Daz: You tell me, what you think?

MVRemix: I say the government.

Daz: I don't say the government, I say Suge Knight's bitch ass.

MVRemix: You really think that?

Daz: DPG Daz Dillinger InterviewWho else has got the money and the power to do some shit like that? Ain't nobody else in the world feuding but him. If you look at that Biggie & Tupac tape, that'd tell you all. Got that little fat white man in the chair snitching his fuckin' heart out.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on Biggie's death then, do you think Suge had a role in that?

Daz: Shit, you never know. Shit, wasn't nobody else feuding with them niggaz like that. Probably my life is up in jeopardy, but I stay on deck with mine. Anything in red coming up to me is gettin' shot the fuck down. I mean back up, give me fifty feet.

MVRemix: I've read some interviews about you talking about Tupac's fluctuating behaviour. You defending Kurupt and whatnot when he behaved outlandishly towards him... As someone who actually can properly comment. Was Pac what he's heralded as now, after his passing - what are your thoughts on the man that he was?

Daz: He was what people heralded him to be. I love Tupac, we Gemini's. I do the same shit, but I have to control myself. He had some fucked up ways. He was crippin' when he first got in the rap game. He was rollin', 40's with Thug Life. As you look at them old tapes, you'll see he was hangin' with crips back then. Then he started hanging with Suge and he started being a blood. That really fucked up the streets right there. Him being M.O.B., and now Tha Outlawz is trying to be Blood's too. I'm a crip for life. That blood shit - I don't give a fuck about none of them motherfuckers.

MVRemix: Are you heavily involved with the crips or...

Daz: What you think?

MVRemix: Honestly, I can't say Daz because I don't know you. But I'd say from...

Daz: I get respect everywhere I go. I run the streets by myself, if I'm gonna get in trouble. I'll deal with it myself. I'm not afraid to talk to nobody and I can look a motherfucker right in his eye and tell you what I want. I'm a Gemini; I'm very outspoken.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on Crooked I?

Daz: He done rapped his motherfucking self out. As far as when he first started he had rhymes. But now he's on Death Row, he made about a million songs and ain't got shit to rap about no more. Ain't shit over there going right and he's selling his own tapes right now - undeground. Suge won't put his shit out. I got an album on him. I just need a little more money from Death Row to promote his punk ass and I'ma put him out and clock everything. I got him on contract right now. Dominic Whitcliff, that's his real name.

MVRemix: What's the situation with you continuing to put out Death Row material in conjunction with them still doing so with you?

Daz: They can't put out no more shit. I stole everything.

MVRemix: What was the incident I heard about involving a screwdriver?

Daz: I was on mushrooms one day, and you can ask Kurupt this story too... I was on mushrooms, and they didn't pay me for a song I did on the "Sunset Park" soundtrack. So I went in there and hemmed everybody up on Death Row. All the people in the office, Norman, Suge - sisters, husbands. "Give me my money!" Suge comes in the room, and when I looked in his eyes. I felt like he was gonna do something to me. So he put his arms around me, I put my arms around him and I had the screwdriver in my hand. He was moving me, and I was moving him. Now I was real little at that time, you know what I mean? But I wasn't scared of nothin'. The first thing that entered my mind was "Stick this nigga in his neck and if he dies - I go for self defence." Know what I mean? So he, knowing that I was gonna get busy, told me "Hold on! Hold on! Cool off..." I walked out of the office with a cheque for $145,000. I gave Kurupt's bitch ass $5000 in one's and he was still crying. Me, him and Hershey loc.

MVRemix: Is there any slim chance that things between you and Kurupt could ever be resolved?

Daz: Hell nah, like I said on my record - "Message To Ricardo Brown" - "Only thing you can do for me nigga, is kill Suge Knight." And he ain't got the heart for that so shit'll never be the right way. We got a new Dogg Pound now - me, Soopafly and Snoop. Plus Soopafly wanna see Kurupt and I've got all my money on that fight right there. I'ma jump in and whoop the shit out of somebody. He a bitch. Kurupt is a bitch. Suge Knight is snitchin' to the police. Everytime Suge Knight goes in for a violation of his parole, he gives information to the police. He should be out real soon after he gives out all the information in the street.

MVRemix: Do you know anything about what happened to the Death Row offices back in May?

Daz: When they got shot up?

MVRemix: Yep...

Daz: Nope. Bitch ass motherfuckers hangin' out catchin' one of them motherfuckers slippin'. Motherfuckers don't like Death Row.

MVRemix: Think Death Row could ever make it back?

Daz: Fuck nah! We made Death Row; me, Snoop, Soopafly. Me and Snoop really did, we was the brains behind that shit. Death Row ain't made no noise since what?

MVRemix: I remember what they tried with "The Chronic 2000" but that wasn't too successful - didn't sell too well...

Daz: Because it was bullshit. They took old songs because Dr. Dre had "The Chronic." They had us on there, but I wasn't really involved with that shit right there.

MVRemix: What are your thoughts on the new bills which may be passing about people downloading music potentially being fined by the recording industry?

Daz: Shit, you can't really stop that shit. You don't know who the fuck's downloading it... It's just about you coming out with your shit first.

MVRemix: Well, what they're doing is planning on fining people who get caught for doing it...

Daz: You really can't do that shit - you can't stop that shit. Only way you can deal with that is like me. I put my own records out, when I press my shit up and put it in the store. I'm finna sell it. You've got to make the artwork look better, you've got to make the CD better and you've got to throw a DVD in there. You've got to give them a package for their money. My new record right now, I'm doing good. I got the DVD and everything. I've got the Death Row Killa DVD coming out in October.

MVRemix: What's that about? Is it a documentary or...

Daz: It's a video. It's got "U Ain't Shit," with me, Snoop, my homie fake ass Suge. It looks just like him. So I've got that coming out. I've got an EP, Soopafly's got the first single coming off of there dissin' Kurupt.

MVRemix: If you had to quit rapping or producing, which one would you stop?

Daz: I'd choose rapping, I love producing.

MVRemix: Tell me about your new CD...

Daz: Oh, "DPGC"? It's me. I'm back doin' it up. I've got my family. Me, Snoop and Soopafly. Everybody's on the record. It's just one of those gangsta ass records that I put together from the heart.

MVRemix: What's going to be your first release through So-So Def? Is there anything planned or have you just signed it and there will be...

Daz: Jermaine has the whole idea. He wants to take it back to the Dogg Pound days. Me and Snoop talked, and Snoop is involved with the project and I'm going out and getting people who I want to work with. Like Monica, real songs. I'm finna go to New York and crush them mixtapes this week, you know what I mean? Keep that shit movin'.

MVRemix: I've got some either or choices for you, so you choose one or the other...

XXL or The Source

Daz: XXL. Fuck Benzino.

MVRemix: Kay Slay or DJ Clue...

Daz: Uh... I like Kay Slay. No hate to DJ Clue, but get 'em in the ring. I think Kay Slay would beat the fuck out of him.

MVRemix: Hennessey or Courvasier...

Daz: Armadel

MVRemix: Who fell off harder - Kurupt or Ja Rule?

Daz: Both of 'em. They both bitches. I heard Ja Rule's putting his next album out on Death Row.

MVRemix: Yeah, that's what I heard as well - with Fatal Hussein

Daz: Fuck Fatal Hussein too. I don't give a fuck about none of them niggaz. All of them is bitches lettin' Suge Knight punk the fuck out of them. Ain't gonna get no publishing, ain't gonna get a god damned thing.

MVRemix: Do you think Tha Outlawz would be anything if it weren't for Tupac?

Daz: If it weren't for Tupac, nobody would know about Tha Outlawz.

MVRemix: Do you see any talent within the camp?

Daz: I just see Pac. Shit, they feud with each other - you ain't heard shit from them have you?

MVRemix: I've heard their last albums, but not many others did

Daz: You like their albums?

MVRemix: The best parts were Tupac's verses...

Daz: They all try to outshine each other. Plus, you've got to have street credibility to be in this gangsta rap shit. Motherfuckers will pull your coat top. I don't see them doing none of that shit they talk about. One of them went solo - Napoleon. He left the group, went Muslim or some shit. Them motherfuckers tryin' to find themselves. They're broke right now. Nobody got any money.

MVRemix: To date, what is the best music related experience you've had...

Daz: Everything, period. I've been travelling with this music for ten years. We're legends in this rap game; me, Snoop. Kurupt was a legend, but his shit just went down the drain. His street credibility - everything he ever worked for over the years just went down the drain.

MVRemix: That's something I never really understood, how he left Tha Row so soon and started something else then came back. Seemed hypocritical...

Daz: He's a stupid motherfucker. He was on Antra, signed to some other people. And he wants to go on Death Row. He ain't gettin' no money. "Vice President" of Death Row - ain't shit goin' on at Death Row apart from motherfuckers dying and going to jail. You want to be known for that shit? And once you leave you can't never come back. I have a vendetta against Death Row and Suge Knight, I do not give a fuck about them. That shit bores my motherfuckin' soul. It's like a motherfucker whoopin' your ass and you're finna go back to him. Fuck that shit, somebody finna get killed tonight. I'm not going through none of that shit, I'm a good fighter, and I'm a good shooter and I'll whoop somebody ass. I'm The Dogg Pound, me. Daz is The Dogg pound! Out of everybody in The Dogg Pound, I get down and whoop ass. Me and Nate Dogg.

MVRemix: Yeah, I heard some comments from Nate Dogg about his disgust with Kurupt's move...

Daz: Me and Nate Dogg is the enforcers of The Dogg Pound.

MVRemix: Is the new Dogg Pound inclusive of Nate Dogg?

Daz: Yeah, Nate Dogg down with the camp. We're doing an album right now. DPGC on Snoop's label "Doggystyle."

MVRemix: Could you die today saying that you'd lived?

Daz: No, I couldn't. I want to see my kids grow up and I'm getting my life together. I can say if I died today I'd be happy. I am saved and filled with the holy ghost, I do know Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. I am trying to correct my life and do things correctly. Not fuck over nobody. I have never fucked over nobody in my career. I am very humble and I love everybody, but don't fuck me. I like to play dumb to you to see if you're gonna fuck me. After I get that first notion, I'ma fuck you up.

MVRemix: I've always thought head games are the best way of handling things, the best way of finding out who people actually are...

Daz: Yeah, just playin' dumb.

MVRemix: Do you have any last comments for your fans that are gonna be reading this?

Daz: I wanna thank my fans for being down for years, for my whole career. I'm nothing without my fans. I'm gonna continue to keep giving you good music every week, every month. I think I've put more albums out than anybody. I've been putting out a whole lot, "Makaveli & Dilinger" is a classic, but you can't find that at the store. I'm starting over fresh, like a newborn baby with my So-So Def family and I'm finna go over here and give it my all. I'm gonna be myself an nothing's gonna change. This is something I've been waiting for for a long time. I still can't believe I'm on So-So Def. That somebody actually gave Daz a chance. This is the best time of my life right now. I wake up every morning and am like "Damn! I'm finna make a mark this year, 2004!" With Jermaine producing half the album, I'm doing the other half. It's gonna be real knockin'. We're gonna get The Clipse, we're gonna get people I like.

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